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Martin Lark

Duotone Kiteboarding Newsletter - MONO 2019

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Introducing the 2019 Duotone MONO; light, simple and devastatingly good. Reinvented from scratch by kite designer Ken Winner, it's a fantastic one-strut all-rounder with incredible handling for entry level, foiling and twintip riding.


The increasing popularity of foiling caused us to fundamentally reevaluate the MONO for 2019, with all sizes undergoing a redesign and the outcome is genius. Now the benchmark in one-strut design, the MONO’s dynamic handling is sure to excite. In light winds the performance is incredible and it comes with auto relaunch.  If you want a pure, lightweight do-it-all kite, the MONO is it.




For 2019,  the MONO has a radically lower aspect ratio and wider tips than in the past. Therefore the arc of the Leading Edge is flatter giving a higher projected area for every size. The expected benefits are super easy water relaunch, quick, easy turning and great ability to drift and hang in the air.  In addition, the MONO;


  • Sits far back in the wind window
  • Backstall is nearly impossible
  • Super easy, fast auto relaunch
  • Light bar pressure and progressive power development
  • Light and robust one-strut design
  • Slip profile with low aspect ratio and less flutter
  • 4 and 5-Line setup





Ken Winner took the MONO back to the drawing board and his 2019 design is a benchmark model. “The biggest challenge these days lies in making a kite both durable and light. Low weight, easy turn initiation, easy turn completion, easy relaunch in light wind, the ability to hang underpowered in the air and a forgiving bar feel are the qualities that we find most important for foilers. Most of those qualities are also important for surf riders and entry level riders, so the MONO still works for them.”


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As one of Duotone's most well-rounded riders, Jeremie Tronet takes the 2019 MONO for a whirl in his tropical home spot and shares his, short but sweet, thoughts. "I have primarily used the MONO for my foiling sessions. The recent improvements on the kite are making the MONO the perfect light wind kite for foiling with good hangtime and lift in the jumps, also performing nicely in the waves."


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The MONO suits foilers perfectly. It’s also a good entry level kite as well as a fun and responsive surf kite, particularly for lighter weight riders. The lower aspect ratio, quicker relaunch, lower weight, quicker turning, less flutter, softer and more forgiving bar feel make it  perfect travel mate and champion companion for those doing it all.










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