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  1. Kappalady Lagoon, Sri Lanka

    Hi Guys, In case you are considering traveling to Sri Lanka, I would like to introduce our place: Kitekuda (http://www.kitekuda.com). We have just moved to a new place - directly on the Kappalady lagoon. You can literally go out of your room and jump straight on the board. We have been operating this season and had very good reviews. If you are interested in kitesurfing in Sri Lanka, you should definitely check us out: If you don't know the area, here is a short description: Kappalady is a small village roughly 25 minutes (with tuk tuk) south from Kalpitiya lagoon. We have our own lagoon with perfectly flat water and very stable wind (yes, very stable, not gusty wind!). There is 20m sandbar closing the lagoon, behind which you have Indian Ocean - in case you are bored with flats There is also a small reef about 150m offshore, for those of you who like to do some wave kitesurfing. You can read more about the spot here: http://www.kitekuda.com/kitesurfing/ Wind strength varies between 18-25 knots during the main season and is almost guaranteed. As mentioned before, Kappalady has very nice, stable wind with very little or no gusts. Shortly about our new place: We now provide 3 different types of accommodation: AC Rooms Sea View Rooms (no AC, but designed in a way to cool down using the natural breeze - you will not need AC in these rooms, ) Local-stylized cabanas All rooms have private bathrooms, lagoon view, plenty of windows for light and breeze and will make you super comfortable. You can get more information and pictures here: http://www.kitekuda.com/accommodation/ Landing / Launching Area We have designated area where you can land/launch your kite. No drives to the beach etc.. Just unpack/pump/launch - simple. Also our beach boys are always there to help you with launch/land, so no issues if you are on your own. Additional benefit: our landing/launching zone is covered with grass, so your gear will always be clean and free of sand after packing! Kiteschool and Kiteshop Obviously as in the old Kitekuda, the new place also has kiteschool and kiteshop. We have the best instructors, who will look after you (whether you are a student or just renting), and Kappalady lagoon provides conditions, which makes it THE PLACE to learn kitesurfing! Again, more info here: http://www.kitekuda.com Restaurant and Bar Yeeessssss... we now provide what many people thought Kappalady was lacking of. We have restaurant (opened to our guests as well as visitors), where you can have amazing food, snacks and drinks. We also have our own bar, where you can treat yourself after a session If you got this far, thanks for reading this short summary See you on the water! http://www.kitekuda.com http://www.facebook.com/Kitekuda/ http://www.instagram.com/kitekuda/
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