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      Day 1
      No wind for the Day#1 here in Serre-Chevalier Valley for the issue#11 of the famous Snowkite Masters. So, no competition, it was snowing and pretty foggy all the day at the mythical spot Lautaret Pass.
      Race Meeting - 10am with about 60 competitors coming from ten different countries, Norway, Germany, Italia, Spain, Russia, Austria, and many more or as well from all snowkiting parts of France.

      1). Snowkite Masters 2016
      Alexandre Robin, Race director, showing the Racing area and flags to pass, everything on the southern place of the Lautaret Pass called Jardin Alpin, with the help of a super staff and the snow-ranger Arnaud Chavance for a perfect organization.
      After two hours stand-by looking for the wind, all the competitors had a super SKM lunch at Hotel des Glaciers.

      2). Snowkite Masters 2016
      A gentle south wind started to blow at 2 pm, so everybody moved to the competition area. But once the flags and the starting line were clear and all the racers were ready with their kites, the wind suddenly died, the snowshower going stronger at the same time.
      The two Snow Kite Masters godfathers Régis Labaune and Wareck Arnaud had to give up for today. The competition is still on the schedule for tomorrow,  Sunday, January 10th, with the Race World Snowkite Masters and Official Race French Championships too.

      3). Snowkite Masters 2016
      The forecast is not super great, good wind but more snowfalls are due, unfortunately. Let's wait and see as the forecast can be wrong (hopefully).
      All the Snowkite Masters competitors are invited for dinner at  Le Frog restaurant. Then, there will be the official opening party at Le Chazelay. Don't mind the snow disturbing the Race a little bit as it will bring super conditions for the Freestyle competition this week.

      4). Snowkite Masters 2016
      Day 2
      Great motivation here at the Lautaret Pass in the Serre-Chevalier Valley, for the Snowkite Masters issue#12. The sixty competitors: ski, snowboard, boys and girls, ready to compete for the World Snowkite Masters Race and the official French Championships Race FFVL.

      The Race meeting was on time in front of the Hotel Les Glaciers 'round 10am and the Race-Director Alex Robin explained the latest points for the best organization possible. Everything was right. I mean, perfect fresh snow from the night, pretty cool wind about 10-15 knots, it's still snowing a little bit and a kind of fog as well so a break is decided and next Race meeting at noon.

      The kiters are getting ready and the level is really incredible with the 2015 Ragnarok winner Felix Kersten from Germany, the 2015 Rooky of the Year Jonas Lengwiller from Switzerland, the 10 times world champion Kari Schibevaag from Norway, the 2015 French Champion Race Laurent Sublet. Well, so many impressive kiters and ,for sure, the best in the world at the moment.

      During the break for better Racing conditions, the SKM crew had a super lunch in La Brasserie Bonnabel with perfect spaghetti carbonara.

      Third race-meeting at 1pm saw the same bad conditions with the fog stuck here and the wind blowing super gusty, coming too strong from South/West behind the ridge of Les Ecrins 4.000m, which means super strong time after time, then dying for a moment, changing direction every five minutes.

      5). Snowkite Masters 2016
      Choosing the right place for the Race seems impossible in this situation. At 3pm the Race director Alex Robin, the Snow-Marshall Arnaud Chavance, the SKM boss Régis Labaune and Wareck Arnaud, had to take the sad decision to cancel the competition for today. This means no 2016 World Snowkite Masters Race and no French Championships Race as that was the only date for this national ranking.
      C'est la vie.

      Mother Nature always has the last word anyway. Luckily real warriors had a super Free-Session during the afternoon-end for freestyle, cruising, having fun.
      Good mood remains and everybody keep smiling. A kind of Price Giving will be set at 7pm in Le Chazelay offering some gifts to the competitors coming to the ceremony. Well, tomorrow Monday 11 will start the World Snowkite Masters Freestyle. For sure the best freestyle show on earth available at the moment. Definitely not to be missed!
      Day 3
      New starting list with the best worldwide freestylers, Andreas Toverud from Norway with the snowboard, Anton Uzhegov from Russia with skis, the French gunners Didier Botta 2015 Snowkite Master, Benoît Miquel, Laurent Guyot and as well Marek "Murphy" Zach from Czech Republic, miss Kari Schibevaag (Champion more than 10 times) here at SKM since the beginning, Tobby Deckert from Germany who can offer impressive show with kite-monoski!
      About twenty top international level kiters are listening to the Race-Meeting in the Hotel Les Glacier, set by the Race-Director Matthias Charton, well known for perfect organization and always with the smile.

      6). Snowkite Masters 2016
      The main point of the day was to see Hamada Titi coming especially from Dakhla in southern Morocco to visit the high peaks of famous French Alps.
      Hamada who is an International F-One team kiter, manager of the kitesurf school Yalahkite, already had a great experience on snow as he went for big sessions in the mountain of Oukaimeden, East from Marrakesh in the Morrocan Atlas and in Bou'Iban 3250m, north from Sousse. It was emotional to see Hamada meeting the Viking Kari Schibevaag from Norway and what a great moment when they will go snowkiting together in the upcoming days.
      The unbreakable motivation of the SKM crew remains strong although the weather conditions have definitely been bad here for a few days. The wind announced 'round 35 knots came exactly with this power, so it was impossible to set the competition. The fog was here as well and kept flat light all day long. Only a couple of warriors went snowkiting with small size wing and this free-session was only possible thanks to the smooth fresh powder allowing some slams without greater risk of injuries.

      7). Snowkite Masters 2016
      Well, tonight there will be a super party at Le Chazelay right after the official dinner in Le Frog, both in La Salle les Alpes.
      Tomorrow, race-meeting at 10am and we can expect to see the first heats of the 2016 Snowkitemasters.
      Day 4
      Serre-Chevalier Valley at the Lautaret Pass, the wind was pretty stable today, snow showers ended and the fog went away as well. Still, the light was quite flat with a fat cloud cover.
      Anyway, the first heats were set at 11am, after the Race-Meeting in the hotel Les Glaciers. Matthias Charton gave the green light for the double-elimination with the skiing boys first. About 1 meter of fresh powder snow was perfect for great freestyle tricks.

      8). Snowkite Masters 2016
      Benoit Miquel and Théo Cordonnier were first to go with skis, then Tobby Deckert, Didier Botta, Eloi Rondeau. 
      The girls on skis, Ranja Schlotte and Kari Schibevaag gave a great show going big in a pretty gusty wind which was definitely not so easy.
      Snowboarders Passi Schmidt, Leo Nguyen, Nino Liboni  and Cedric Bontemps.

      9). Snowkite Masters 2016
      Huge and impressive were Andreas Toverud on snowboard and Anton Uzhegov on skis although the other competitors were really close with great Flat 720, KGB, unhooked kiteloop backloop, all with massive amplitude. It's been a very hard day due to the high-mountains weather conditions as the temperatures went far below zero so, big up to the organization and the competitors. 
      Tomorrow, race-meeting at 9 so get ready for next unforgettable heats coming.
      Final Day
      The Ski winner girl is already known and this is Kari Schebevaag who could stay freeriding all day long. What great luck.

      Here are the official results for the 2016 Snowkite Masters in Serre-Chevalier. Didier Botta who won the N°1 both in skis and snowboard after the double-elimination format didn't manage to beat them once again in the two Super-Finals, unfortunately. So, Didier is two times 2nd which deserves huge respect.

      See the podium pictures below and the final official results list.
      1st - Andreas Toverud
      2nd - Didier Botta
      3rd - Laurent Guyot
      1st - Benoit Miquel
      2nd - Didier Botta
      3rd - Anton Uzgegov
      1st - Tatiana Sysoeva
      2nd - Julie Borgis
      1st - Kari Schibevaag
      2nd - Ranja Schlotte

      10). Snowkite Masters 2016

      11). Snowkite Masters 2016

      12). Snowkite Masters 2016

      13). Snowkite Masters 2016
      Super snowkiting last day here at the Lautaret Pass for the 12th Snowkite Masters. Blue sky, great sunshine, perfect powder snow from yesterday, everything was ready for the best Finals freestyle heats as possible.
      Ranking from 5th to 1st on the results list from past days for the Double-Elimination. Only Andreas Toverud snowboard and Benoît Miquel skis are already going straight to the final. We could see Didier Botta competing both in the ski and snowboard contests so Didier had to change boots as far he won the heats.

      14). Snowkite Masters 2016

      And so he did until the final, beating both Andreas Toverud and Benoît Miquel. Incredible but true. So we could see the Super-Final and now we have to wait for the Price Giving at Le Frog around 7pm as the head juge keeps the results secret for a great show this evening.

      The snowboard finals girls were set as well with Tatiana Sisoeva from Russia against Julie Borgis from France.
      Video From Event:
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