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  3. Kev Langeree has a great vlog for us this week - it presents a coverage of the recently finished Red Bull Megaloop Challenge – you must see it!
  4. A last roll of the dice on Final Day at GKA Gran Canaria Sunday 16th June 2019 Words: Matt Pearce / Video: Mint Grigas / Photos: Svetlana Romantsova 1). Final Day at GKA Freestyle World Cup Gran Canaria Yesterday, on Saturday, the women made it through to the final rounds of the competition where Mikaili Sol overcame fellow Brazilian Bruna Kajiya to take her first event win of the 2019 GKA Kite World Tour season. An attempt was also made to run the final three men’s heats, but the wind just wasn't strong enough. However, because the men’s division had reached the semi-finals, the eight riders who'd made it that far were guaranteed an official result, so the focus had instead been on finishing the women’s competition. 2). Set Teixeira sprints back upwind during yesterday's attempt at the men's semi-finals Today though, on the final day of the event window, it all came down a last ditch effort to reach the men's final. With clear skies and none of the clouds that had been suppressing the wind this week, things were looking positive. 3). Arthur Guillebert - good to go! Unfortunately though, at 19:00 after a long day of waiting, it was clear the wind just was not going to reach the required strength for the men to hit the water. The riders would not be able to compete to see who would become the first ever male champion of the GKA Freestyle World Cup Gran Canaria. However, there is still an official result from the men's division and the below eight riders will all share first place rankings (and an equal share of the prize money) from this event. Scroll down to see the event results and how the overall tour rankings look at the end of the GKA Freestyle World Cup Gran Canaria 2019. 4). Final Day at GKA Freestyle World Cup Gran Canaria MEN'S FINAL RESULTS 1: Gianmaria Coccoluto (ITA) 2: Arthur Guillebert (FRA) 3: Liam Whaley (ESP) 4: Maxime Chabloz (CH) 5: Luis Alberto Cruz (DOM) 6: Valentin Rodriguez (COL) 7: Carlos Mario (BRA) 8: Set Teixeira (BRA) 5). Final Day at GKA Freestyle World Cup Gran Canaria WOMEN'S FINAL RESULTS 1: Mikaili Sol (BRA) 2: Bruna Kajiya (BRA) 3: Pippa van Iersel (NL) 4: Rita Arnaus (ESP) GKA Freestyle World Cup - Gran Canaria - Day Three Highlights GKA Gran Canaria - Final Day GKA KITE WORLD TOUR FREESTYLE RANKINGS 6). Carlos Mario retains the top spot after this event MEN'S RANKING 1: Carlos Mario (BRA) 2: Maxime Chablos (CH) 3: Valentin Rodriguez (COL) 4: Gianmaria Coccoluto (ITA) 5: Liam Whaley (ESP) 7). Mikaili Sol storms into first overall after her performance here in Gran Canaria WOMEN'S RANKINGS 1: Mikaili Sol (BRA) 2: Pippa van Iersel (NL) 3: Bruna Kajiya (BRA) 4: Therese Taabbel (DK) 5: Rita Arnaus (ESP) www.gkakiteworldtour.com
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  6. A Brazilian Battle in the Women's Final at GKA Gran Canaria Saturday 15th June 2019 Words: Matt Pearce / Video: Mint Grigas / Photos: Svetlana Romantsova 1). Mikaili Sol In the second semis showdown, Rita Arnaus and Pippa van Iersel were leading from early in the heat and were soon locked into a duel for first place. The young Dutch rider van Iersel was consistently landing decently scored tricks but Rita stuck a slim chance for 7.67 points and, with only one trick attempt left, Pippa couldn't match her. 2). Bruna on the charge in the semi-finals The first heat was between Mikaili, Bruna Kajiya and Therese Taabbel and the sequence would continue where the riders left off on Friday which meant each competitor already had two scores on the board. Mikaili opened with a KGB for 7.97 but Bruna wasn't far behind with a back to blind (6.67) and Therese was consistently scoring in the high fives. Mikaili then racked up another high score with a 7.93 for a heart attack and then she upped the anti further with a back mobe that scored her 8.07! That meant that in one heat she'd just landed the three highest scoring tricks of the whole event so far and had secured the biggest combined score too - 31.04. Insane! Bruna wasn't far behind her though, and at the final count they were both through to the final. 3). Mikaili Sol's first event of the season in Leucate didn't go to plan - today she put that behind her In the second semis showdown, Rita Arnaus and Pippa van Iersel were leading from early in the heat and were soon locked into a duel for first place. The young Dutch rider van Iersel was consistently landing decently scored tricks but Rita stuck a slim chance for 7.67 points and, with only one trick attempt left, Pippa couldn't match her. 4). Hannah Whiteley showed her class, but it was too little too late Hannah Whitely and Natalie Lambrecht, the two taller riders, had both been struggling in light conditions early in the heat but Hannah managed a double back to wrapped to pull into third on her last trick. It wouldn't be enough to make it into the top two though, and Rita won to go through to the finals alongside Pippa in second. 5). Rita reacts to the news that she'd gone through to the finals THE FINAL Bruna drew first blood, opening with two high scores for an s-bend to blind and a back to blind but Mikaili answered back with a slim chance, a back to blind and then a super clean heart attack to pull into the lead. Bruna wasn't about to take that lying down though, and she stomped a double back to wrapped to regain the lead with a substantial combined score of 28.24. She still had three trick attempts in hand, but was already leading comfortably. Bruna was going to be tough to beat but a storm was brewing beneath her with Mikaili in second, Rita close behind her in third and Pippa in fourth, but by a slim margin. 6). Mikaili sends a back mobe with Kajiya in the background Sol then retook the lead with a back mobe which brought her combined score to 29.47 and Bruna now had one trick attempt left and just one chance to answer back. Her last trick was an s-bend to blind and she landed it clean, but it wasn't enough. Before Mikaili had even done her last trick, she'd already won the heat! Although the top spot was secured, the battle for third place was still raging at this point and Rita's early form was looking shaky as she crashed her last two trick attempts. This gave Pippa her chance, and she stuck an s-bend to blind and a back to blind in rapid succession. All Rita could do was look on as Pippa pulled in to third...by just 0.37 points! 7). All smiles after a long day of waiting pays off It's a strong finish for Pippa, building on her fourth place finish from earlier this year in Leucate. The fact that her mother was there to watch her make the podium no doubt added to the stoke! 8). Mikaili Sol (BRA), Bruna Kajiya (BRA), Pippa van Iersel (NL), Rita Arnaus (ESP) WOMEN'S FINAL RESULTS 1: Mikaili Sol (BRA) 2: Bruna Kajiya (BRA) 3: Pippa van Iersel (NL) 4: Rita Arnaus (ESP) GKA Freestyle World Cup - Gran Canaria - Day Three Highlights So that wraps up the women's division at this event but the men still have scores to settle. Tomorrow's the final day of the event window and the last chance to run the men's semi-finals and finals! www.gkakiteworldtour.com
  7. All the action from day two at GKA Gran Canaria Saturday 15th June 2019 Words: Matt Pearce / Video: Mint Grigas / Photos: Svetlana Romantsova 1). Bruna opened up a barrage in women's round two The riders battled their way through to the semi-finals on Friday in challenging conditions as the sun set on Playa de Vargas. By the end of the day men's round three was complete, so the eight male riders who’d made it to the semis are guaranteed a joint first place if no further heats are run at this event. The women still need to complete the semi-finals to get a result though, so the pressure is on today! GKA Freestyle World Cup - Gran Canaria 2019 - Day Two Highlights Check the heat ladders below to see what's coming up today in both the men's and women's divisions. www.gkakiteworldtour.com
  8. It's down to the Semi-Finals at GKA Gran Canaria Friday 14th June 2019 Words: Matt Pearce / Video: Mint Grigas / Photos: Svetlana Romantsova 1). Gianmaria Coccoluto scoping out conditions after a storming performance on day one The plan for today (Friday morning) had been to roll straight back into the heats after Thursday's action wrapped up with just two heats left to run before the semi-finals. The riders were back on the spot at Playa de Vargas at 09:00 this morning hoping for an early start but that was just the beginning of what was going to be a long day of waiting for wind. 2). A lot of this went down today.. The wind would continually build up to a rideable strength and then back off and by 5pm it was looking worryingly like it wouldn't come in at all. Then, just as it was beginning to look like a lost cause, it was on! Men's heat 15 was up first with three powerful riders from the Dominican Republic; Joselito Del Rosario, Luis Alberto Cruz and Posito Martinez taking on Liam Whaley for a spot in the semis. 3). Adeuri Corniel (left) was already out of the competition - but Posito, Joselito and Luis were in it to win it! Cruz lead from early on with a 317 for his first trick that earned him 7.3 points and the light wind was working in his favour with faltering conditions leading to two stoppages in the early stages of the heat. Whaley then pulled it round, going from fourth to first with a double heart attack (6.83) and BS 315 (7.07). From here, a pitched battle ensued with Cruz sticking a front blind mobe (6.83) to retake the lead. Whaley then moved back into first with a back mobe five (6.23) and, with just two tricks to go, he was leading but only by 1.53 points. 4). Late in the day - Liam delivers At this point, Posito Martinez came back from the brink and straight into second place with a 317 (7.37) putting him within reach of Whaley if he could have landed a 7.2 or more. It wasn't to be though. Liam landed an FS7 (7.07) to put some distance between him and Martinez and Luis Alberto Cruz cruised back into second with a BS 315 (6.53) to go through to the semis alongside Liam. Both riders had to work for it though. The fluctuating conditions meant that that heat took over 90 minutes to complete! 5). Cool, calm, collected - Carlos The next heat saw Carlos Mario underline just how cool of a customer he really is against Paul Serin, Louka Pitot and close friend Set Teixeira. At the halfway point he was still down in fourth place with close Set leading, but he didn't look remotely phased. He pulled into the lead with a KGB5 for 7.57 points, the highest scoring trick of the day up to that point, and then he racked up a series of similarly high scores to hold his position. Set mounted a comeback late in the round, but it wasn't enough and Mario won the heat with a combined score of 31.31 - one of the highest of the event so far. 6). Set Teixeira gave Carlos a real run for his money in their heat. They stuck highest scoring tricks of the day between them From there, it was into the last heat of women's round two between Pippa van Iersel and Bruna Kajiya. Pippa had the stronger start with a BS 313 (6.07 points) but she crashed her next three tricks and, although Bruna was scoring lower, she was still scoring. And that's what counts. Bruna then landed a high scoring back to blind (6.6) to secure first place and she ran away with the heat from this point on. Unfortunately, Pippa didn't land anymore tricks in the heat while Bruna finished her relentless barrage with a back to wrapped for 7.7 points, which was one of the highest scores from the women at this event. 7). Bruna back on form after a shaky start in round one Bruna's victory meant she would go straight through to the first women's semi-final heat against Therese Taabbel and fellow Brazilian Mika Sol. Mika fired out of the gates with with a slim chance (7.07) and an s-bend to blind (5.37) to take the lead but the wind dropped out entirely as the sun set and the heat was cancelled. No more heats could be run today so all hopes are pinned on tomorrow, the last day in the event window with forecasted wind, to continue with the men's and women's semi-finals. Check the heat ladders below to see what's coming up in both the men's and women's divisions. www.gkakiteworldtour.com
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    Main event begins at GKA Gran Canaria Thursday 13th June 2019 Words: Matt Pearce / Photos: Svetlana Romantsova The main event got underway this morning at Playa de Vargas with the men on the water first in round one. With winds ranging from 15-18 knots, the opening round was to be 100% freestyle, with riders able to do seven tricks per heat and their four highest scoring ones counting towards their heat score. 1). Gianmaria Coccoluto in round one Gianmaria Coccoluto won heat one with a powered, high and stomped back mobe 7 and then Valentin Rodriguez, a prodigious young talent from Colombia, won the next heat by the biggest points margin of the day - a massive 15.03! 2). Valentin Rodriguez coming in hot Tour number two Maxime Chabloz then made his entrance and it looked like he was perhaps saving himself for the later rounds (he wasn’t breaking out the kind of bangers he’s capable of) but he was smooth and composed and took the win comfortably. 3). Liam Whaley was one of the only riders routinely adding in grabs for added style points After that, Liam Whaley delivered the most consistently high scoring barrage of tricks of the day up to that point, regularly notching up high sixes and also a 7.2 to beat Luis Alberto Cruz from the DR who actually had the highest score of the heat - 7.3 for a very clean 319. After a break from World Tour competition last year, Liam’s back with a vengeance and he could well be a podium contender at this event. 4). Carlos plays it cool Carlos Mario was up in the final heat of round one and, like Maxime, he also focused on amassing easy scores for tricks comfortably within his repertoire. No doubt he’s holding something back for the crucial battles to follow at this event, but it may also have been to avoid aggravating the elbow injury that’s been plaguing him since last season. WOMEN’S ROUND ONE The conditions were prime as the women’s heats began with 20-25 knot winds and growing flat sections in between waves on the falling tide. First up, a real upset as Bruna Kajiya was dispatched by Swedish rider Natalie Lambrecht in a super tight heat with only 0.4 points between the riders’ final scores. Three-time World Champ Bruna’s got formidable freestyle ability, but she only landed two well scored tricks while Natalie landed more, including a stretched out s-bend to blind. It goes to show, you can never take your foot off the gas in this game! 5). Natalie Lambrecht in women's round one In the next heat, Hannah Whitely beat Dutch ripper Pippa van Iersel with a textbook back to wrapped off a wave and then Therese Taabbel won the last heat of the round with some higher scoring moves including a super smooth s-bend to blind. 6). Therese in women's round one MEN’S ROUND TWO By this point the wind was pushing past 25 knots at points and the riders were competing in four man heats with the top two progressing to round three. Juan Rodriguez (another hard charging young Colombian rider) rode a near faultless heat with no crashes and two tricks scoring over seven points. 7). Luis on the loose Luis Alberto Cruz clawed his way back into the fight, going from fourth place at halfway through the heat to first and then Paul Serin took a clean victory in the last heat of the round with no crashes and some high scoring tricks including a back mobe 5. 8). Paul Serin left nothing to chance in round two MEN'S ROUND THREE The action intensified as the semi-finals began to beckon and the opening heat of the round was an absolute freestyle masterclass. Valentin Rodriguez won it by 0.89 points with the highest combined score of the event so far - 33 - and the biggest single trick score of the day as well - 9.43 for a KGB7! In the same heat, Gianmaria Coccoluto took the second highest combined score of the day and the second highest scoring trick - a KGB5 for 8.4 points. Nuts. 9). Valentin Rodriguez tearing up Vargas The last heat of the day would be the second heat of men's round three in which Maxime Chabloz combined four big scoring tricks, including a BS 317 and a 319, to accumulate yet another 30+ point overall score! No more holding back, this was Maxime going for broke and coming up golden. 10). Maxime makes his move The riders would no doubt have been happy to continue with the semi-finals so close, but fading light meant today's action was drawn to a close at the end of men's heat 14. The day finished with men's round one and two (and most of round three) and women's round one now complete. Check the heat ladders below to see what's coming up first tomorrow (Friday 14th) when the men hit the water once again for heat 15 and the women pitch into round two. GKA Gran Canaria Freestyle World Cup - Day One Highlights www.gkakiteworldtour.com
  13. 34 riders primed for action at Playa de Vargas Wednesday 12th June 2019 Words: Matt Pearce / Photos: Svetlana Romantsova 1). 2019 GKA Freestyle World Cup, Gran Canaria 34 riders, 25 men and nine women, arrived at Playa de Vargas today to register for the GKA Freestyle World Cup Gran Canaria and to get a feel for the spot in pumping 25 knot + winds. 2). 2019 GKA Freestyle World Cup, Gran Canaria Although Gran Canaria has already rightfully earned its place in windsurfing lore over the years due to the many events that have been held at the legendary Pozo, which is just a couple of kilometres from here, there's never been a World Tour kiteboarding event on the island before now. That’s all about to change this week though, with a dependable looking forecast and the overall tour leads up for grabs at what's still an early stage in the competitive calendar. 3). Juan Rodriguez winds one up in the warm up The main event will run across the next four days from Thursday until Sunday and the judging criteria will be split between wakestyle / freestyle and big air depending on the conditions. This 'open format' gives the riders the chance to ride to the day's conditions, and so it looks like tomorrow's opening heats will be freestyle-focused with 20 knot winds on the forecast. If the famous Canarian 'Alisios' trades fire in full force though, we could well be looking at a big air blow out later in the week! 4). Tour leader Carlos Mario getting dialled in at Playa de Vargas Carlos Mario currently leads the men’s division, but Maxime Chabloz will be hot on his heels after narrowly losing out to the Brazilian in the finals at the first event of the year in Leucate back in April. Liam Whaley is also here, fresh off the back of a storming performance and a fourth place finish at the Red Bull Megaloop last weekend in the Netherlands. He was already looking very tuned into the conditions and was firing on all cylinders during today’s warm-up session. 5). Liam Whaley - on form and on fire In the women’s division, the top spot is wide open at this event due to current tour leader Francesca Bagnoli’s absence and Mika Sol, Bruna Kajiya and Hannah Whitely are just some of the riders who’ll be vying for their chance to climb higher up the overall rankings here in Gran Canaria. With the opening ceremony complete and the event now officially underway, the action will begin tomorrow morning with a first possible start at 10:00. 6). Left to right: Pippa van Iersel (NL), Hannah Whitely (UK), Mikaili Sol (BRA), Nathalie Lambrecht (SE) It’s a big week coming up! Be sure to stay locked into GKA channels on social media and look out for daily video updates once the heats start rolling. www.gkakiteworldtour.com
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