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Martin Lark

Duotone Spirit Foil Range 2019

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Duotone Spirit Freeride 2019 Product Clip


Easy accessible allround foil and the ideal tool to quickly improve your hydro foiling skills.


The goal with the Spirit Freeride foil is to find the perfect allround, multi-purpose hydrofoil setup. It’s a single-stroke wing in the sense that you will normally be flying after just a single power stroke from your kite and already maintains flight at lower speed. The Spirit back wing is big enough to give good pitch control at low speeds, but not too big to hold you back at the top end. Winglets offer good tracking and directional control. There ́s no better choice to start your foil freeride career than using the spirit freeride set up at an unbeatable price point.


Spirit Freeride



Duotone Spirit Carve 2019 Product Clip


Smooth carving and easy manoeuvrability, that’s the Spirit Carve.

The new 950 Spirit Carve wing was developed for maximum manoeuvrability and glide to perform tacks, jibes and 360s. Essentially it ́s a scaled down version of a pure surf foil wing. The 950 lifts early and has an incredible stability for ripping smooth, controlled carves on tiny waves or flat water. This wing is all about control, carving, glide and seamless transitions with incredible stability and predictability for those looking for a great cross over between kite and surf foil feeling.

Check out the new Duotone Spirit Foil Range and enter the WORLD OF DUOTONE



Duotone Spirit Surf 2019 Product Clip


At home in waves or strapless freeriding, focussing on joy and stability. Pure surfing with or even without a kite.


The low aspect ratio profile has a huge amount of lift and opens up a new realm of possibilities for slack line tricks and carves where no kite power is needed. The wing provides the feeling that you can surf the wing rather than only be pulled around by the kite all the time. Due to his profile, shape and size, the wing can also be used for prone surfing on no wind days. The wing provides an incredible stability in white water which makes it easy to surf in small waves. It is for those looking for a pure surf feeling in a kite foil. When you like to use a small kite as often as possible, even in lighter wind conditions and you are looking for the same set up to surf on no wind days, the Spirit Surf is your weapon of choice.


Check out the new Duotone Spirit Foil Range and enter the WORLD OF DUOTONE



Duotone Spirit GT 2019 Product Clip


The need for speed with total control, continuously pushing the limit and still asking for more.


If you have the need for speed, the GT is your speed demon! The most noticeable difference between the freeride wings and the GT is that the faster you go the more stable the GT becomes. This stability at speed allows the committed foiler to really push the limits. The carbon wings are shaped for a minimum of drag, are built to go fast and like to be pushed to the limit. The Spirit GT foil is exactly what speed freaks are searching for in a foil.


Spirit GT

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