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  • Martin Lark
    Martin Lark

    WKC Cumbuco - Qualifier Championship - Day One


    19th to 21st of November Qualifier Championships
    21st to 25th of November Elite Championships


    The WKC once again returns to the spectacular Duro Beach, Cumbuco, Brazil for our final event of the year.



    1). WKC Qualifier Championship in Cumbuco, Brazil.


    The registration for the Qualifier Championship commenced at 9am, and saw a fantastic turn out of 27 men and 8 women from14 different countries sign up. The Qualifier Championship is an opportunity for the riders to enter into the Elite for 2019, but also an opportunity to win the wildcard into the Elite Championship event here this week.


    The Qualifier Championship is a ideal opportunity to spot new up-and-coming talent from local and international riders. The competition commenced at 1.30 pm local time. The winners from the heats in Round 1 advance directly to Round 3. Those placing 2nd and 3rd pass to Round 2, and those finishing 4th are eliminated from the Qualifier Championship.



    2). WKC Qualifier Championship in Cumbuco, Brazil.


    Men’s Round 1


    Heat 1


    The level was high from the very start, and Louka Pitot from France set the tone from the get go. He stormed through his first heat of the competition landing a varied array of tricks including a clean Backside 315 and Crowmobe 5. He cleared his way directly through to Round 3. Juan Rodriguez from Colombia also performed well and came in close behind, he passed through to Round 2, together with Marcelino Santos.


    Heat 2


    Heat 2 gave us a glimpse at some amazing new talent, as local rider David Ribeiro who is just 10 years old, landed some impressive tricks such as his Hinterberger Mobe and Slim Chance. He advanced to the next round. Aron Rosslee rode a strong heat and landed a nice Back Mobe and Heart Attack, passing through to the next round in second position. Julian Krikken passed through directly to Round 3, landing a solid Heart Attack and Hinterberger Mobe 5 and finished his heat in 1st place.


    Heat 3


    Another great performance was seen from local rider Kalu de Sousa who advanced directly to Round 3 after riding a solid heat and landing a Double Heart Attack and Hinterberger Mobe 5. Russian Athlete Sergey Borisov and Joao Lucas from Brazil pass through to Round 2.



    3). WKC Qualifier Championship in Cumbuco, Brazil.


    Heat 4


    Erick Anderson was last years wildcard winner at this event, and his performance today once again did not disappoint. He opened with a nice Front Blind Mobe and followed it up with a series of clean tricks. Anthar Racca from Mexico landed a powered Backside 317 amongst several other good trick attempts, placing him 1st and passing to Round 3, and Brazilian Paulo Rogue 3rd, passing to Round 2 together with Anderson.


    Heat 5


    Edgar Ulrich, young rider from France, successfully defended his spot throughout his heat, and landed a solid Double Heart Attack amongst his tricks. He placed himself in 1st position and advanced directly to Round 3. Paul Serin, also from France passed to Round 2, followed by George Dufty from the UK.



    4). WKC Qualifier Championship in Cumbuco, Brazil.


    Heat 6 was postponed after the second trick attempt, due to the decreasing wind conditions. Competition will be resumed tomorrow morning, with the skipper’s meeting called for 8am and the first possible start at 8.30 am.


    Follow all the live scoring from the Qualifier Championship here. Our live stream will starting on Wednesday with the Elite Championship, so be sure to tune into our Facebook Page our Youtube Channel.


    WKC Media

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