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  • Martin Lark
    Martin Lark

    WKC Dakhla - Elite Championship - Day Three


    3rd to 5th of November Qualifier Championships
    6th to 10th of November Elite Championships


    It was another windy day in Dakhla, Morocco for the start of Round 3 for the Men. The good conditions continued throughout the day, allowing the completion for Round 3 and the Semi-Finals for the Men and Round 2 for Women, with lots of twists and turns, and unexpected exits.



    1). 2018 WKC Elite Championship in Dakhla, Morocco.


    Heat 13


    It was a close start for all 4 athletes in Heat 13, as it all came down to the final trick. Anthar Racca landed 4 solid tricks to start but then had several crashes which cost him points. Adeuri had a rough start but fixed the situation with a big Backside 317. He managed to maintain his lead and advances to the Semi-finals. Anthar Racca looked set to join him, just knocking out Kalu de Sousa and Stefan Spiessberger in a tight heat for all riders.


    Heat 14


    Heat 14 sadly saw Former World Champion Youri Zoon sustain an injury to his knee, and withdraw from the competition. Very bad luck considering how well he had been riding for the start of the heat. Set Teixeira from Brazil wasted no time, and landed a big KGB amongst his tricks. Despite crashing his last attempt, he advances to the Semi-finals, joined by young Maxime Chabloz from Switzerland. Louka Pitot from France came very close to advancing but could not quite score enough in his last attempts to get the second position.


    Heat 15


    After a short lunch break the competition continued with Heat 15, another tight race to qualify for the Semi-finals from all 4 riders. Val Garat maintained his good, consistent riding landing an 8.87 Slim 7, and managed to just stay ahead of his competitors. Gianmaria Coccoluto and the young Valentin Rodriguez from Colombia remained extremely close throughout the heat, with Coccoluto landing a Backside 315 and a 317. Rodriguez pushed his hardest but unfortunately crashed his last three trick attempts and failed to advance. Jerome Cloetens from Spain/Belgium also could not quite land all the tricks he was aiming for and did not advance.


    Heat 16


    Heat 16 was packed with lots of tough competition, as current World Champion Carlos Mario hit the water to compete against wildcard Jonas Ouahmid, and two french riders Arthur Guillebert and Romain Giuliano. Carlos landed an impressive Backside 317 and Slim 7, but all riders struggled a little with the gustier wind and choppy water conditions. Arthur Guillebert worked hard to keep up with him, and landed 5 of his 7 trick attempts, his effort was rewarded and he joins Carlos Mario in the Semi – Finals. Ouahmid and Giuliano both rode well in the tough conditions but unfortunately could not advance to the next round.



    2). 2018 WKC Elite Championship in Dakhla, Morocco.


    Women’s Round 2


    Heat 5


    The first Women’s heat of Round 2 went to Pippa Van Iersel from the Netherlands, who landed a powered Backside 313 and S-bend to Blind. She took the lead and passed through to the Semi – finals, and she was joined by Osaia Reding from France, who was delighted to be joining her.


    Heat 6


    It was a great day for Spanish rider Rita Arnaus who took Heat 6 by storm, performing a fantastic S-bend to Blind, Slim 5, and Backside 313. She was clearly happy with her solid performance and she advances to the Semi-finals. Maureen Castelle follows her through, landing an impressive Hinterberger Mobe. Claudia Leon rode a good heat but couldn’t quite keep up to the rhythm of her more experienced counterparts.


    Men’s Semi Finals


    Semi – Final 1


    Adeuri Corniel was unstoppable for Heat 17, going big on each attempt and stomping an amazing Slim 9 scoring 9.27 points. Set Teixeira creeped up close behind him and landed several great attempts gaining many scores in the 8’s. Gianmaria Coccoluto wasn’t going down without a fight, and landed a clean KGB5 and Heart Attack 5, but sadly missed out on advancing to the final after struggling with his final two attempts.


    Semi– Final 2


    Heat 18 started off with a bang, as all 4 competitors went huge right from the start, their desire to reach the finals was evident in each trick attempt. The level was insanely high, each rider pushed harder and harder with an eye to reaching the podium here in Dakhla. Current World Champion Mario stomped an outstanding Heart Attack 7, scoring a perfect 10, with perfect execution. Maxime Chabloz performed a powered Slim 7 scoring him 9.43 points. Carlos Mario advances to the final together with Maxime Chabloz, with Anthar Racca narrowly missing out on the spot.



    3). 2018 WKC Elite Championship in Dakhla, Morocco.


    This was just a taster of the insane action that we will see in Saturday’s finals! Tomorrow the competition continues with the Women’s semi – finals and the men’s small final. Be sure to tune in to the live stream!


    WKC Media

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      2. Nina Font Castells (ESP) - 2 points
      3. Daniela Moroz (USA) - 3 points
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      5. Chiara Adobati (ITA) - 5 points
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      2. Florian Gruber (GER) - 6 points
      3. Kirstyn O'Brien (USA) - 10 points
      4. Theo de Ramecourt (FRA) - 12 points
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    • By Martin Lark
      19th to 21st of November Qualifier Championships
      21st to 25th of November Elite Championships
      The small final and main finals took place today at Duro Beach, Cumbuco, with ideal conditions and a beach packed with hundreds of spectators. The Men’s Small Final was first in sequence, followed by the Women’s final and concluding with the Men’s Final.

      1). WKC Elite Championship in Cumbuco, Brazil.
      Men’s Small Final
      The small final was a battle between 4 strong athletes to place themselves from 4th to 8th position for this final event of the year. Set Teixeira entered the small final riding with confidence and power. He landed a good Backside 317 and a KGB 5, finishing in 1st place for the small final and giving him the 5th position for this event. Anthar Racca remained extremely close behind and landed an incredible Slim 7 amongst his attempts. Local rider Kalu de Sousa has had a fantastic event, making it to the small final on only his second Elite Championship event and finished the small final in 2nd place. Gianmaria Coccoluto from Italy did not manage his best heat, but he did land an impressive KGB5 amongst his attempts, and finished in 4th.

      2). WKC Elite Championship in Cumbuco, Brazil.
      Women’s Final
      We witnessed an incredibly high level of riding from our four female finalists in Cumbuco today.
      Our World Champion, 14 year old Mikaili Sol from Brazil was on fire from the start, landing three tricks that scored in the 9´s. It was the first ever final for Pippa van Iersel on only her second WKC Elite event, and what a performance she gave! She clearly proved that she is a new big player in female kiteboarding, and once again landed a massive Heart Attack scoring 8.17 points on her second trick attempt. Francesca Bagnoli has been in every WKC final this year, and she once again rode incredibly well. Her Hinterberger mobe was beautifully executed and scored her 8.07 points. Our local wildcard Estefania Rosa has also had a positive event, coming all the way up through winning the qualifiers. She landed a a good array of tricks but struggled with several crashed attempts towards the end of the heat. Mikaili Sol sealed the deal with her exceptional performance today in Cumbuco, and is now our 2018 World Champion, an incredible accomplishment for this 14 year old athlete. Francesca Bagnoli finished 2nd, and Pippa Van Iersel came in third, her first podium position on the WKC.

      3). WKC Elite Championship in Cumbuco, Brazil.
      Men’s Final
      Our final WKC event of the year saw an absolutely outstanding level of performance from all 4 male finalists, each of them hungry for the top podium spot. Erick Anderson maybe the most unknown name in the final, but his riding level was up there with the very best. He landed tricks with incredible power and height, and rode one of his best heats. Liam Whaley, our Former World Champion seemed to feel the pressure at the start, but came back with a massive 8.53 points for his Backside 317 on his 4th trick attempt. Adeuri Corniel just went massive and fully powered, in his typical style, landing solid high scores throughout the heat. His KGB7 was spectacular and scored him 9 points. But it was our current Champion Carlos Mario who once again proved to the World that he is at the very top of his game. He landed a Heart Attack 7 and a Backside 319, and came back to the beach to his hundreds of supporters to share and celebrate his victory. It was an emotional final that saw such incredible drive and performance from all participants, and once again Carlos Mario was crowned as 2018 World Champion.
      Cumbuco, Brazil has been an incredible location to host this final stop of the year, and the perfect conditions we saw each day allowed all athletes to truly push themselves to the limit. 2018 has been a fantastic year, and today’s action was the icing on the cake. Congratulations to all of our athletes for the passion and determination they all showed during this competition!
      WKC Media