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  • Martin Lark
    Martin Lark

    Kiteboard Hero - Kiteloops On Your Sofa?


    'Kiteboard Hero' is a kiteboarding simulator for Android and iOS. Information about the simulator went like a bomb across the kiting world. The simulator didn't arouse my enthusiasm at first - graphics are not mindblowing, given it's 2017. I also thought that kiteboarders are outdoor people and they won't stoop for hours over their tablets and smartphones. Today, since the very morning, I've been realising that I was wrong. Wherever I look, the reviews are good or even enthusiastic.


    Read, download it and come back to comment!




    Kiteloops on your Sofa?

    New mobile game 'Kiteboard Hero'

    offers realistic kite action!


    What happens when you combine avid kiter Ben Fawcett and Ben Fawcett, former technical director of Playstation Studios London? Yup, you guessed it! Kiteboard Hero is the first serious kiting simulator on iOS and Android. Let the fun begin!


    Outstanding Game Physics

    The heart of the game features impressive game physics. Kite steering almost feels real! Even mowing the lawn is fun!




    From Beginner to Kitelooping Pro

    The game starts in “training camp.” In camp, you learn the basic moves. It’s ideal for non-kiters to learn kiting fundamentals. “If non-kiters get hooked on kiting for real,” Ben comments “that’s just awesome because we all know kiteboarding is the coolest sport on the planet.”


    Practice makes Perfect

    Earn experience points as you progress. And the better you get, the more game options open up for you. In "Freeride" mode, you have no limits. Kite anywhere and just have fun. Or, master a bunch of moves in “Challenge” mode. We’ll stop there and let you experience the rest of the game for yourself. You’ll find it’s trickier than you’d expect.




    "Real" Kites and Boards from CORE Kiteboarding

    Ben partnered with CORE Kiteboarding because he feels it’s “the brand I stand behind.” The game features all of CORE’s Universal+ Series of kites, and the best part is that all the kites and boards look and behave  like the real ones! With that in mind, select the XR4 for huge hangtime, and the GTS4 for ridiculous megaloops! With smart kite selection, you'll supercharge your progress!


    “This is only the beginning” exclaims Ben, “as we are working on new spots and features every day.” Finally, there’s Kiteboard Hero when it's dead calm, and we need our kite fix!



    Kiteboard Hero works on all iOS and Android devices


    The Kiteboard Hero app can be purchased for only €3.99, US$3.99, £3.99, AUS$5.99, CAN$5.49 starting 13.03.2017 on the Google Play Store (for Android) and Apple App Store (for iOS).

    And until April 12th at special price for only €1.99, US$1.99, £1.99, AUS$2.99, CAN$2.79.


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