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Martin Lark

Naish Kiteboarding - Kite News Flash: June 8, 2016

Martin Lark,

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EVENT RECAP: Kiebler Brothers Represent Top Youth at 2016 German Kitesurf Masters

The first event of the 2016 German Kitesurf Masters was held on the German island of Sylt from May 11-16. The event consisted of a Slalom race, Freestyle, and Big Air event. Team Naish riders and brothers, Xaver Kiebler, 16, and Jakob Kiebler, 17, competed in all three events. Xaver came out victorious in the Slalom Race and fourth in Big Air with Jakob finishing in second in Freestyle.

Winning the Slalom race, the new format being adopted for the 2018 Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires, is Xaver’s ultimate goal. After a series of perfect starts and fast riding on his Naish 14m Torch Xaver was able to finish in first—one step closer to making it to the 2018 Olympics!

Read more HERE»




AS SEEN IN: Kiteworld – 2016 Naish Park HD 7m

Kiteworld calls the Naish Park HD one of the most versatile kites on the market, “an absolutely standout freeride kite with a huge amount of performance on offer.” Considering which kite to buy next? Check out Kiteworld’s review here.

Read the full review HERE»

View the Park HD HERE»




PRODUCT HIGHLIGHT: Trip – Foil/Underpowered Riding

Sizes: 8,10,12

Low wind; no problem! The Naish Trip excels in underpowered conditions. Perfect for dedicated intermediate-to-advanced riders, the incredibly lightweight, strutless design delivers the wind range of a larger kite while retaining the fast, precision turning of a smaller kite. An ideal fit for foiling, the Trip’s responsive depower and light weight—compared to other kites of this size—supports seamless transitions for a smooth ride. Log more days on the water with the Trip. 

Watch the Video HERE»

View the Trip HERE»




FEATURED VIDEO: Ewan Jaspan – How-to Videos

Want to reach the next level in your kiting? Here are the latest installments in team Naish rider Ewan Jaspan’s how-to video series. Here’s two new videos for you to sink your teeth into.

How to do the Back Roll to Blind»

How to do a Front Roll»




FEATURED VIDEO: Red Bull KOTA – Kiteboarding New Heights

When 24 elite kiteboarders go into battle through extreme winds and monstrous swells, they take the sport to new heights. Follow team Naish riders Jalou Langeree, Kevin Langeree and Jesse Richman as they step outside the Big Bay arena and explore everything Capetown has to offer. 

Watch the video HERE»

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      'Best Shop Loop 2016' means over 40 minutes of best videos from 2016 prepared for us by Best Kiteboarding. The video starts with a little reminder of fantastic 'Transcanada' with Sam Medysky. Later, we can admire such stars as Hannah Whiteley, Rita Arnaus, Nuno Figueiredo, Chris Bobryk...
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      Martin Lark

      TEAM UPDATE: Injuries Sideline Jesse Richman and Kevin Langeree
      for Red Bull King of the Air
      Both of Naish’s top contenders for Red Bull King of the Air have been sidelined after injury in the weeks leading up to the event. Richman, who suffered a concussion and broken bone in his face from a tow surfing accident is opting to sit out for Red Bull King of the Air. Langeree suffered a broken ankle from a crash during a training session in Cape Town only a week before the holding period for KOTA begins. Both team riders have won the event in years past and were on the podium last year.
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      PRODUCT HIGHLIGHT: Naish Monarch: The Ultimate Big Air Board
      SIZES: 132, 135, 138, 142
      Designed to meet the demands of the top freestyle kiters in the world and seen on multiple Red Bull King of the Air podiums, the Naish Monarch continues the tradition of delivering explosive pop and unparalleled upwind ability taking your kiting to new levels.
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      FEATURED VIDEO: Ewan Jaspan Drops Hammers in Latest Video “Fundamentals”
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      FEATURED VIDEO: Katie Potter Captures One Incredible Adventure with “Get Outside”
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      AS SEEN IN: Naish Designers Highlight All New Slash Wave Kite in The Kite Mag
      One of the most talked about new kites for 2017, the Naish Slash has sparked interest from dedicated wave and strapless kiters all over the world. The Kite Mag got in touch with Naish’s design team to get the lowdown on what makes this kite so fly.
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      CHECK THIS OUT: Naish Ambassador Woody Harrelson Makes Hollywood History
      Naish ambassador and legendary Hollywood actor Woody Harrelson is breaking history with his latest film project “Lost in London” which will be shot and streamed live in select theaters worldwide.
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    • By
      Martin Lark

      Hello and welcome to the 2016 round-up from North Kiteboarding. We hope you all had a fun-filled Christmas and are looking forward to the New Year!
      This year has been an exciting one packed with outstanding competition results, development of our online tools, design concepts becoming reality, and the launch of new products and projects. The list is endless, but we’ve chosen some which we are most proud of.
      2016 kicked off with Aaron Hadlow being crowned King Of The Air 2016 for a second year running. We are now on the official countdown to the 2017 event and we know that Aaron’s been working hard on product development and his riding. Watch this space as there’s no doubt he’ll come storming out of the starting gates.
      Following a few years of dedicated design and innovation going on behind the scenes, this year we launched the Click Bar! The real Gamechanger and a completely new kitesurfing experience, where powering and depowering your kite has never been easier. Embraced by all our world class team riders across all disciplines and styles of riding, we’re stoked and can’t wait to see the Click Bar and its concept evolve.
      This year we relaunched our Young Blood programme which was a huge success, teaming up with selected retailers to create an affordable package for aspiring young riders.
      We collaborated with PIQ launching a powerful and wearable product that provides live innovative metrics, reflecting the height of jump, air time, G force at landing, rotations, number of jumps or total air time. In addition to detailed session statistics, riders can be part of the PIQ community where they can challenge their friends, compete against other kiteboarders from across the globe, and partake in the North Kiteboarding and PIQ leaderboard.
      We took a few wild and exciting adventures this year, heading to Patagonia to shoot ‘Untouchable’ and the Magdalen Islands, Canada for ‘Rough.’ Not the usual sun-soaked shores many might have expected, it definitely delivered something special and unique. Be sure to watch them both.
      Matchu Lopes stormed the GKA Wave and Strapless Freestyle tour, being crowned 2016’s overall champion! From Tarifa to Fuerteventura, Mauritius and Dakhla, his talent and sheer determination never wavered. Now busy training for next season we can’t wait to see where he’ll take this side of the sport in the future.
      We extended our 3D tool across our twintips and directional boards so dream products could be seen from all angles via the North Kiteboarding website.
      The launch of the North Kiteboarding Academy was a major player this year. Kicking off with 27 tutorials, it’s now available offline so you can learn on the road, or even in some of the most remote locations.
      Finally we’d like to say a huge thank you to all of our loyal and new customers who’ve supported our brand over the years. To our distributors and shops for providing an outstanding service to the kiteboarding community. The marketing and media team who never fail to deliver exciting content to our screens. To our Team Riders who not only continue to push the boundaries of the sport, but who also represent and grow the reputation, and ‘cool’ of the brand. And finally to the designers, innovators and shapers who bring concepts to life.
      ...From all of us at North Kiteboarding, we wish you a very Happy New Year!
      Red Bull King Of The Air
      Can Hadlow do it again? The countdown has begun for the 2017 Red Bull King Of The Air! Five of our riders have made it into the official line up, with two warming the bench on the reserves list; a very exciting and solid representation of our brand, gear and team riders that continue to push the limits in kiteboarding.

      The Click Bar
      Check out the dedicated information, tech’s and spec’s page for the Click Bar. Here you can see all the intricacies behind the product, what each component and function does, and the reasoning behind it all. Don’t miss out!

      Young Blood programme
      Find out more about our Young Blood initiative on the blog. We’ve hand picked specialised products for your aspiring grom and to make sure their first steps into kiteboarding are passionate, fun and safe ones.

      PIQ’s multi-sport sensor for kiteboarding
      We announced the availability of a new multisport sensor dedicated to kiteboarding; in partnership with North Kiteboarding, the world's leading kiteboarding brand. Bringing fun to the forefront, North Kiteboarding and PIQ confirm their ambition to deliver a new, exciting and engaging riding experience, enhancing the passion for sports.

      "Untouchable in Patagonia"
      Sky Solbach, Reno Romeu and Tom Herbert head to the glaciers of Patagonia, on one of the most unique and unforgettable adventures in kitesurfing.
      Rough - Magdalen Islands
      Follow Aaron, Craig, Colleen, Noe and Stefan to the Magdalen islands, Canada. A slick edit stacked full of some of the most stylish riding, 'Rough' won't fail to impress.
      A dream come true for Matchu Lopes
      Team rider Matchu Lopes was crowned 2016 GKA Wave & Strapless Freestyle Rider of the Year following four fantastic stops. Having played a major part in revolutionising and influencing the whole style of wave and strapless freestyle, he admits that he's still having to pinch himself to check that it's not a dream

      3D Product Viewer
      Have a good look over potential products before you buy them, or scan over something new or different with our 3D tool. You may have seen it available for our kites, but now it is applicable to our twintips and directionals. Enjoy!

      The North Kiteboarding Academy
      With numerous tutorials across all disciplines available, you can now take our tutorials to the most remote spots in the world by downloading your chosen video and saving it on the app. So whether you're travelling or chilling on the beach, hit play and take it all in, even when being offline.