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  • Martin Lark
    Martin Lark

    Silvaplana Is Getting Ready for the Grand Finale of the Snowkite World Cup


    From 15th to 17th March 2019, the Snowkite elite will meet for the Grand Finale of the "IKA Snowkite World Cup", and for the last event of the season: the "Swiss Snowkite Tour" in beautiful Switzerland - more precisely in Silvaplana.



    1). IKA Snowkite World Cup in Silvaplana, Switzerland.


    After a successful winter season, both series of competitions will enter the decisive final weekend. In the past few weeks, the World Cup has stopped in Italy (Roccaraso), South Tyrol (Reschensee), Russia (Tolyatti) and Turkey (Erciyes) and in the incoming week, numerous snow kiters and avid fans will be expected in Switzerland in anticipation for the Grand Finale.


    The "Swiss Snowkite Tour" has been an established and popular event series amongst athletes for many years. With great love and dedication, the team has managed to grow the tour, and in 2019 they welcome the IKA Snowkite World Cup for the very first time.


    Expect some serious competition when the best snow kiters fight for the coveted winning title. At the Silvaplana (alternative opportunity Bernina) World Cup level disciplines are as follows: Racing Ski, Racing Snowboard, Long Distance Ski and Long Distance Snowboard.


    At the moment, Florian Gruber from Garmisch-Partenkirchen (Multiple German Champion, European Champion and World Champion in Racing in snowkiting and water Kiteboarding) is leading the category for skiing. Felix Kersten (GER) is hot on his heels, and could easily also continue his top performance on top of the podium.


    In third place is currently Ilya Gibadullin from Russia, while in the womens fleet the Italian Cristina Corsi is holding onto top spot, followed by Mariya Bukreeva and Sofiya Nikogosova from Russia.


    In the snowboarding category, Artem Renev from Russia leads in front of his fellow compatriot Igor Zakhartsev, and the Austrian Reinhold Gehrer, whom in recent years has achieved great results both on snow and on the water. Dutch rider Chanti van Boxtel takes the lead in ladies' snowboarding ahead of Latvia's Aija Ambrasa and Russian Valeria Garashenko.


    The Long Distance Race will take place on Friday, March 15, 2019. In this discipline the participants have to complete an extensive race (depending on wind and weather conditions over 40 km) within a maximum of 2 hours.


    On Saturday and Sunday, the competition zone on Lake Silvaplana becomes a racing hotspot. Exhilarating competitive races are to be expected, because this is the last chance to gain the highest ranking points to score the coveted World Cup Title.


    Spectators can look forward to another spectacular event on Saturday and Sunday - Freestyle! In the Freestyle, the young athletes are expected to show spectacular jumps and challenging tricks with rotations. In addition to their acrobatic masterpieces, they use obstacles such as the so-called "rails" and snow-built ramps to earn further points in front of the competition jury.


    In addition to the sporting highlights, there is also an attractive supporting program: on Friday evening there will be a "Kite Party" at 21:00 o'clock in the Bernina Ospizio. More great program points can be found on the website www.swiss-snowkiteworldcup.com.


    At 6:00 pm on Sunday evening, the new champions of the "IKA Snowkite World Cup", the "SKA Swiss Champions" and the winners of the "Swiss Tour" will be crowned.

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      Report: Matt Pearce / All photos: Svetlana Romantsova / Video: Adam Sims
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      Louka Pitot then beat Luis Calcano and Arthur Guillebert after Arthur ended up needing the medic’s attention after a heavy crash put him out of action.
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      Mens Round Three Round Up
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      8). Adeuri Corniel took on all comers on day one
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      9). Right now, Maxime is the man to watch at this event
      Next up, Liam Whaley opened with a BS 317 that scored him a sturdy 7.47 points and he never stepped off the gas from there to win the heat. Today’s cross-off conditions were reminiscent of the famously challenging Levante winds he rides in at home in Tarifa, and he looked more than comfortable out there. He rode tactically, and was watching his competitors to see just how far he’d need to push it to beat them.
      Colombian rider Valentin Rodriguez mounted a late challenge against him and he landed a couple of high scoring tricks, but he wasn’t sticking them as readily as Liam and, in competition, that’s what matters.

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      Valentin Rodriguez Nico Delmas Adeuri Corniel Maxime Chabloz  
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      Gianmaria Coccoluto Louka Pitot Liam Whaley Carlos Mario  
      GKA Freestyle World Cup | Fuerteventura 2019 | Day One
      Event page.