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  • Martin Lark
    Martin Lark

    Mystic 2017 - Break Boundaries


    Ad materials sent to us by equipment producers usually go straight into our 'Kite Gear' section but because material sent by Mystic is really easy on the eye, we decided to suspend this rule for a little while. In the below text, Mystic will tell you a little bit about their 2017 offer... and don't even think of skipping the video!



    1). Mystic 2017


    Mystic 2017 : Break Boundaries, where do you start?

    Mystic starts where your life begins; outside of your comfort zone. For 2017 Mystic challenges you to break all existing boundaries and reach goals you have always dreamt of.



    To do so, you will need gear you can rely on whatever the circumstances. Therefore, Mystic proudly presents their new 2017 Spring/Summer collection for Kiteboarding, Windsurfing and Stand Up Paddling. The designers at Mystic have created a dedicated collection for these three sports and within these collections you will find all you need weather you are new to the sport or when you are on your way becoming a pro. Our designers have combined their on-water experiences with new trends, fabrics and innovations in order to deliver top quality products.



    2). Mystic 2017


    We bring an epic new collection filled with tons of new products. For starters the Majestic Zipfree wetsuit. The Majestic wetsuit series has a long-lasting stamp of quality for its reputation of being created with the finest neoprene on the market. As a brand, we always want to deliver more, so our quest was to achieve the ultimate freedom of movement and we did it! By removal of the zip, we have managed to decrease excess weight and possibility of water leakage. Full stretch through the chest panel assists in the mobility you will need for your movements on the water. Once you have witnessed the invisible feel of this wetsuit, you won’t want anything else.


    For years, the Warrior waist harness has been the cornerstone of our collection. It is built to withstand the toughest conditions and maintain maximum durability. We proudly present the 5th version since the start of the most iconic harness in the kiteboarding industry. The Warrior V had a reinforced anatomical backplate to give you extra support, is updated with a 4-point power buckle clickerbar and has a totally new bold look.



    3). Mystic 2017


    For the ladies, our designers made sure that you will be shining like never before. Stylish looking fullsuits, neoprene tops and pants to stay warm and protected. For the warmer days rashvest and quickdry tops to die for with matching bikinis to finish up the look of the day. All harnesses in the range for women have a specialized female shape to fit the female body. The Diva waist harness has three color options this season, matching our other products and giving you that extra kick when going out for another session.



    4). Mystic 2017


    Next to that we bring a top notch Stand Up Paddle collection. The MVMNT series products are very technically designed and specially engineered to fit different conditions. Perforated fabric ensures the breathability of the fabrics and your comfort during a session. Various layers will make sure you never miss a session due to the conditions. The women will stand out with the complete Diva range for SUP, existing of a long john, short john, neoprene tops and pants. No excuses not to go out on your board. When going out for a long trip, we bring you a 10L and 20L drybag to bring all your essentials, an H20 bag to stay hydrated and more neoprene accessories to keep you warm or protected from the sun. 



    5). Mystic 2017


    In addition to all these amazing products for on the water, Mystic also want you to look good when on shore or when taking a stroll into town. Our mission is to create exceptional clothing for the sports we are so passionate about. Every year, our task is to create something that we have never done before. In order to do this, we focus on our vision, design, innovations, style, eye for detail and premium quality. By creating washes and treatments that bring out its unique characteristics and qualities, turning our dreams into achievements, we proudly present to you our 2017 clothing collection. The Mystic clothing collection has all the essentials you need to look good whatever the occasion. Jackets to keep you protected from the wind, sweats to keep you warm and tees and boardshorts to shine. Also for the ladies we bring a killer collection. Sweats, tops, dresses and jumpsuits for every occasion and bikinis and boardshorts to play around with on and off the water. Getting dressed was never this easy.



    6). Mystic 2017


    We would like to thank everyone who believes in Mystic, our teamriders who represent every inch of our brand all over the world and all people who share the same passions for the sports like we do. Challenge yourself, but always protect yourself as well. When taking on a big storm, make sure you are protected with our impactvests and helmets. When going out on summer days, make sure you are protected from the sun with our range of rashvests and quickdry shirts. When traveling, make sure your gear is packed well and protected.


    Our collections are a reflection of our way of life and how we live it. Wander off the beaten path and choose your own.

    Enjoy the ride!



    Check out all Mystic products at: Mysticboarding.com


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    • By Martin Lark
      Naish is one of the most known and experienced manufacturers in the kitesurfing world and ,therefore, no premiere prepared by the company could go unnoticed. A few days ago we received a pretty big pack of info materials regarding Naish collections for 2016 and 2017. The most interesting novelties seem to be the kites: Ride, Trip and Fly. New harnesses are also noteworthy.
      By Naish:
      Ride: All-around Feeride
      Sizes:  4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14
      Effortless and accessible, the Naish Ride is a fast favorite among riders of all levels. Ideal for those looking to progress their skills quickly, the open center section of this lightweight, two-strut design delivers superior low-end performance and maintains smooth power delivery through turns. Easy water relaunch provides added convenience while a slightly flattened arc generates more lift for easy jumping and “sheet-in-and-go” feel. A consistent performer with incredible control, its versatility will have both new and experienced kiters choosing the Ride as their “go-to” kite for a wide range of styles.

      1). Naish Raid
      Trip: Foil/Underpowered Riding
      Sizes: 8, 10, 12
      Low wind, no problem! The Naish Trip excels in underpowered conditions. Perfect for dedicated intermediate-to-advanced riders, the incredibly lightweight, strutless design delivers the wind range of a larger kite while retaining the fast, precision turning of a smaller kite. An ideal fit for foiling, the Trip’s responsive depower and light weight-compared to other kites of this size-supports seamless transitions for a smooth ride. Log more days on the water with the Trip.

      2). Naish Trip
      Fly: Lightwind Freeride
      Size: 15
      Lightweight and tremendously fast for a kite of its size, the Naish Fly delivers a smooth, yet powerful ride in light-to-marginal wind conditions. The swept-back wing tip and anti-stiction window improve water relaunch, while the two-strut design offers exceptional low-end power. Riders will find themselves in super light wind, yet the speed of the kite will make it feel like a normal, windy day. New this year, our designers have modified the leading edge diameter, allowing the kite to fly farther forward for improved upwind ability and easy handling. Don’t let light wind ruin your day. Grab a Fly and maximize your time on the water.

      3). Naish Fly
      Arsenal: Maximum Support
      Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL
      The next evolution in maximum support harnesses, the lightweight Arsenal conforms to the body with molded memory foam padding along the spine and an ergonomically shaped structure. A superb choice for a wide range of body types, the Arsenal’s wider shape evenly distributes pull-ideal during powered up or overpowered riding. Double spreader bar straps lock the bar securely into place while strategic contouring and memory foam on the spreader bar provide a more comfortable fit.

      4). Naish Arsenal
      Boss: Low Profile/High Support
      Sizes: XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL
      The lower cut of the Boss is ideal for riders looking for a high range of motion and excellent back support. Striking the ultimate balance between the Mission 3D and the Moto harnesses from 2016, the Boss combines the height of the Mission 3D with the fit of the Moto. The locked-in bar pad features extensions which insert into the sides of the harness to lock the bar into place. A low-profile, contoured spreader bar (with memory foam padding) add extra comfort and double spreader bar straps further prevent the bar from riding up with use. The lock-in-and-release mechanism has been adapted to be more user-friendly, while 3D-fit technology, contoured side-shaping and a dual tension belt ensure the harness conforms to the rider’s body for maximum comfort.

      5). Naish Boss
      Alana: Women’s Fit
      Sizes: XS, S, M, L
      Formed and sized for a woman’s curves, the Alana’s 3D-fit technology features a cushioned, molded shell for customized support and stability in key areas. The locked-in bar pad stays securely in place with double spreader bar straps and extensions that tuck into the sides of the harness.

      6). Naish Alana
      Targa: Boardshort Seat Harness
      Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL
      Ergonomic and understated, the Targa seat harness is lightly padded and concealed within boardshorts. Padded leg straps easily adjust from the outside for a custom fit, while strategically placed double spreader bar straps position the bar low on the hips allowing for full range of motion.

      7). Naish Targa
      Defender Vest: Flotation/Impact Protection
      Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL
      Shaped to give experienced riders the confidence to push the limits, the Defender Vest provides superb impact protection and maximum comfort. Following a true wakestyle shape, the soft neoprene lining, large armholes and quad stretch grant full range of motion while strategically placed padded impact zones protect with added flotation for peace of mind.

      8). Naish Defender