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Martin Lark

Duotone Kiteboarding Newsletter - Vegas 2019

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The VEGAS is the most desired C shaped performance kite on the market, the choice of wakestylers, freestylers, big air junkies and champions! Featuring a very stiff frame and stable canopy the kite is capable of delivering massive amounts of lift and pop. The ace up the kite’s sleeve is its ability to deliver incredible slack during unhooked riding. With precise and dynamic handling it caters to a wide variety of riding styles. Three setups and numerous trim options allow you to tune your VEGAS to the way you ride and the conditions of the day. Don’t gamble with your success, ride the VEGAS for the win!



Continuing to be undisputed king of the C-kites, the VEGAS is a benchmark model for its class with big performance characteristics that put it in a league of its own.

  • Perfect balance between the canopy tension and structural stiffness compliments the stable canopy for mega lift and punchy pop. 
  • Bringing responsive power release delay and slack to the table, handle passes and new school moves have never been so easy. 
  • Lots of depower and multiple set ups, including numerous trimming options.






There was no need to make any drastic changes to the 2019 VEGAS. Its rock solid foundations have allowed us to develop it over the past 11 years into a pure wakestyle / competition orientated kite with extreme boosting and mega loop potential. For 2019, this offered a unique opportunity look at each component of the kite individually and see how it could be fine tuned to contribute towards perfect balance overall. Read how Ralf Grösel did it…








Hadlow’s track record has consistently proven that he’s not only the world’s best at hardcore freestyle and wakestyle, but also a king of the air! We don’t take second best when it comes to developing and testing our products, and Aaron pushes our designers and innovations to the limits in order to achieve the best possible outcome. Read his thoughts on the new 2019 VEGAS…








Those wanting a pure Wakestyle/Freestyle machine with outstanding mega loop performance should hook right in. The VEGAS is the most sold C shaped performance kite on the market ever, the choice of 5x World Champion and 2x King of the Air, Aaron Hadlow. By tweaking existing design components and smaller details, we’ve managed to fine tune and balance every aspect of this radical performer.

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    • By Martin Lark

      Watch the 2020 VEGAS in action whilst we talk you through every update, performance feature and overall design that creates the ultimate C-Kite.

      “It´s the kite I´ve been riding since 2013 and I can´t think of any better kite for me to go big and stick clean, smooth landings.”
      Gianmaria Coccoluto
      Designed for purpose, driven by performance, the 2020 VEGAS has been sharpened up through almost invisible tweaks. That in combination with the use of new materials, a huge innovation by Duotone Kiteboarding in partnership with Teijin, the VEGAS looks as always, but its crisp feel is inspiring and exciting. Those who know or want what the VEGAS delivers can truly trust the precision and vision of designer Ralf Grösel. Keeping our women freestyle team covering all spots of the podium and industry legend, Aaron Hadlow, on the water and motivated every day is a true testament to the VEGAS. Time to unleash the beast.
      What´s new
      New, lighter Trailing Edge wave patch for reduced flutter and TE flutter marks Harmony between canopy tension and structural stiffness compliments the stable canopy for punchy pop and great slack Responsive power release delay  
      Behind The Design with Ralf grösel

      When developing such a highly tuned performance kite, changing anything affects the others and therefore its nature and in-flight characteristics. The new Trailing Edge wave patterns and 75 gram RipStop materials would have a really positive impact on the VEGAS, but we had to tweak and test the other design features to rebalance and achieve optimum equilibrium.
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      As the most specific competition kite the freestyle/wakestyle riders, Aaron Hadlow himself handles the performance testing of the VEGAS. The original C-Kite and King of the Air again sets the tone for the future.
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      This king of the C-Kites is in a league of its own. Riders wanting a pure Wakestyle/Freestyle machine with outstanding mega loop performance, look no further; the VEGAS has it all.