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Martin Lark

RRD Newsletter, Directional Surfboards Summer Release

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Week 6 Year 2019 / Y24






• B L A C K – R I B B O N •


L I G H T W E I G H T   T A K E N   T O   T H E   N E X T   L E V E L




Taking lightweight kitesurfboards towards a ridiculously light & strong level! The Black Ribbon technology is the first line of kitesurfboards in the world made with Aerospace technology! The internal EPS core, with only 15 kg density, is extra compact by the use of a special mold. This unique mold creates a perfectly sealed surface where the epoxy resin penetrates the layup at just the right amount, creating the perfect bond between each layer, but not too excessively. The entire structure is then fully covered with a complete layer of 160 grams Biaxial fibers combining a 45° mix between Carbon and Innegra fibers. The new Black Ribbon construction provides a lightweight and strong kiteboard while maintaining a significant amount of flex compared to a full carbon laye.



L • T • E


B U I L T   T O U G H   L A S T S   L O N G




The new LTE technology comes straight from the ultimate molded surfboards technology which consists of a high definition EPS core, made with a high definition “Super EPS“ mold, which is then injected with 36 Kgs/m3 density bits. This phenomenal core is so strong that you could ride it on the water without any lamination on it!! The core has heel recesses incorporated into the deck of the boards, thus creating the perfect placement for EVA heel shock absorbers to prevent heel dents. The Full Glass layup makes the board super flexible to ride and really strong to impact resistance, creating unmatched durability.





VARIAL V1 Black Ribbon





Our dedicated, pure freestyle strapless kitesurf shape. The brand new RRD Varial was born out of a necessity for a board that is suited for those dedicated to the strapless freestyle discipline. The channels running down the deck allow for that hands on approach to adding stylish grabs. Turn it over to realize that the bottom shape of this board is in a league of its own. The steep, deep, bottom channels running from tip to tail increase air and water flow underneath the Varial which not only improves the tracking capacity for an impressive amount of speed and control, but also increases it’s upwind ability, which is crucial during competitions! The Varials’ construction provides an essential balance of strength and weight, because this board is for the dedicated strapless rider, we dedicated it as a strapless board. No inserts will be found on the deck of the Varial.



ACE V1 Black Ribbon + LTE





"Never worry about getting dealt a bad hand by mother nature when you are holding an Ace! The RRD Ace 5’2” is a freeride, flatwater board, that is fast and planes early, designed to make the most out of the least favorable conditions.

The wide outline and moderate volume allow this board to float you through the lulls or pump through a section to squeeze out an extra turn on that knee high monster. 

If the waves are small, the wind is light, or an easy to use, all-around ripper is needed in the quiver, then this is your ace in the hole!".




C • O • T • A • N / V3 LTE





The C.O.T.A.N. is a high performance board that carries less length and momentum in comparison with a traditional board shape. This shape allows you to feel exceptionally free and fast in everything you do. The reason this shape is magic is simple, it rips! 

The V3 has a newly redesigned tail shape with wingers and rounded fishtail ends, allowing improved turning at high speeds, when riding waves, or when pushing to get the maximum pop out of your freestyle strapless sessions.

The new Cotan is also slightly thinner, only in the tail area, to really boost the pop effect when jumping on flat water.








Designed, tested, and developed by Ralf Bachschuster, The Barracuda V3 was created to be used for strapped-in riding. The third version of this power house has an entirely redesigned outline. Our goal was to take this radical shape and make it more well rounded for all to enjoy it’s high-end performance. 

The new Barracuda V3 is easier to ride and more comfortable both in light winds and strong winds and now fits within a true “one board that does it all” program.

In addition, the new pintail winger tail was introduced with the idea to slightly increase tail width for better upwind performance when the back foot is moved forward, in front of the strap, and then drastically reducing the tail width right after the winger for an incredibly quick response and insane turns!








K4 Fins specialise in innovative & revolutionary performance windsurf and kitesurf fins. K4's super stiff technology combined with a precision CNC'd foil and hours of testing has resulted in a top performing kitesurf board fin. K4 fins X RRD are made exclusively in the UK.

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    • By Martin Lark

      Week 7 Year 2019 / Y24

      Although on it’s sixth edition, the all new Addiction MK6 is THE kite for extreme big air, all-round freestyle, and high performance freeriding!
      This particulary wide open C shape with oversized tips, was created with one goal, to send you soaring with confidence, without loosing the capability of throwing seriously radical megaloops! The new Addiction is fast, smooth, and predictable through the wind window. Prepare to get hooked to the Addictions consistent power, upwind ability, and go rocketing towards the clouds due to it's position far on the edge of the window.
      The size 12, 13,5 and 15 are caracterized by a very flat profile, and an even more "open arch shape" which together with it’s three strut design, gives the Addiction Light wind a huge wind range, allowing the kite to be ridden underpowered for those marginal days and providing ridiculous hangtime when lit, for those who can’t get enough flight hours.

      Kite designer Werther Castelletti about the ADDICTION MK6
      On the three sizes of the LIGHT WIND version, we decided to focus more on hangtime and less on kitelooping capabilty, while maintaining the same breathtaking lift of the smaller sizes. We have optimised the angle of attack resulting in a cleaner profile and canopy. The slightely swept back tips and the increased open LE arch shape will result in a more flowty feel when in the air till the very end of the jump, making landings on chop not a problem anymore!

      At RRD, we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality product without cutting corners.
      The graphics on this kite are individually cut pieces of Technoforce D2 fabric sewn together to provide unmatched ripstop resistance while providing rigidity and longevity even in the most extreme, big air, conditions.

      Internal and external extra reinforcements on every leading edge panel Exclusive D2 Techno Force™ Double Ripstop reinforcement  panels sewn at 45° on stressed areas Kevlar struts tail Reinforced bridle attachments with external PU disks and and internal double adhesive Dacron patch EVA Scuff Protectors   


      Rider: Julien Leleu / Photo: Svetlana Romantsova
    • By Martin Lark

      -Led by passion and driven by fun-
      I think kitesurfing is an amazing aspect of our already amazing sport.  Being able to use the power of the wind to propel you into a wave really opens the doors to so many different possibilities compared to traditional surfing.  Blown out beach breaks start to look a little more appealing.  Onshore winds, means fun sessions, not sloppy surf. Paddling, you can forget that. Having the option to use your kites, really just allows you to have more quality time on the water.  And at the end of the day, that's what it's all about.  Contrary to what you may believe about our passions, our dedication to kitesurfing runs deep at LFK.  Kitesurfing fuels the fire of our brand manager, Gary Siskar, as well as our head designer, Julien Fillion.  We also have several key team riders that play a big role in the development of our specialized kitesurfing products.  This year we're really excited to bring you are fully overhauled flagship wave kite, the Wow. It's in its fourth iteration, and this one is better than ever.  I know it's in the companies best interest to always say, "it's better than ever", however I can attest to the amount of work and scrutiny this kite went through to get to market.  Additionally, I'm happy to report we are releasing our new kitesurf board, The Messenger.  This board was designed to cover a wide variety of conditions, and built to take a beating.  I personally, was involved in all of the durability testing, and I can confidently say these boards can take whatever you can throw at it.   I'm really excited for you guys to get your hands on these products!  We sure did put a lot of work into them, and we hope you enjoy them.
      - Brandon Scheid 
      Want to learn more about the amazing LFK line? Take a look around our website.
      Take a quick minute to watch LFK team rider Luke McGillewie put the new Wow V4 through its paces.

      Making a good kitesurfing kite is no easy task.  You need something, fast, positionable, light, and reliable.  Additionally, you want plenty of raw power in the kite, as well as lots of de-power. Finally, you want a smooth range through the power band (sheeting).   With a lot of work, by both the designer and the testing team, the Wow V4 delivers a ton of performance in all those categories.  We increased the raw power by making the center of the arc flatter.  Increased the range and feel of the power band by widening the wingtips.  And created lightning fast turning and response with wingtip profile updates.  Really, every part of this kite has been touched and refined to improve performance and increase usability.

      Our wonderful sport of kitesurfing offers a wide variety of wind and water conditions.  That's why when we started designing the new Messenger, versatility was a big factor in our process.  We wanted a board that could work well in everyday small surf found at most kite beaches, as well as pumping conditions found on world-wide travels.  Construction is also a big factor when it comes to a quality kitesurf board.  During the prototyping phase we went through numerous layups and cores to arrive at the current magic setup.  We feel it offers the best balance between, strength, flex, and weight.  We also wanted a board that could handle steeper beachies, as well as fast ropey point breaks.  By having the 3+2 fin boxes, you can adapt your fin setup to your current conditions.   When all this comes together, you get an amazingly versatile, strong, and rippable kitesurf board.
      Learn the ins and outs of the fully redesigned Wow V4 from the LFK product team.
      Learn more about our amazing new Messenger kitesurf board from the LFK Product Team.



      Water safety is something often overlooked by the everyday kitesurfer.  Whether you have a gear malfunction, conditions crap out, or something just plain goes wrong.  That's why at LFK, we worked in conjunction with Onyx lifejackets to develop a compact and reliable U.S Coast Guard approved life vest for kiteboarding.

      The On-Demand 24 Inflatable Life Jacket, offers the highest level of floatation and safety while still remaining small and out of the way.  In an emergency a simple downward pull of the tab, initiates a CO2 cartridge inflation of the vest.  Once safely on land, the vest can be repacked and re loaded with a new cartridge for another use.

      The On-Demand 16 Inflatable Belt, offers water safety in a smaller, more compact, and less intrusive package.  Like the 24 Vest, the 16 Belt inflates quickly with a downward pull of the ignition tab.  This belt is ideal for someone who values water safety, but wants something a little more out of the way.  The 16 Belt is still U.S Coast Guard approved, however it does offer less floatation than the 24 Vest.