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Martin Lark

Naish Kiteboarding - Kite News Flash: June 8, 2016

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EVENT RECAP: Kiebler Brothers Represent Top Youth at 2016 German Kitesurf Masters

The first event of the 2016 German Kitesurf Masters was held on the German island of Sylt from May 11-16. The event consisted of a Slalom race, Freestyle, and Big Air event. Team Naish riders and brothers, Xaver Kiebler, 16, and Jakob Kiebler, 17, competed in all three events. Xaver came out victorious in the Slalom Race and fourth in Big Air with Jakob finishing in second in Freestyle.

Winning the Slalom race, the new format being adopted for the 2018 Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires, is Xaver’s ultimate goal. After a series of perfect starts and fast riding on his Naish 14m Torch Xaver was able to finish in first—one step closer to making it to the 2018 Olympics!

Read more HERE»




AS SEEN IN: Kiteworld – 2016 Naish Park HD 7m

Kiteworld calls the Naish Park HD one of the most versatile kites on the market, “an absolutely standout freeride kite with a huge amount of performance on offer.” Considering which kite to buy next? Check out Kiteworld’s review here.

Read the full review HERE»

View the Park HD HERE»




PRODUCT HIGHLIGHT: Trip – Foil/Underpowered Riding

Sizes: 8,10,12

Low wind; no problem! The Naish Trip excels in underpowered conditions. Perfect for dedicated intermediate-to-advanced riders, the incredibly lightweight, strutless design delivers the wind range of a larger kite while retaining the fast, precision turning of a smaller kite. An ideal fit for foiling, the Trip’s responsive depower and light weight—compared to other kites of this size—supports seamless transitions for a smooth ride. Log more days on the water with the Trip. 

Watch the Video HERE»

View the Trip HERE»




FEATURED VIDEO: Ewan Jaspan – How-to Videos

Want to reach the next level in your kiting? Here are the latest installments in team Naish rider Ewan Jaspan’s how-to video series. Here’s two new videos for you to sink your teeth into.

How to do the Back Roll to Blind»

How to do a Front Roll»




FEATURED VIDEO: Red Bull KOTA – Kiteboarding New Heights

When 24 elite kiteboarders go into battle through extreme winds and monstrous swells, they take the sport to new heights. Follow team Naish riders Jalou Langeree, Kevin Langeree and Jesse Richman as they step outside the Big Bay arena and explore everything Capetown has to offer. 

Watch the video HERE»

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    • By Martin Lark
      Athough the rewards from this year's Tripple-S have been distributed last weekend, we are still getting interesting bits from the event. Today, we present 2 videos concluding men and women's finals and a few words from the organizer.
      Congratulations to Slingshot winners - Karolina WInkowska and Sam Light!
      The top 4 women from Round 1 advanced into the Finals to compete in the REAL Slider Park. Competitors sessioned the park in what had become the established order for this year’s contest, starting on the North Rooftop Rail, then progressing to the KOA Kicker, the Liquid Force Reverse Rainbow Rail, the CORE SuperKicker, and finishing off with the John Wayne Cancer Foundation A-Frame Rail. The level of competition was through the roof, with perfect wind conditions for 4 of the world’s best female wakestyle riders to perform their top tricks and post their highest possible scores on each feature. At the end of competition, Wind Voyager Triple-S newcomer Karolina Winkowska edged out the competition to become the 2016 Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational Champion.
      Congratulations to our other finalists Colleen Carroll, Bruna Kajiya, and Sensi Graves. All 4 Women’s Finalists will automatically receive an invite to the 2017 Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational.
      The top 12 finishers from Men’s Round 1 (top 4 men from each of the three Round 1 Heats) progressed to the Finals at the 2016 Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational. With the Men’s prize money stretching all the way out until 12th place, every rider in the finals knew they wouldn’t be going home empty handed. Competition was still fierce, however, as the difference between 12th place ($400 cash prize) and 1st place ($12,000 cash prize) was still very significant and worth fighting to the end for! With three attempts on every REAL Slider Park feature to nail down their best scores, competitors pulled out all the stops and started laying down the best moves in their repertoire. Christophe Tack even posted the event’s only perfect 10-point score with the first-ever 900 done off a kicker in kite park competition. At the end of competition, Sam Light emerged victorious for an unprecedented 4th win in the Men’s Division at the Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational.
      Congratulations to our other finalists for their outstanding performances. The top 16 Men’s Division competitors will automatically receive an invite to the 2017 Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational.
      Full 2016 Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational Final Results
      Article taken from: TripleSinvitational.com
      Cover photo by: TripleSinvitational.com
    • By Martin Lark
      At the end of a week full of game-changing progression in the REAL Slider Park, the winners of the 2016 Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational were announced at the Wind Voyager Triple-S Awards Party at REAL on Friday night. After Wind Voyager Triple-S favorites The Dubplates with special guest Tanya Stephens helped get the party started with a live performance on the waterfront deck, REAL Co-Founder Trip Forman took the stage to announce the 2016 Wind Voyager Triple-S Final Results. Congratulations to our Women’s Champion Karolina Winkowska, and to our Men’s Champion Sam Light for continuing his dominance of the Wind Voyager Triple-S for the 4th straight year!

      1). 2016 Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational
      2016 Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational Final Results:
      1st – Sam Light – United Kingdom – Slingshot ($12,000)
      2nd – Brandon Scheid – USA – Liquid Force ($7,5000)
      3rd – Christophe Tack – Belgium – Liquid Force ($5,000)
      4th – Noe Font – Spain – North ($3,000)
      5th – Ewan Jaspan – Australia – Naish ($2,000)
      6th – Aaron Hadlow – UK – North ($1,500)
      7th – Craig Cunningham – Canada – North ($1,200)
      8th – Jake Kelsick – Antigua – Tona ($1,000)
      9th – Eric Rienstra – USA – Core ($800)
      10th – Billy Parker – USA – Best ($600)
      11th – Axel Tack – Belgium – Liquid Force ($500)
      12th – Maciek “Magic” Lewandowski – Poland – Nobile ($400)
      13th – Tobias Holter – Germany – Cabrinha
      14th – Alex Fox – USA – Slingshot
      15th – Sam Medysky – Canada – Best
      16th – Rich Sabo – USA – Liquid Force
      17th – Chris Bobryk – USA – Best
      18th – Will Palmer – USA – F-One
      19th – Andre Phillip – Antigua – Tona
      20th – Aymeric Martin – France – North
      21st – Jason Slezak – USA – Liquid Force
      22nd – Tom Court – UK – North

      2). 2016 Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational
      1st – Karolina Winkowska – Poland – Slingshot ($5,500)
      2nd – Colleen Carroll – USA – North ($3,300)
      3rd – Bruna Kajiya – Brazil – Red Bull ($2,000)
      4th – Sensi Graves – USA – Liquid Force ($1,000)
      5th – Annelous Lammerts – Netherlands – Slingshot
      6th – Lindsay McClure – USA – Liquid Force
      7th – Manuela Jungo – Switzerland – North
      8th – Victoria Soloveykina – Russia – Best
      Wind Voyager Triple-S Challenge Series:

      Christophe Tack – First 900 ever landed in kite park competition ($900)
      The top 16 Men and top 4 Women from the 2016 Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational will earn an automatic invite to the 2017 Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational.
      2016 Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational Final Scores:



      Article taken from: TripleSinvitational.com
      Photos by: TripleSinvitational.com
    • By Martin Lark
      Yesterday, we presented 1st day highlights from men's round at the 2016 Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational. Today, it's time for the ladies.
      Cover photo by: TripleSinvitational.com
    • By Martin Lark
      The third day at the 2016 Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational turned out to be a layday. However, as a consolation, we have an awesome video and a short coverage from the first day of the event.
      Day 1 of the 2016 Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational launched with perfect Southwest winds in the world famous REAL Slick & Slider Park. With steady winds hovering around 20mph, competitors were frothing to get heats under way and launch their attack on the state of the art park features. Men’s and Women’s Round 1 were underway all day as heats battled their way through each feature in the park before progressing on to the next.
      The 5-feature park was split into 3 smaller park zones for Round 1. Park 1 featured the North Rooftop Rail and the KOA Kicker. The entire field of competitors took 3 attempts both features before progressing on to Park 2, the Liquid Force Reverse Rainbow Rail and the CORE Superkicker. The 3rd and final park was a one-feature monster, the 82ft. John Wayne A-frame Rail. Competitors took 3 runs on every feature, counting their best score for each feature for their overall round score.
      Article taken from: TripleSinvitational.com
      Cover photo by: TripleSinvitational.com
    • By Martin Lark
      Kiteboarding history was made yesterday at the Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. This event features the top 32 professional kiteboarders in the world, competing in the REAL Slider Park for $50,000 in prize money. New to the 11 year running of the event, is this year’s Wind Voyager Triple-S Challenge Series, paying out $720, $900 and $1080 to the first female rider landing a 720, and the first rider landing a 900 and 1080 off of a kicker in a competition heat.

      1). Christophe Tack
      On Monday, June 6th, Wind Voyager Triple-S competitor Christophe Tack rose to the challenge and stomped not only one, but two consecutive heelside frontside 900’s off of the Core Super Kicker in the Men’s Final Heat. This heat was run in The Slick, located directly behind REAL Watersports, in SW winds ranging from 22-25 mph. The clean execution and landing of these 900’s were witnessed by a roaring crowd of spectators, event staff and live stream viewers on Facebook.
      Christophe Tack is a 23 years old professional kiteboarder from Belgium. His sponsors are Liquid Force, Red Bull, Mystic and Bomber. Christophe is a 5-time Belgian National Champion and 2014 PKRA World Freestyle Champion.

      2). Christophe Tack
      Final results for both Men’s and Women’s divisions will be released at the Wind Voyager Triple-S Awards Party, Friday, June 10th. Live entertainment at this party includes Dub Island Sound System and the Dubplates with special guest Tanya Stephens. This party is open to the public and legendary in reputation. The 720 and 1080 still remain on the table for the remainder of the event which ends Friday, June 10th. If these go unclaimed, the money will roll into the 2017 Wind Voyager Triple-S, which means $1440 for the women’s 720 and $2,160 for the 1080.
      Here’s what the Wind Voyager Triple-S team had to say about Tack’s 900’s:
      “The Wind Voyager Triple-S has an 11-year history of consistently pushing the sport forward. Our goal with the Challenge Series was to create an event within the event, pushing riders to go for broke with the new 3-attempt format. It was incredible to witness both these 900’s firsthand. Hats off Christophe. That was INSANE! – Trip Forman / Wind Voyager Triple-S Co-Founder and Co-Director
      “Christophe Tack is such a driven and motivated competitor. As soon as we laid out the plan for the Wind Voyager Challenge Series to the Triple-S Invitational competitors, I knew he had his sights set on it. It was so rad to be front and center on the top of the John Wayne A-Frame rail doing the live feed, for not just one, but BOTH of the 900’s that Tack landed! One for the Wind Voyager Triple-S history books for sure!!” – Jason Slezak / Wind Voyager Triple-S Co-Founder and Co-Director.
      “Christophe Tack’s 900 was not only ground-breaking for the sport, but his execution was absolutely flawless, making it the sole 10-point trick of the entire contest. Given that competitors were given three attempts on each feature, most riders threw a safety trick their first attempt to put points on the board. Straight out of the gates, however, Christophe took a big risk with a 9 and stomped it perfect. Then he landed a 9 again his second attempt. Without a doubt Tack’s 900 was the most difficult trick ever landed in the 11-year history of the event.” – Brian Wheeler / Wind Voyager Triple-S Head Judge
      “It wasn’t a question of if the 900 was going to happen at this years Wind Voyager Triple S invitational, more which rider would get to the prize first.
      Christophe Tack, Aaron Hadlow, Sam Light, Noe Font and a few others were all in the running for this. I set up way downwind to try and capture some shots with the judge boat in the back drop. I knew it would be a 900 or something else, all was to play for and with a stacked field, the riders were putting it all on the line, so someone going for the 9 was a possibility. I’m stoked it all lined up. Christophe landed this one clean on his first attempt on the Core Super Kicker, bring on the 1080!” – Toby Bromwich / Wind Voyager Triple-S Photographer.
      “The Slick just went MENTAL after Christophe stuck it! People were HOWLING! Stoked to capture history in action.” – Lance Koudele / Wind Voyager Triple-S Photographer
      Wind Voyager Triple-S Challenge Series video featuring Christophe Tack’s groundbreaking 900 filmed and edited by Wind Voyager Triple-S videographers Brian Wennersten, Jeffrey O’Neill and Ryan Osmond.
      Article by: Trip Forman
      Article taken from: TripleSinvitational.com
      Photos by: TripleSinvitational.com