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Martin Lark

Cabrinha 2019 Collection

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The all new Cabrinha 2019 Collection is now live at cabrinhakites.com. Head over for a look at our most proud collection to date. From the brand new MOTO kite, to our Hi:Rise foil eco system, to new surfboard shapes and our eagerly anticipated new H20 footstraps, there is plenty to get you excited and invigorate your kitesurfing experience this year.




The all-new MOTO kite is simply one of our highest performing kites to date with a massive range of use. With cutting edge skills in Freeride, Freesurf, and Foiling, the Moto could simply be the only kite you’ll ever need.




The HI:RISE line of foils form the basis of our all new expanded hydrofoil eco-system. This season we start by offering two new wing sets to cover a large range of riding styles and uses, the HI:RISE SPEED and HI:RISE LIFT.




The new H20 premium adjustment binding has been designed for outstanding fit and comfort.




The 2019 Cabrinha surf collection is a complete range of surfboards with two new models to advance some of the emerging styles of freesurfing. These new models join the core line of power surfboards that Cabrinha is known for.






2019 Hi:Rise Collection


2019 XO Kite


2019 Contra Kite


2019 Drifter Kite


2019 FX Kite


2019 H20 Footstrap binding


2019 Moto Kite


2019 Surf Collection


2019 Twintip Kiteboards


2019 Switchblade Kite


2019 Control System Overview



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      Duotone Hybrid 2019
      A crossover surf and foil board, perfect for traveling. The Duotone Hybrid is a crossover surf and foil board built in the high performance and light Pro Construction. Its shape is inspired by the Pro Whip and works in small to medium size waves. The fully integrated 4-point mast connection has minimum influence on the weight and flex of the board to keep its surf characteristic while giving you a solid connection to the foil. Especially for traveling, this versatile combination is perfect to travel with only one board. If you want to ride waves and enjoy light days on the foil, the hybrid is the perfect board of choice.
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      Cabrinha Family & Friends,
      The evolution in surfing keeps providing us with new ways to ride waves. Therefore, Cabrinha is constantly expanding the selection of boards and foils.
      We're excited to release the new Autopilot foil board and three new foils in our foil range that will take your surfing above sea level: the Hi:Rise Carve and Hi:Rise Varial in size Medium and Large, gearing you up for an entirely new experience of foil surfing and kite-foiling.

      The all-new Varial wings are the most progressive wing sets Cabrinha have ever made. These lean foils are universally adaptable to surfing, wake surfing & kitesurfing . The possibilities are infinite, the performance is ultimate.

      The Carve wing is a modern high lifting wing set that is highly maneuverable, bringing you an entirely new level of performance and fun.
      Hi:Rise Foil Collection

      The all new Autopilot foil board literally flies Cabrinha into the next generation of surfing. This remastered design brings forward years of Cabrinha’s pioneering experience in the foilboarding realm.


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      STAY CONNECTED #livefreeridefree