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Martin Lark

CORE - Bernie Hiss: 18 Years Powering Core and Carved Customs With a Never-ending Passion for Wind and Waves.

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Dear CORE-Fans,


The last 18 years building CORE and Carved Customs have been a dream. A dream powered by a passion for wind and waves that's left me grateful and fulfilled. Grateful to have met all the wonderful people and cultures who all live for the same idea: To enjoy the endless freedom on the water, no matter if it is big air jumps, ripping waves or just cruising down your favorite shoreline. You forget about life and live the moment.


Work is not becoming less when you lead a fast-growing enterprise. A start-up - at least that's how I considered it. Managing 27 staff, perfecting products, and marketing them successfully in 70 countries required a lot of energy from me as a quality-fanatic. At home, my four kids and wonderful wife wait for their father who would like to have a day with 48 hours. If I could divide myself into four I would be on the water the whole day, give my all at work, be a good father, and hang out with my buddies. Just complaining on a high level.


As a perfectionist, you can never really let go or compromise. Or you'll sell out your life's work. It's just the way it is. So, this sabbatical year I've been thinking about for years begins now.


My longtime managers Jochen Czwalina and Philip Schinnagel will lead CORE Kiteboarding going forward. They have been with us since the beginning and were instrumental in our sales growth. They head Operations including purchasing, logistics, customer service, sales, accounting, human resources, IT, marketing and production. The CORE team remains unchanged, and our development, marketing and sales staff stay in place. Of course, the long-term relationships we've built with our partners will continue.

I'd like to thank all the loyal CORE-Fans, dealers and importers in 70 countries for their never-ending support. I can't forget to thank my valued, caring employees, suppliers and service providers, the team riders and friends who have been with me all these years, my wife who endured so far and also the competitors for the always respectful and fair time with me.

Now, I finally have more time to do what I love: go kiting! And as a close consultant I continue to strengthen products and image of CORE on the market.

I can't wait to see you on the water!


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      1). Core Kites: GTS5, GTS5 LW
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      Freestyle Ninja. Megaloop Machine. And more.
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      Sensor Bar optimized.
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      4). Core Kites: GTS5 LW
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      Key feature snapshot:
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    • By Martin Lark
      CORE releases its third generation freestyle boards.
      Similar in form yet very different in function.

      1). Core, Choice 3

      2). Core, Bolt 3
      CORE Kiteboarding is pleased to announce the release of its third generation Choice and Bolt twintips after two years of intensive development. Although both new boards share engineering resources, they serve two markedly different markets. The adamantine Bolt 3 is a boot only, wakestyle board purposefully designed to withstand endless punishment from sliders, hard rails, and expert kiters. Whereas, the Choice is CORE’s highperformance freestyle allrounder that is fun to ride in straps or boots.
      It is challenging to build a legacy of board building excellence over time. And yet, for 35 years one company has managed to do just that. CORE and Carved Customs have consistently manufactured boards with innovative designs, proprietary materials, and the highest quality. After six generations of improvements, the iconic Carved Customs’ Imperator 6 is prized for its high performance and state-of-the-art technology. The know-how gained over six generations of board building benefits all CORE products. And today, this know-how is seen in the new Gen3 of the Choice and Bolt.
      3). Core, Choice 3

      4). Core, Choice 3
      Leveraging proven board construction.
      Both boards share CORE’s proven CNC milled Paulownia and Cartan carbon sandwich construction. Only now, the boards are even lighter without reducing carbon or wood content. CORE’s proprietary 30° biaxial carbon fiber weave optimizes board torsion and longitudinal flex in a way traditional 90° carbon fiber cannot. The 12,000 filament, low resin carbon fiber is responsible for much of CORE’s signature board feel. This build method encourages good flex when gybing, controlling chop; and reduces bad flex (aka negative rocker) when landing hard or freestyling.
      Choice 3: CORE’s freestyle machine for all.
      The Choice 3’s chameleon-like ability to adapt to its rider and water conditions places the Choice 3 in a category of its own. A category reserved for boards that perform equally well in straps or boots. One that provides a high level of freeriding potential without sacrificing freestyle requirements. A board that is equally comfortable in rough chop as it is in buttery smooth lagoons. And a board that is perhaps even more fun to ride without fins. “The new Choice 3 can do it all in comfort.” CORE board designer Daniel Borchert continues, “The Choice 3 is a smart decision if you ever picture yourself in boots or unhooking.”
      The new board features more channeling to improve traction and speed. The deeper channels further reduce the wetted surface area and therefore hydrodynamic drag. A new full length, double concave, deep vee hull cuts through chop and delivers an amazingly comfortable ride. And a glossy, UV blocking, topcoat finishes off the board. Although form always follows function at CORE, the new Choice 3 turns heads.

      5). Core, Bolt 3

      6). Core, Bolt 3
      Bolt 3: Slider and rail approved.
      The third generation Bolt is built for a long life of sliding and grinding. The top and bottom receive two extra sheets (laminations) of our exclusive high-performance Cartan carbon fiber. In total, four additional carbon laminations give this wakestyle monster the necessary rigidity and durability for long-term performance. The low friction, high modulus polyethylene base slides effortlessly over most surfaces. And is easily repairable with a PTEX candle.
      Like the Choice 3, more channels were added to improve traction and speed especially when riders go finless. The deep vee keel is missing between the boots to flatten the sliding area. All the channels are also beveled and countersunk to prevent them from catching an edge while grinding.

      7). Core Choice 3 and Bolt 3

      8). Core Choice 3 and Bolt 3
      Now in stores.
      The Choice 3 comes in 7 different sizes including half sizes to better tailor the board to the rider. Two optional pad and strap systems are designed for the board. The Union Comfort pad and straps are CORE’s single velcro design, and the Union Pro model is the fully customizable double velcro setup. Find the Choice 3 or Bolt 3 now at any authorized CORE retailer.
      Choice 3 - One Board. Maximum Freedom.
      Choice 3
      Price EUR 899,-
      Sizes 133 x 40 | 135 x 41 | 137 x 41.5 | 139 x 42 | 141 x 42.5 | 144 x 43.5 | 147 x 45
      CARTAN CARBON: Proprietary 30° biaxial carbon fiber that optimizes board torsion and dynamic longitudinal flex. 3D WOOD CORE: Powered by a superlight CNC milled Paulownia wood core. MULTI-CHANNELS: Superior grip and speed with deeper, full-length channels. V-SHAPED KEEL: Amazingly smooth ride even in nasty chop. PRO ROCKER: Custom board flex and curvature. BOOT TOUGH INSERTS: Heavily reinforced boot inserts. VARIO RAILS: Precise flex with progressive edge thicknesses. DIAMOND 3D-SHAPE: Balancing flex and rigidity. 42MM G10 PRO FINS: Optimized shape for the Choice 3.  
      Bolt 3 - Wakestyle Rockstar
      Bolt 3
      Sizes 136 x 42 | 139 x 42.5 | 142 x 42.75
      Price EUR 999,-
      TWO LAYER CARTAN CARBON: Proprietary 30° biaxial carbon fiber that optimizes board torsion and dynamic longitudinal flex. 3D WOOD CORE: Powered by a superlight CNC milled Paulownia wood core. MULTI-CHANNELS: Superior grip and speed with deeper, full-length channels. V-SHAPED KEEL: Amazingly smooth ride even in nasty chop. PRO ROCKER: Custom board flex and curvature. PRO FIX GRINDBASE: Easy fix, snowboard-like, high modulus polyethylene base. RAIL READY BASE: Countersunk channels create a smooth, flat, sliding surface. BOOT TOUGH INSERTS: Heavily reinforced boot inserts. VARIO RAILS: Precise flex with progressive edge thicknesses. DIAMOND 3D-SHAPE: Balancing flex and rigidity. 28 + 42MM G10 FINS: Optimized shapes for the Bolt 3.  

      9). Core Choice 3 and Bolt 3
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