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  • Martin Lark
    Martin Lark

    KTA Asia Pacific Hydrofoil Series Malaysia - Day 2


    The second day of competition at the KTA Asia Pacific Hydrofoil Series Desaru Coast has come to a close, with a grand total of 4 races having taken place today on the brilliant blue waters of Johor’s eastern shores.


    This event marks the second stop of the KTA’s brand new hydrofoil tour, the first of which was held in Koh Samui early this summer. This weekend’s event sees 40 riders from 18 different countries gathering on Desaru Beach to take part in the competition, including a solid show of KTA regulars mixed in with some faces entirely new to the regional kite competition circuit. At the beginning of the day, thick fog covered the beach and rain clouds threatened to pour down at any moment, but the deluge held off and was instead replaced by beaming blue skies and sunshine by lunchtime.


    Crowds of spectators gathered onto the golden sand on Desaru Coast to soak in the atmosphere and watch the competition take place. With music, food stalls, and entertainment in the form of acrobatics, trainer kite flying lessons, and sand buggying, spirits were high amongst the spectators. That said, the wind was all but absent until 2:30 PM. It wasn’t until then that a welcome 10 knots of stable breeze began to blow across the event site, allowing the first race to commence around 3 o’clock. In contrast to yesterday’s rough and stormy conditions, today’s racing brought its own set of challenges, with riders doing their best to fly their kites and make it past powerful sets of waves in light wind.



    1). KTA Asia Pacific Hydrofoil Series Malaysia - Day 2


    The first race of the day saw current Asia kite foil champion, Max Maeder (Singapore), take a comfortable lead over Thailand’s What charpong Juntham and local Malaysian rider Daniel Leow, which he maintained with little difficulty for the rest of the day. As the afternoon progressed, winds dropped just shy of 7 knots, causing Korea’s Soon Ho Kwon to struggle to match the performance he put on in yesterday’s choppy waters, today faltering in the frustrating conditions.


    Meanwhile, Peng Li (China) and Kazumasa Sugihara (Japan) are nipping at the heels of the Top 3 in the men’s division, putting the pressure on for the final day of racing. Leading into tomorrow’s proceedings, the first position is already looking rather clear - but as for the remainder, it’s still anyone’s game. In the women’s division, it was Japan’s Emi Hirada that came out on top, proving her technical abilities and riding skill in the face of extremely light winds and big barrelling waves. Thailand’s Fon Benyapa Jantawan is sitting in second place for the women, having struggled in today’s conditions and allowing her Japanese competitor to snag an even wider lead.


    Text Credits: KTA Asia Pacific Hydrofoil Series
    Photo Credits: Alexandru Baranescu / KTA Asia Pacific Hydrofoil Series

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    • By Martin Lark
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      The KTA Asia Pacific Hydrofoil Series Desaru Coast saw its first day of action today along the blustery eastern shores of Johor. The competition commenced with 4 rounds of windward-leeward course racing and is set to continue over the next two days (14-16 December 2018). The event marks the second stop of the KTA’s brand new Asia Pacific Hydrofoil Series, the first of which was held in conjunction with the Samui Regatta in early June on Koh Samui, Thailand.
      This weekend’s event is taking place on the golden coastline of Desaru, one of Malaysia’s most southerly beach towns which sits just a 30-minute ferry ride (plus a short car journey) away from Singapore. The event’s headline sponsors, Desaru Coast themselves, have now become one of the region’s most hotly anticipated tourism developments, having established a range of upscale resorts and private villas along with an impressive array of golf courses, an adventure waterpark (complete with a wave pool), riverside dining, conference centers, and more.
      Not only is this event the first time the KTA has included Malaysia in their annual tour schedule, but it’s also the first time that a kite foil competition has ever taken place within the country. A landmark event both for Malaysia, Desaru, and the KTA, riders from 18 different countries have gathered on the beach to take part in the event, including the series’ reigning champion Daniel Leow (Malaysia) and current Asia Formula Kite champion, Maximillian Maeder (Singapore).

      1). KTA Asia Pacific Hydrofoil Series Malaysia
      Today’s conditions were unexpectedly challenging, with powerful waves at the shoreline and up to 2 meters of swell further out. Races began with a steady 16 knots of wind, which built up throughout the day - peaking at a gusty 19 knots by the early afternoon. Many competitors struggled to make it past the rough shore break, and for those that did, the conditions outside were nearly just as relentless. The race team also had their work cut out for them, rearranging the course and adjusting the race marks with every change of wind direction and tug of the waves.
      Race 1 saw riders taking off on both port and starboard tacks as they tried to deal with the wild conditions. As the race settled, we soon would see Asia champion Max Maeder move into lead position, closely followed by Korea’s Soon Ho Kwon and series leader Daniel Leow - holding these positions through to the finish. Race 2, however, turned the tables as Max faulted in the swell, giving Soon Ho the opportunity to dominate proceedings. In the women’s division, long-established KTA competitor Fon Benyapa Janitwan proved her versatility and strength in the conditions to can Races 2 and 3, while newcomer Emi Hirata from Japan pushed Fon in each race to take a win of her own in the 4th and final Race of the day.

      Back with the men’s fleet with the winds steadily dropping, Max would put right his 'blip' from Race 2 and take wins for Races 3 and 4. Other riders, however, had also begun to settle into the conditions and we would see China and Japan taking the Top 3 places with Peng Li and Horo Toshihiro respectively. By Race 4 the winds had backed off to an average of 8kts across the course, which allowed cleaner racing for everyone, boosting confidence once again for tomorrow's competition. The event plan had been to hold 5 races each day, but regretfully, as the start sequence for Race 5 began, the wind decided it was time to switch-off - calling a premature (but perhaps not totally unwelcomed) end to a tough first day’s racing.
      Text Credits: KTA Asia Pacific Hydrofoil Series
      Photo Credits: Alexandru Baranescu / KTA Asia Pacific Hydrofoil Series