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  • Martin Lark
    Martin Lark

    Field of the Blackbirds


    Join Michael Leitner, Simon Rainer and Christoph Schöfegger on their trip through the Balkans.





    In the spring of 2018, Michael Leitner, Simon Rainer & Christoph Schöfegger, took a 1992 Mercedes Benz motorhome and started heading South. The goal is to go to Kosovo for ski touring and on the way down the mission was to do some kitesurf exploring along the way. The crew was very open-minded going into this trip and were curious what to expect, but had reactions and experienced things along the way which they never expected. Accompany them on a journey to an area from where, although it is very close to middle Europe, little is known and is quite different from what you would expect.



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      The BOOST2's redefined canopy delivers spot on high performance for any riding style. This powerhouse is best for hooked in boosting and stands for the ultimate freeriding feeling. Whether you are ripping waves or go for full-on freestyle, the BOOST2 is a true crossover kite for those magical moments on the water.

      No un-sudden surprises with responsive and intuitive bar-feedback, easy relaunch and high stability even in the strongest gales and gusts. High performance with maximum control.
      The completely redesigned Free Flow 2.0 valve allows the greatest possible airflow rate with maximum user-friendliness. By simply pressing a button, the valve is opened or closed comfortably, enabling fast, effortless inflation or deflating.

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      Flysurfer team is going to grow much stronger in the upcoming season thanks to the World Champion, Florian Grubber, joining the crew. The 22-year-old German contestant is going to represent Flysurfer in the disciplines we know him from. Flo is also planning to take part in the Kite Hydrofoil Racing.
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      A real blast at the start of the kiteboarding season: German’s Florian Gruber is now riding for Flysurfer Kiteboarding.
      The 22 year old world champion in Race strengthens the Flysurfer team immediately and will be taking part in all relevant disciplines. Flo also wants to be increasingly at the forefront of Kite Hydrofoil Racing.

      1). Florian Gruber
      With 15 years of kite experience Florian, despite his young age, has shown he is a force to be reckoned with and his competition results speak for themselves: numerous German Championships, European Champion and the highlight of his career so far, World Champion 2013 in the Race class. He has not only won titles in various disciplines, but also on different surfaces. Even so more Flysurfer, The all-terrain brand fits to him perfectly.
      Florian about his new sponsor:
      Together with Benni Bölli, Peter Müller and Armin Harich, Florian will of course also be involved in the (re-)development of our Kite Racing machine SONIC.

      2). Florian Gruber
      On these first images (by Andreas Brandstätter) you can see that Flo is now also supported by Levitaz Kitefoils. A cooperation partner from Flysurfer Kiteboarding.

      3). Florian Gruber
      Follow Florian on Facebook and fingers crossed for him for the next competition, the first stop of the Hydrofoil Pro Tour 2016 in Mexico

      4). Florian Gruber
      The Flysurfer team is enormously pleased and stoked that Flo Gruber, an absolute top rider comes on board. We welcome him in the Flysurfer family and wish him many perfect seasons with great successes!
      Fotocredit: Andreas Brandstätter / LEVITAZ Kitefoils
      Location: La Ventana / Mexico
    • By Martin Lark

      A playful introduction to kitesports! Maximise your learning curve with this unique depower foil kite concept allowing you to quickly build trust whilst our B-Safe system keeps you safe.
      The secret to the VIRON lies in its aerodynamic inefficiency. It produces moderate forces in the power zone and has low lift. The kite is very stable and easy to control which has a positive effect on the student, keeping them challenged but always secure. In emergency situations, our B-Safe system can be used which gathers the kite across the wing span and reduces its area. The VIRON3 can be flown, and restarted by children with little effort within the recommended wind range.

      FOCUS:                   Progression
      TECHNOLOGY:     Closed Cell Foil Kite
      SKILLS:                   Beginner
      SIZES:                     4 / 6 / 8
      TERRAIN:              Water / Land / Snow
      How to make kiting with kids a safe sport – powered by FLYSURFER!
      The FLYSURFER VIRON3 offers you a unique opportunity to teach your children how to kite in a fun but safe way, allowing you to share your enthusiasm for this beautiful sport.
      Everything sounds great, but what is it all about?
      Kiting is great for developing coordination, strengthens muscles and builds self-confidence. The satisfaction and joy derived from playing in the elements is addictive and most importantly fun.
      The requirements for a fun and safe kite experience:
      Your kid should not be afraid of the water and should have very good swimming skills. Additionally a correctly fitting helmet and buoyancy should always be used. FLYSURFER recommends the use of the VIRON for children who weigh at least 40kg and the completion of a theory and practical course at a certified kite school: VDWS.DE or IKOINTL.COM


      We hope you and your family have fun, are active together and experience an exciting summer or winter holiday. Visit us on the FLYSURFER Kids Days during the Demo Tour!