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  • Martin Lark
    Martin Lark

    WKC Cumbuco - Elite Championship - Semi-Finals


    19th to 21st of November Qualifier Championships
    21st to 25th of November Elite Championships


    It was a rainy start to day three in Cumbuco, Brazil, but by 11am the clouds opened up and the competition commenced. Both the Men’s and Women’s semi-finals were completed with amazing conditions, with 8 male and 8 female athletes battling for a position in tomorrow’s finals.



    1). WKC Elite Championship in Cumbuco, Brazil.


    Men’s Semi – Final One


    An incredible level of riding was displayed from the very start as these 4 powerful athletes performed highly technical tricks from the very start of the semi-finals. Gianmaria Coccoluto performed incredibly, opening with a massive Backside 317 and followed it up with a Heart Attack 7 scoring 9.23 that left the crowds in a frenzy. It was incredibly well executed, and really raised the bar during this difficult semi-final heat. Liam Whaley was going big, and landed a fantastic Slim 7 that gave him the lead on the 5th trick attempt. Adeuri Corniel from the Dominican Republic started with three strong tricks but two consecutive crashes put some pressure on him towards the end of the heat. He needed to land some good tricks if he wanted to get into the finals. Meanwhile, Kalu de Sousa was landing trick after trick, but not managing to go as big or as powered as we have seen from him in previous days. Whaley, Corniel and Coccoluto had almost even points up until the very last trick attempt. Coccoluto came so close to a spot in the final, but he crashed his final attempt and it sadly cost him the spot, but what an amazing performance for this Italian rider. Liam Whaley took the win for this incredible semi-final, followed by Adeuri Corniel. Both athletes advance to tomorrow’s final.


    Men’s Semi- Final Two


    Current World Champion Carlos Mario rode with his usual power, executing incredible tricks back to back. His second attempt was a massive Heart Attack 7 scoring him 9.7 points. Erick Anderson once again proved that he is becoming a big name in kiteboarding, and he landed an outstanding KGB 7 scoring him 9.67 points. Mario waited until 5th attempt to really wow the crowds with an incredible Hinterberger Mobe 9, scoring 9.93 points and solidifying his lead. Anthar Racca, Erick Anderson and Set Teixeira entered a tough battle for the second spot, and Teixeira pulled out a beautifully executed 317 scoring him 9.17 to help boost him up in second, but then Anderson did a 317 of his own and stole the spot. Anderson joins Carlos Mario in tomorrow’s finals.



    2). WKC Elite Championship in Cumbuco, Brazil.


    Women’s Semi- Finals One


    Pippa van Iersel once again proved that she is comfortable in these conditions as she rode a storming heat, landing a Hinterberger Mobe and another outstanding Heart Attack. She truly stepped up her game today and advanced into a well deserved first place to take her into the final. Rita Arnaus and Estefania Rosa were close in points and both pushed as hard as they could to join Van Iersel in the final, and it was local wildcard Estefania Rosa who grabbed the spot and will be joining the top females in tomorrow’s final.


    Women’s Semi-Finals Two


    Current leader, 14 year old Mikaili Sol was unstoppable for this Semi-final, and she landed a mix of very well executed tricks. Francesca Bagnoli remained extremely close behind her, and even with the wind conditions dropping she rode a good heat and advanced to the final together with Mikaili Sol. Dioneia Vieira and Paula Novotna both landed good tricks, but they also struggled with a few crashed trick attempts after going for some big tricks that did not allow them to progress any further at this event. With this win, young Mikaili Sol has already won the 2018 World Title, an incredible feat for this young athlete!



    3). WKC Elite Championship in Cumbuco, Brazil.


    The action continues tomorrow, with the first possible start at 11 am, so be sure to tune into our Facebook Page or to our Youtube Channel.


    WKC Media

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