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  • Martin Lark
    Martin Lark

    Mystic Majestic X Harness


    Since 2002 we have dedicated ourselves to create exceptional product for kiteboarding. We feel it is our task to embrace the limits set by our riders and break boundaries to create something unique and revolutionary. By using cutting edge technologies to our advantage we have been able to create the most advanced harness in kiteboarding history.


    This harness, the Majestic X, is our first hard-shell harness with an unequalled carbon construction. We have been working on this project for the past 2 years, so you can imagine our thrill to finally show it to the world. Take a look:



    The Majestic X is built around the unique Bionic Core Frame, which is a rigid support plate for your lower back. Its exclusive composite material combines a very stiff support with flexibility. This allows for more freedom in movement.


    The full carbon Bionic Core Frame is stiff in the horizontal direction but the

    BCF is still able to twist and follow your body





    1). Mystic Majestic X Harness


    Intelligent Viscoelastic Foam (IV-Foam) really sets to your body shape, maximizes the comfort and helps the harness stay put.





    2). Mystic Majestic X Harness


    Attach your leash on the front, makes it easier to pull the quick release, when needed and allows you to use a short leash.





    3). Mystic Majestic X Harness


    The thermoformed EVA Foam wraps around your waist

    and increases the grip on your waist.





    4). Mystic Majestic X Harness


    The Majestic X is unique in its support and made for every type of rider who desires a top-notch harness with maximal support. To make the harness accessible for truly all riders, the harness comes in two editions. One equipped with our regular spreader bar and one with our new specialized surf spreader bar.



    5). Mystic Majestic X Harness




    6). Mystic Majestic X Harness




    7). Mystic Majestic X Harness


    The rope is meant for pure wave riding and foiling. The spreader bar with the rope allows you to ride with more freedom in order to hit the lip without the kite pulling you to one side. The unique feature about our surf spreader bar is the fact that you have more length to one side. For the true freestylers amongst us there is the regular spreader bar.



    8). Mystic Majestic X Harness - Features




    9). Mystic Majestic X Harness - Tech Spec



    Enjoy the ride!




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