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Martin Lark

RRD Newsletter, Obsession MK11

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Week 40 Year 2018 / Y24




Much has changed compared to the bold impact made by the Obsession MK10. We have continued forward and for our 11th version of this iconic kite, every part of the kite has been improved, even down to the smallest details such as the bridles, shape, leading edge, and trailing edge.


The bar pressure for the MK11 is more direct, the kite turns faster and provides more power throughout the turn. Because of this, it’s also the ideal kite for kite loops. In addition to the increased speed and constant power, we have also increased the wind range on the Obsession MK11. And although the kite has such a closed shape, it does relaunch extremely well.


The Obsession MK11, thanks to a right combination of C shape and bridle system, has achieved perfect performance for freestyle while also eliminating the need for a fifth line.



+ Pure c-kite performances

+ 4 lines set-up

+ Five struts structure

+ Easy relaunch

+ Explosive unhooked pop

+ Powerfull loop 



Voice to the experts




Kite designer Werther Castelletti about the Obsession MK11;


"To create a 4 lines kite that would provide the same performances of a pure 5 lines c-kite, was a real challenge. But all the changes we have done on the shape of the kite, allowed us to create a performance freestyle kite superior to any 5 line C-kite on the market, with the simplicity of only 4 lines. We think this is a great result and it was achieved by our new revolutionary bridle and shape that allow this four line kite feel like a pure freestyle 5th line kite."




Adeuri Corniel, currently ranked second among the WKC riders, about the new Obsession MK11;


"I love the new Obsession MK11, the kite provides an amazing ammount of pop. Passing the bar is easy, the kite sustains you through the whole trick while giving the "slack" needed exactly when I want it. Finally I can ride a 4 lines kite that re-launches from the water really easily, with a pure C-kite performance, but without the disadvantage of a 5th line."




The Black Panther: After the second place conquered in Turkey, Adeuri Corniel is back at his homespot, pushing his limits with the Obsession MK11


Adeuri Corniel pushing his limits for the upcoming events. Here the footage from one of his first sessions at home, riding the Obsession MK11 and Juice V5.





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