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Martin Lark

New Mystic Spring/Summer '19 Collection Out Now!

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We are the embodiment of action water sports. Breaking boundaries along our way, backing our elite athletes that set off a storm, day to day we push ourselves to find technical perfection in all that is Mystic. Every year is a new start and a new approach to how we can better develop our products, and help our athletes push their personal limits. We are on a never-ending search for perfection and on our route we have caught excellence, but that’s only the beginning…


Welcome to the Spring/Summer 2019 collection!





A season filled with new products and innovations. Let us take you through some highlights.


LEN10 collection
The best of the best, the new LEN10 collection is made for those who want nothing but the best.
Designed and tested together with big air legend Ruben Lenten, slick design meets superior quality. The LEN10 collection begins with a brand new LEN10 zip free wetsuit. The outer lining uses Knitflex, our brand new high-end stretch outer lining which is more durable, fast-drying and looks and feels amazing. Introduced in the LEN10 collection, our design team created Flaremesh, a revolutionary new inner lining with extraordinary stretch, warmth, and comfort. for increased warmth, flaremesh lining has a heat reflective carbon backing and a high pile for extra insulation and a soft, quick dry feel.


Ruben Lenten: "The new Mystic LEN10 Majestic X harness is the most comfortable and perfect harness I have ever seen and felt. I couldn’t believe how snug and nice this harness feels, even without a wetsuit. The harness provides unmatched support and it doesn’t move."


It’s no surprise that the Majestic X LEN10 is Mystic’s top harness. You won’t find a more comfortable harness, the Flaremesh on the inside gives extra insulation and a soft touch for riding without a wetsuit. The stiff Bionic Core Frame is extremely stiff while maintaining its diagonal flex, featuring an unequalled carbon construction. To top it off, we’ve added a LEN10 impact vest, impact boxer, LEN10 HP leash, Ocean Jacket and balaclava. Check them all out on our website.




Majestic Zipfree
Our new high performance zipfree wetsuit sets a new standard for comfort. It’s 100% M-Flex 2.0, has waterproof stretch taping on the inside, polar lining on the chest and back (fullsuit only) and it’s super easy to get in and out of it. Due to the zip free construction it’s a super flexible suit. Nothing holds you back from doing the sickest tricks! The Majestic zipfree is available in a 4/3 fullsuit and 3/2 longarm shorty.


Gem Bruna and Gem Jalou pro harness
Developed together with Triple Freestyle World Champion Bruna Kajiya and Triple Kitesurf World Champion Jalou Langeree, the Gem Bruna and Gem Jalou return with awesome new graphics, and improved fit and performance. The hardshell harnesses are designed with a specific bodymapping to create a stiff horizontal support and the orientation of the roving glass fibers allows the wings to flex diagonally. The Gem gives you optimal support and is still able to twist and follow your body. 
Jalou’s harness is a colorful joy, match it up with a wetsuit out of the Diva Summer Series. The Gem Bruna also has a great new colorway that matches THE styles within the Diva Summer Series collection, and of course Bruna’s signature bikini.


Diva Summer Series
It’s almost time to put away the full suits and get ready for summer. The Diva summer series allows the ladies to shine like a diamond and will be all they need during their summer travels. The line consists of a longarm shorty, longarm super shorty, neoprene pant, neoprene jacket, crop top, short John and long John. From colorful patterns to stylish black, we’ve got you covered!




Loaded with styles to wear before or after your sessions, or for those down days on the beach or during a hike, our new apparel collection is next level! From jackets, sweats and tees to boardshorts and bikinis, we’ve got you covered. Easy to mix with each other and also with your waterwear products, Mystic will make sure you look as good on the water as on the land! be sure to check out the new boardshort range, they have all been updated with the M-Fly, a unique shaped closure that keeps the waistband flat and secure. combined with the motion 3d waistband its guaranteed to stay comfortably in place. the legend boardshort is the leader of the boardshort pack, with 4-way stretch, sealed zip pocket, welded seams, and is our most high performance board short. Check out our full collection on mysticboarding.com


Stay Tuned
Stay tuned for more exiting news during the season. We will launch our revolutionary new spreader bar end of April!


Download our new collection content here.


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      Olympic Ambitions Unlock Resource Bonanza for KiteFoil Racing
      Italy, Lake Garda - 03 May 2019

      1). 2019 Pascucci Formula Kite World Championships - Day 1
      Dreams of capturing coveted Olympic medals when kitefoil racing makes its debut at the 2024 Games in Paris has prompted nations to invest heavily in kiteboarding programmes to unearth and hone top athletes.
      The dynamic of kiteboard racing on display at the 2019 Pascucci KiteFoil World Championships being fought out on northern Italy’s Lago di Garda has altered dramatically since the sailing discipline won Olympics inclusion last year.
      Now a number of countries with strong sailing backgrounds and big Olympic ambitions have fielded large national squads, often made up of extremely young athletes who will reach their peak by the time the mixed team kitefoil relay graces Marseilles venue.
      But on day three of the world championships off Campione del Garda—supported by Regione Lombardia—rain and thunder showers stopped the reliable Ora thermal winds from building and prevented any racing.

      2). 2019 Pascucci Formula Kite World Championships - Day 1
      The results of the four races from the opening day’s qualifying series will seed the the 87 men into “gold”, “silver” and “bronze” flights for the final two days of competition to decide the 2019 world champion, while the 30 women will continue their own separate series.
      With the French holding three of the top five spots—including reigning and former world champions Nico Parlier and Maxime Nocher—they are well placed to come out on top.
      While the world championships are for individual athletes, the French sailing federation (FFV) is looking to the future and has pumped resources into the team, funding two coaches, Ariane Imbert and Antoine Weiss.
      Veteran kite racer Imbert’s conditioning and training programme includes a series of four-day training camps in Montpelier for the nation’s top four men and one woman. Weiss’s responsibility is for eight younger athletes, three girls and five boys.

      3). 2019 Pascucci Formula Kite World Championships - Day 1
      “The change is a lot since kiteboarding became an Olympic discipline,” said Weiss. “The money available has multiplied three or four-fold since that decision. Since this year, with the Games inclusion, the federation put us in the Olympic programme.”
      Those kind of resources also afford the French team the luxury of having two coach boats on the water at the world championships, allowing Weiss and Imbert to focus more closely on their charges.
      The large number of national coach boats on the water off Campione Univela, especially evident as the International Kiteboarding Association (IKA) trialled the mixed team relay kitefoil race format for the first time, is a dramatic illustration of the step-change.
      If anything the British team, backed by the British Kitesports’ Association (BKSA) through the governing Royal Yachting Association (RYA), is even better resourced. It boasts two coaches and a physiotherapist at the world championships.

      4). 2019 Pascucci Formula Kite World Championships - Day 1
      The British have a strong roster of men in Olly and Guy Bridge, and Connor Bainbridge, who are being guided by professional sailor Stevie Morrison. But beyond multiple former world champion Steph Bridge, the ranks of kiteboarding women were thin.
      An appeal for women to join the Olympic kitefoil programme drew 130 applicants from diverse sports and disciplines. But coached by Jonnie Hutchcroft, that was whittled down to six, most of them already top-level dinghy sailors.
      “The object is to bring the girls up to speed by the end of the year,” said Hutchcroft. “But we want them competitive by September. Basically we feel we will need three teams competing at any point to be successful in the end."
      Britain’s Olympic sailing success pushed the RYA to back kiteboarding in the belief it could replicate the record in kiteboarding.
      “Olympic medals are what it’s all about,” said Mark Nicholls, RYA senior manager. “But our goal is also to have the maximum number of people on the water having a good time. There’s no better way to inspire them than by winning Olympic medals.”

      2019 Formula Kite Worlds top five men after four races (one discard)
      1 Nico Parlier (FRA)                   3.0pts 2 Olly Bridge (GBR)                  4.0pts 3 Connor Bainbridge (GBR)   4.0pts 4 Théo de Ramecourt (FRA)  5.0pts 5 Maxime Nocher (FRA)          5.0pts  
      2019 Formula Kite Worlds top five women after three races
      1 Daniela Moroz (USA)             3.0pts 2 Elena Kalinina (RUS)             6.0pts 3 Breiana Whitehead (AUS)   14.0pts 4 Kirstyn O’Brien (USA)           15.0pts 5 Alexia Fancelli (FRA)             15.0pts  
      2019 Pascucci Formula Kite World Championship - Day 3
      Full Results
    • By Martin Lark
      2019 Pascucci Formula Kite World Championships Defending Champions
      Open Accounts with Flawless Runs at Formula Kite Worlds
      Italy, Lake Garda - 01 May 2019

      1). 2019 Pascucci Formula Kite World Championships
      Reigning kitefoil title holders France’s Nico Parlier and the US’s Daniela Moroz got the defence of their crowns off to a perfect start in stellar conditions at the Pascucci Formula Kite World Championships played out on the splendour of northern Italy’s Lake Garda.
      Both dominated their respective fleets, with a delighted Parlier taking all four of his races, while Moroz left the other women in the fleet of 30 trailing far in her wake on the trapezoid course in 10kts to 12kts of breeze.
      The opening exchanges of the 2019 edition of the International Kiteboarding Association (IKA) Formula Kite Worlds were fought out by the athletes in the largest and fastest foiling fleet ever assembled.

      2). 2019 Pascucci Formula Kite World Championships
      The championship battles to be disputed over four days of high-octane action off Campione del Garda have drawn 87 men and 30 women from 29 nations, many spurred by the prospect of kitefoil racing making its debut at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.
      With such a large men’s fleet, it was divided into three seeded flights for the first of the two-day qualification series. The top of the order will ultimately fight for the crown in the closing finals’ series, while the women race in their own separate series.
      Britons Olly Bridge and Connor Bainbridge, racing in the same “red” flight, had a good day on the water with each taking two bullets and two seconds to leave them second and third respectively in the overall rankings.

      3). 2019 Pascucci Formula Kite World Championships
      Equally, France’s Théo de Ramecourt opened his account racing in the “blue” flight with a pair of bullets that helped propel him to fourth spot overall. He had found himself up against former world champion Maxime Nocher (MON) and the pacy Denis Taradin (RUS).
      Nocher, racing in the thermal mountain breeze that kicked-in like clockwork in early afternoon, picked up a bullet himself and sits in a comfortable fifth place overall after the total of 15 races run back-to-back at a dizzying pace.
      Most of the racers quickly figured that the right of the track on the first upwind leg under the spectacular cliffs afforded a “lift” and better pressure in the slightly shifty conditions that provided scintillating foiling conditions for the athletes’ 18m and 21m kites.

      4). 2019 Pascucci Formula Kite World Championships
      Perhaps one of the day’s biggest surprises was French novice Benoit Gomez capturing the sixth spot overall, competing in the same “blue” flight as Parlier. Gomez, who cut his competition teeth in the Twin-Tip: Racing discipline, racked up two seconds and two fourths.
      But it was two-time defending world champion Parlier who put down a marker showing he will be the one asking all the questions of the young pretenders to his crown, with his superior pace and tactical nous very much on display.
      “The wind was pretty light-a nice thermal breeze,” said Parlier. “But it’s a super-interesting wind. It spreads the course very wide. You just had to go to the cliff-very interesting. I won the four races in my fleet, so it couldn’t be better. I’m very happy.”

      5). 2019 Pascucci Formula Kite World Championships
      Moroz was similarly pleased with her outing in the women’s three races, adopting the same strategy as Parlier in seeking the better pressure under the cliff, while gybing early to go inside on the downwind legs, on the track’s left.
      “It was super nice out there,” said Moroz. “I was on my 18m kite feeling well powered, but downwind was really nice. So it’s a good start for me and I’m feeling pretty happy.”
      2019 Formula Kite Worlds top five men after four races (one discard)
      1 Nico Parlier (FRA)               3.0pts 2 Olly Bridge (GBR)               4.0pts 3 Connor Bainbridge (GBR)   4.0pts 4 Théo de Ramecourt (FRA)  5.0pts 5 Maxime Nocher (FRA)         5.0pts  
      2019 Formula Kite Worlds top five women after three races
      1 Daniela Moroz (USA)           3.0pts 2 Elena Kalinina (RUS)           6.0pts 3 Breiana Whitehead (AUS)   14.0pts 4 Kirstyn O’Brien (USA)          15.0pts 5 Alexia Fancelli (FRA)           15.0pts  
      2019 Pascucci Formula Kite World Championship - Day 1
      Full Results