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  • Martin Lark
    Martin Lark

    Liam Whaley Joins F-One


    F-One announced today that Liam Whaley joined their team. The 21-year-old contestant from Spain so far has been associated with Cabrinha. Liam is i.a. 2015 freestyle World Champion and here are his other achievements:


    • 2011 - Spanish Champion
    • 2012 - European Champion
    • 2013 - 4th overall world Tour
    • 2014 - Vice World Champion
    • 2015 - World Champion
    • 2017 - Vice World Champion
    • 2018 - 2nd Red Bull King Of The Air







    There is a new rider in the F-ONE 's Team
    His ride is radical, powerful and fearless.
    He is a born-winner and he shares our passion for kiteboarding


    Liam Whaley



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    • By Martin Lark
      Pippa van Iersel and Liam Whaley combined their skills, prevailing over six other teams to win the super session
      Monday 7th October 2019
      Location: Dakhla, Morocco

      1). Liam Whaley and Pippa van Iersel - top team
      As the official GKA Kite World Cup Dakhla Freestyle discipline came to a close yesterday, we moved on to a fun event on day four, in the form of a team Game of K-I-T-E.
      In round one there were two heats with seven teams in the competition.
      Judging Criteria: Land or crash! 

      Format: Game of Kite - teams. Judges dictate the tricks that need to be completed in each round. One rider from each team attempts that trick in rotation. If they land it then great, but if they crash it, they get a letter. First two teams in each round one heat to collect the letters K-I-T-E would be eliminated, leaving the other two teams to advance. Basically it's 4 crashes and your team is out. 
In the super-final, the competition ran until there was just one team left - the winners

      Wind: 20 knots 

      2). The riders relished the chance to compete throwing unusual competition tricks, like Edgar Ulrich with this big kung fu pass!
      Round One Results:
      Heat 1:
      1st - Pippa van Iersel & Liam Whaley 2nd - Mikaili Sol & Maxime Chabloz 3rd - Nathalie Lambrecht & Louka Pitot 4th - Alexandra Torres & Robby James  
      Heat 2:
      1st - Paula Novotna & Romain Giuliano 2nd - Rita Arnaus & Edgar Ulrich 3rd - Therese Taabbel & Arthur Guillebert  

      3). Liam, 100%
      Although this final was just for fun it was good to see the riders working as a team to land a really mixed variety of tricks - everything from a double front roll to double heart attacks as well as kite loop front rolls and more!
      We’re excited to see these super sessions develop over the years, pushing the all-round skills of the riders and the fun for the crowds.
      In the end, Pippa and Liam were pretty dominant, crashing just one trick out of eight between them, by which time all the other teams had been eliminated, crashing four times.
      1st - Pippa van Iersel & Liam Whaley 2nd - Mikaili Sol & Maxime Chabloz 3rd - Rita Arnaus & Edgar Ulrich 4th - Paula Novotna & Romain Giuliano  

      4). Game of 'Kite' team podium
      Rider Quotes:
      Liam: “When they announced yesterday that they would be doing this event, I quickly grabbed Pippa as my partner and it was good to do some tricks that we don’t usually train for. It was fun and I had no crashes, whereas Pippa had one, so I guess I’ll get more of the prize money, ha ha.”
      Pippa: “It was good, my team mate had no crashes, I had only one and I’m stoked to land a slim, which I’ve not done before!"
      Maxime: “I have to say the four tricks in the final were definitely not my sort of tricks. I never train them, but now I will!"
      Mika: "It was pretty interesting, I made all my tricks, whereas my partner Maxime was struggling, so ha, nothing more to say."
      GKA Kite World Cup Dakhla 2019, Day Four, Super session
      Kite-Surf Instagram
      Freestyle Instagram
      Kite-Surf Facebook
      Freestyle Facebook
      Words: Jim Gaunt
      Photos: Ydwer van der Heide
      Video: Oliver Umpierre 
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      2020 Cabrinha Kites Manual - Japanese
    • By Cabrinha Kiteboarding
      2020 Cabrinha Kites Manual - French
      2 Introduction 3 Informations Importantes 4 Force du Vent, État de la Mer, Conditions Météo 5 Plage d’Utilisation 6 Évaluez Votre Niveau / Spot de Navigation 7 Entretien de l’Aile 8 Savoir-Vivre 9 Champ d’Action 10 Positions de l’Aile & Zones de Puissance  
      11 Vue d’Ensemble de l’Aile CABRINHA  
      12 Système de Gonflage Sprint™ 13 Gonfler l’Aile 16 PauseCOMMENT FAIRE 17 Réglages 20 Réparations – Crevaisons des Lattes Gonflables 22 Réparations – Bord d’Attaque Gonflable 24 Glossaire