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    Martin Lark, in Events,
    Pringles Kitesurf World Cup Day Five
    Day Five in Fehmarn, Germany, started with a bang. After another early 7am skipper's meeting, the much anticipated Men's Freestyle Main Event finally got underway.
    The conditions were a slight improvement on yesterday, blowing around 15 knots, and not as off-shore as we have seen previously.
    For Round 1, Heat 1, we saw Adeuri Corniel from the Dominican Republic put on a strong display, landing a nice Backside 317 scoring 7.87 points. Former World Champion Youri Zoon from the Netherlands put on an outstanding performance, hoping to make up for his errors in the previous event in Cabarete where he got knocked out in Round 1. His efforts were well rewarded with several high scores including the highest scoring trick of the day, a nice Frontside 317 which gave him 8.37 points. It was Zoon and Corniel who gained 1st and 2nd position and will be passing directly through to Round 3. Passing through to the second round will be Set Teixera from Brasil and Paul Serin from France, who both battled hard to remain in the top 4 and therefore gain a second chance in the next round.

    The second heat of Round 1 for the men unfortunately was cancelled due to the deteriorating conditions. With the winds being below the required amount needed to run the freestyle competition, the freestyle riders were released for the day.

    The final day of foil racing saw the riders fighting to gain headway with the light wind conditions. Four races took place over a two hour period, with some mixed results compared to previous days. The first race was won by German rider Benni Boelli, the second by the consistent rider Florian Gruber, the third once again by Boelli, and the fourth race was won by young Russian racer Dennis Taradin. After an anxious wait, and a total of 8 races, the final results were posted, and Florian Gruber once again reigned victorious at this event in Fehmarn, Germany.

    The final Foil results stand as follows:
    1st: Florian Gruber 2nd: Adriaan Geislinger 3rd: Benni Boelli 4th: Oliver Hansen 5th: Jannis Maus 6th: Peter Mueller 7th: James Johnson 8th: Reinhold Gehrer 9th: Denis Taradin 10th: Elias Oauhmid  


    Skipper's meeting has been called for 8am tomorrow, with a first possible start at 8.30am. The focus will be to complete the Freestyle Main Event.
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    Martin Lark, in Events,
    Day Four at the Pringles Kitesurf World Cup
    Day Four commenced with an early start for the riders and crew, with a 7am skipper's meeting in order to not miss out on the suitable conditions. Fehmarn finally provided some stronger winds, so the freestyle trials could get underway!

    The first heats of the day were the Men's trials, with side-offshore winds of approximately 20 to 25 knots. The competition area was moved further out to try and improve the conditions for the riders, but they were still challenging.

    There was high pressure throughout the trials as the men battled it out to gain one of the 6 spots available in the main event. Sadly, Spanish rider Maxi Gomez injured himself in the first heat, going for a big KGB, and had to be assisted out of the water. Young rider Lars de Groof from Belgium performed solidly and locked himself a position in the Main event. Italian rider Gianmaria Coccoluto put on a impressive display, and did a powerful Back Mobe 5 which scored him 7.07 points, but the consistency of Luis Alberto Cruz, our previous event winner from the Dominican Republic, put him in first position, and guaranteed him a place in the main event.

    Austrian rider Mike Schitzhofer also pulled out some solid tricks and was extremely happy to secure his way through to the next round.
    Adeuri Corniel continued on from his good performance in the last event in Cabarete, scoring 7 points for a nice Front Blind Mobe, also placing him first in his heat and securing his spot in the main event.  In Heat 5 we saw the young Dominican rider Joselito del Rosario claim a deserved win over his other competitors.
    The last man to win his heat and pass through was the young 16 year old rider Anthar Racca from Mexico. He performed a good variety of tricks including an S-Mobe 5 with gave him the advantage over his competitors.
    The Women also struggled with the tough conditions, but Laura Jaubert performed a solid display of tricks to earn her position in the main event. Joining her was Annabel Van Westerop, giving a strong and confident performance, her S-bend to Blind scoring a nice 6.9, the highest Women's score of the day. The last heat of the trials was a tight call between Francesca Bagnoli from Italy and Isabeau Galiart from the Netherlands, but is was Isabeau who nailed a nice S-bend to Blind in the last moment that gave her the advantage and the final spot in the main event.

    The challenging and gusty winds continued to blow, so at 6.30 pm the main freestyle event got underway. The girls continued to struggle with the wind conditions, but it was UK rider Hannah Whiteley and Czech rider Paula Novotna who earned their 1st and 2nd places in their heat, passing them both directly to round 3. In Heat number 2, Isabeau Galiart managed to continue with her powerful riding and won her heat landing a nice Hinterberger Mobe, followed by Pauline Valesa who finished with a nice S-Bend to Blind, and will be joining her in Round Three.

    At 8 pm the event was called off for the day. It was a successful day with over 10 hours of competition and live streaming.  
    View all the scores and ladders for today's event here. 

    Skipper's meeting has again been called for 7.30 am with first possible start at 8.30 am. The aim will be to continue with the Freestyle Main Event.
    Many thanks to everyone who tuned into our live stream and we look forward to bringing you plenty more action tomorrow!
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    Michael Gabler, in Reviews & Tests,
    Humanoid Howl are boots created by a wakeboarding company especially for wakeboarding. You’re probably wondering how the heck they are being reviewed by us. Hmm, the reason is simple. Humanoid established cooperation with Best Kiteboarding and ,this way, these boots also became boots for kiteboarding.
    Was it a good step for Best? We’ll see.
    The model of boots presented in this article comes from 2014 edition. Best Kiteboarding didn’t replace the boots on their website with a newer model although Humanoid introduced two new generations since - color generations. This way, boots, from a technical point of view, haven’t changed for the last two years and they were redesigned only when it came to color. Therefore, when buying 2014, 2015 or 2016 models, we are, in fact, buying the same boots.
    We bought the boots for $370 on Amazon in 2015. The price is quite high, but we know that boots of that type can cost much more.
    It’s easy to notice that the prices of wakeboarding boots are surprisingly high in comparison with snowboarding boots. The technology of their production and the materials are not that different. What do we get for that amount of money? Let’s find out.

    Boots arrive in a simple white box with the name of the company and the model. We can find the size chart table on the side of the box, which informs that the boots come in the following sizes: 6-8, 8-9, 9-10, 10-11, 11-12, 12-13+. Ours are size 12-13+. After opening the box we can see the boots packed in foil bag with Humanoid logo.

    1). Box with boots....
    The bag contains boots and an accessory kit for assembly: a set of screws, 4 hefty clamps resembling car parts and Humanoid brochure praising their product to the skies.

    2). "Smart Toof Technology" Assembly Kit
    We bought our beautiful boots in turquoise. It’s hard to say whether this color is nice or not. While we were buying them, the other choice was only red. Of two evils, turquoise seemed a ‘more normal’ option. Now, Humanoid offers the boots also in brown, green and dark blue.

    3). Humanoid Howl  Turquoise
    While holding the boots, the first thought coming to one’s mind is that they are huge and unbelievably light at the same time.
    The weight of our pair of boots is 4lbs 5.4oz / 1.97kgs! After soaking water it goes up to 4lbs 12.2oz / 2.15kgs (YES! just  6.8oz / 0.18kg more!) and it’s rather this weight that we should take into consideration.

    4). Weight - Dry and Wet

    The next element that draws attention is for sure the system of mounting the boots with the board. Humanoid calls the system ‘Smart Toof Technology’ and the name shouldn’t surprise anyone after seeing the aluminum, tooth-shaped clamps. After mounting boots to the board with them, one can be sure that the only weakness of the set is the board…

    5). "Smart Toof" Assembly Kit
    But before mounting, I decided to try them on and see whether the size is right (my shoe size is 12). The boot 12-13+ fits perfectly but I’m not sure if people with shoe size 13-13+ would be as happy. After trying the boots on, it was time for the biggest disappointment of the test – Velcro straps, responsible for locking in the feet, are too short to switch them in both boots. I also have to mention that my feet are extremely narrow and the foot size is not important at all in this case. It’s like buying running shoes for $370 and finding out that the shoe laces are too short and you can’t exchange them for longer ones. A boot with such a defect is simply useless and most users would immediately put them back in the box and send them back to the shop. However, maybe it was only us who received defective boots.

    6). Too Shorten Velcro Strap...
    On second thoughts, we decided not to send the boots back and find a solution to the problem. We went to Home Depot and bought Velcro straps for bundling cables and, with their help, make the straps longer. This worked out so well that after this update, the switching system worked even better because the main strap didn’t fall out of the last clamp, which made the process much easier, especially when we had our kite already launched.

    7). Strap Problem Solution...
    In our test we combined our pair of boots with Naish Dub 138 board. The boots, after loosening all the straps, are easy to put on, even while we’re being yanked by the kite. A problem occurs when we have to pull on the strap responsible for locking in the feet (the one that’s too short). If it goes through many holes it’s quite difficult ‘cause we’re pulling on its end part. Pulling on the wider strap doesn’t cause any problems, neither does taking off the boots.
    Boots work perfectly while riding. By loosening the widest velcro strap, we can adjust their stiffness. The boots are quite soft when compared to typical wake boots so the riders who are just starting their adventure with kitewake style should easily haul off and be able to maneuver.

    8). Humanoid Howl and Naish Dub
    Compare to boots from Humanoid we used before, riding with these seemed to be most similar to the feeling of riding on straps. Maybe it’s also thanks to the fact that the boots, after soaking water, don’t change their weight that much. The water is effectively drained through holes in the sole. Boots, even after a few hours of riding, are very comfortable. Personally, I haven’t noticed any abrasion or wounds even though I rode without a wet suit.
    In conclusion, although Humanoid’s stretching straps were quite a failure (which we managed to fix) we can, without a doubt, recommend the product for kitesurfing. I am sure that it’s one of the best models of boots available on the market for users just starting to ride with boots on. I’m also sure that advanced riders will derive a lot of satisfaction from riding wearing the boots. The workmanship quality is very high and their endurance is better compare to the competition. The price? There are more expensive and less sustainable boots on the market and you can buy the Humanoid boots on the producer’s website for $320.

    9). Humanoid Howl
    PROS +
    Very light after soaking water (just  6.8oz / 0.18kg more) Interesting colors, now 5 colors available Light construction, even when wet Strong mounting with the board Easy fastening system Wide main strap making boots easy to fasten Quick water drainage High-quality workmanship (apart from the foot part strap) Endurance  
    CONS -
    Risk of getting a pair with a strap too short to fasten the foot part The price: $370 ($320 on Humanoid website)  
    Martin Lark, in Events,
    Day Three at the Pringles Kitesurf World Cup
    Strong winds of 20 knots were blowing early this morning, which led to all the rider's and crew to rush preparations for the commencement of the freestyle trials. Unfortunately at around 10 am the conditions started to deteriorate, with the wind completely disappearing by midday. With not even enough light wind to continue with the foil racing, the event was called off for the day, and skipper's meeting was announced for 7 am tomorrow, with a very optimistic forecast. The objective will be to complete all of the freestyle trials and get underway with the main event.

    You can view the ladders for tomorrow's trials here.
    Many riders managed to get on the water for an early morning session, and got a taster of the great kiteboarding conditions that Fehmarn has to offer!

    Others took part in poster signing for their sponsors and embraced the opportunity to meet with their fans within the public.

    Our live stream was also running throughout the day with rider interviews, and it will of course be up and running tomorrow morning to capture all of the action.

    Thanks for tuning and see you all tomorrow!

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    Cover photo by: facebook.com/worldkiteboardingleague
    Martin Lark, in Gear,
    Re-engineered hull; wider Elliptic Flex Tips; serious UV protection; and the same Imperator heart and soul.
    Since 2001, Carved Customs has been building very special boards. Those lucky enough to own one know what we mean. And now, Fehmarn’s master builders are unleashing their latest creation, the next gen Imperator 6 at the Fehmarn World Cup.

    An icon for 15 years, the Imperator has delivered exceptional performance with innovative advancements like the exceptionally light and reflexive Cartan carbon fiber unibody. Now, we sandwiched a hard keel between a double concave. We refined the tip width and Ellipse. We improved the “water release” on the rails. And we added more UV protection. Yet again, the 6er is a masterpiece in design and build quality.

    Those of you not fortunate enough to experience an Imperator are invited to the Fehmarn World Cup where demos will be available. We caution you in advance that testing the new Imperator 6 may be hazardous to your wallet. With the benefit of time, though, most Imperator riders will consider their board an investment in healthy living and an heirloom that  stays in the family. We could add a few more scholarly superlatives to describe the new Imperator 6 but somehow that feels rather ingenuine. So, give the new 6er a try. You just might like it.
    Click here for more info, sizes, and pricing on the new 6er.
    The biggest Imperators for the smallest days.

    The LW edition carries over the same refinements as the Imperator 6. Available in 145, 151 and 157cm, the new Imperator 6 LW editions will leave an impression. With special outlines, super light construction, and a few other tricks, the new LWs will transform a mild day into a memorable one. Try one at the World Cup event.
    Boot like fit and click-to-fit buckle system.

    Meet the ultimate in comfort and adjustability. The new Carved Customs Ultra pads and straps feature new fingertip control with a snowboard inspired tongue and click-buckle system we call PowerTrim. Not only is the closure system micro adjustable but it also can be used “on the fly”.
    Click here for more on the PowerTrim system, pics, and pricing on the new Carved Customs Ultra...
    Board only pricing
    Board purchase includes fins, screws and grab handle. Although any pads will fit your new Carved Customs board, we unabashedly recommend the new Ultra pads and straps. Carved Customs Ultras may also be purchased separately for all your other boards. We don’t mind!
    Made to measure machine powered by Cartan.

    Cannot find your size in the Imperator 6 Edition? Then special order an Imperator 6 Custom edition in your preferred dimensions. Talk to the experts at Carved Customs and let their master craftsmen build you a forever board. A truly custom board with your very own stance, finish, color, and logo options.
    Martin Lark, in Events,
    Day Two at the Pringles Kitesurf World Cup

    Today was a day of light winds in Fehmarn, Germany. The Skipper's meeting took place at 10 am for all riders from both freestyle and foil disciplines. Considering the forecast, it was decided that it would be the foil discipline that would commence.

    The races commenced at approximately 2pm. The wind conditions were fairly challenging as it was blowing an estimated 7 to 9 knots. The best foil racers in the World prepared to battle against each other, each one ready to perform to their full capacity. Four races were completed over a two hour period, and it was German racer Florian Gruber who lived up to his high reputation, winning 3 out of the 4 races. Adriaan Geislinger was close behind him, as was the young rider Jannis Mauss. For the women, it was Katja Roose who paved the way. With an optimistic forecast and still 8 more days of competition ahead of us, it is certain that many more races will be completed, creating more of a challenge for these riders to maintain their top positions.

    The crowds filled out the event site throughout the day, enjoying the racing action, and array of other activities that were on offer. The rider's also participated in signing autographs for the public during the afternoon.

    Skipper meeting for both foil and freestyle has been called for 10 am tomorrow morning. Please be sure to tune into our live stream on our Facebook page  to keep up with all of the action.
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    Martin Lark, in Events,
    Registration Day at the Pringles Kitesurf World Cup
    Day one saw the arrival of all the top kiteboarders to the small island of Fehmarn, Germany, to register for the largest kiteboarding event of the year. Fehmarn is famous for it's nature and recreation areas, but also of course for it's well known windsurf and kitesurf spots, boasting over 78 kms of coastline.

    This year will be the 11th year of the Kitesurf World Cup in Germany, but the first year for this new location in Fehmarn.  It promises to be better than ever, with a wonderful new location, and a new, improved competition format from the World Kiteboarding League. There will be large, live-scoring screens on the beach where all the public can follow the action, and of course our live-stream will be running via our Facebook page where you can view all of the heats.

    With over 40 registered Male riders and 20 registered female riders from a combination of 13 different countries, you can be sure to see the very best in freestyle, slalom and foil kiteboarding. Let's see if the current leader Carlos Mario from Brazil can keep himself at the top of the rankings, or if former World Champions Alex Pastor or Youri Zoon who are close behind will climb their way up! For the Women, will Bruna Kajiya maintain her top position? With Paula Novotna and Hannah Whiteley close on her tail, it will be an interesting battle to watch!

    The opening ceremony was held in the evening in front of the crowds, with each rider proudly representing their country.

    Skipper's meeting has been called for 10am tomorrow morning. The forecasts look light, so the foil discipline is most likely to be run first.

    Get ready for 10 days of adrenaline fuelled action, and best of all, stay in touch with the live stream, follow the heats, watch the rider interviews, and ask questions to all the top riders!
    WKL Media
    Live Feed - World Kiteboarding League
    Website - World Kiteboarding League

    Martin Lark, in News,
    GKA - Freestyle Rider of the Year build up to the finals in Germany - Aug 26th - Sept 4th!

    The GKA Freestyle Rider of the Year award was an initiative developed by the member brands of the Global Kitesports Association, to find the all-round freestyle kiteboarding athlete of the year.
    The Global Kitesports Association (GKA) was founded in August 2014 by most important kitesurf brands worldwide – there are 13 in total. The main goals of the GKA are to keep the beaches open for practicing kitesurfing in harmony with nature, to make kitesurfing even safer and to support professional kitesurfing on a spectacular, sustainable and reliable level.
    As a result of the 'fight' between IKA and WKT and the disaster in the freestyle championship tour in 2015, the brands discussed whether to pull out of professional freestyle kitesurfing completely, or to create an overall title that was independent of all the ongoing political discussions between the parties involved.
    The GKA and its members decided to choose the second option and created the GKA Freestyle Grand Slam Tour with the eventual champion called 'Rider of the Year' at the end.
    In doing so, the GKA wanted to ensure that there was continued support from the industry given to those individual event organisers who (regardless of the activities of world tour associations), have staged legitimate, financially sound and clean individual events for whichever 'world tour' over several seasons.
    Labelled as 'Grand Slam' events, the following events count towards the ranking for this year's GKA Freestyle Rider of the Year awards:
    Red Bull King of the Air
    Mondial du Vent at Leucate, France
    Wind Voyager Triple-S, Cape Hatteras, USA
    MaiTai Cabarete Invitational
    Pringles Kitesurf World Cup, Fehmarn, Germany
    Riders are allowed to discard one event in the series and points are allocated as follows:
    1st = 0.7 points
    2nd = 2 points
    3rd = 3 points
    30th = 30 points
    *Non attendance scores maximum points plus 1
    When four men finished joint first as the contest wasn't completed in Leucate they were awarded 2.4 points each, (0.7 + 2 + 3 + 4 = 9.7 divided by 4 = 2.4).
    When six women finished joint first as the contest wasn't completed in Leucate they were awarded 3.5 points each. (0.7 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 = 20.7 divided by 6 = 3.5)

    Aaron Hadlow leads the way, having started his season off with another win at the Red Bull King of the Air.
    The league table at the moment lies as follows:
    Alex Pastor: 43.4 total points  
    Aaron Hadlow: 46.7
    Carlos Mario: 52.4  
    Liam Whaley: 56  
    Posito Martinez: 60  
    Non-attendance points are included in the table above. All riders are registered in Germany for the event this week, so if we take away the discards to get a more accurate view, it looks like this:
    Aaron Hadlow: 15.7
    Alex Pastor: 20.4  
    Carlos Mario: 27.4
    Liam Whaley: 31
    Posito Martinez: 35
    So, as you can see the Germany event takes on a real importance in deciding the eventual outcome of the GKA Freestyle Rider of the Year title.
    For Aaron Hadlow to win: he needs to just finish ahead of Alex Pastor and not more than 11 places below Carlos Mario.
    For Alex Pastor to win: ideally he needs to win the event, finishing on 21.1 points, and needs Aaron to finish in 6th or below.
    For Carlos Mario to win: he's going to need to win the event and have Aaron finish in 13th and Alex Pastor in 8th.
    See the full list of rankings here: GKA Freestyle Rider of the Year Ranking
    Follow the World Kiteboarding League in Germany here: World Kiteboarding League website

    Bruna Kajiya holds a commanding lead in the women's after an impressive return from injury this season.
    Currently the table looks like this and is more clear cut:
    Bruna Kajiya: 7.2 total points
    Paula Novotna: 14.5
    Hannah Whitely: 15.5
    Estefania Rosa: 16.5
    Pauline Valesa: 19.5
    For Bruna to win: Bruna won in Cabarete and shared joint top spot in Leucate – where the event wasn't completed and so the top six girls shared an average 3.5 points). She also finished third at the Triple-S. As long as Bruna doesn't finish more than 7 places behind Paula, or 8 behind Hannah, she will win.
    See the full list of rankings here: GKA Freestyle Rider of the Year Rankings
    Follow the World Kiteboarding League in Germany here: World Kiteboarding League website
    Martin Lark, in Cinematography,
    Alvaro Onieva, Maxi Gomez & Guillermo Alvarez Diaz are catching the moment in Andalusia, Spain, and they shot a video about it - that's how a description of the below video could sound and it would be 100% in line with what we can see in the film. It would all be right, but there's this secret magic ingredient, the ingredient that gives the video some kind of a positive vibe, something that makes our lips form a smile and us feel fantastic.
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    • 08/25/2016 10:00 PM Until 09/03/2016 10:00 PM
      Pringles Kitesurf World Cup Germany
      The World Kiteboarding League are pleased to announce that the next event in this year's calendar has now been confirmed. The Pringles Kitesurf World Cup will take place in Fehmarn, Germany, from the 26th of August to the 4th of September 2016.
      You can expect to see all the World's best riders present and be sure to once again follow the whole event live. Dominican rider Luis Alberto Cruz rode impressively in Cabarete to gain the top spot, will he manage to do the same in Germany? The brazilian Carlos Mario will be there to try and keep his top position, fighting it out with Alex Pastor, Youri Zoon and the rest of the elite kiteboarders. For the ladies, Bruna Kajiya will be looking to repeat her last win, but Paula Novotna, Hannah Whiteley and the rest of the female riders will all be looking to gain a podium position!
      The Pringles Kitesurf World Cup is always much more than just another kitesurf event. It is the largest kitesurf event in the World, which sees over 200,000 people come together for almost 10 days of competition, demos, parties and much more! All of the top brands are there to show their latest equipment, and give fans a chance to meet the riders. There is DJ entertainment every night, so this event provides something for everyone!
      Be sure to join us on our live stream if you can't make it to the event, as we will be covering all of the heats, interviews with the riders, and a chance to follow all of the action from wherever you are!
      View more information about the event on World Kiteboarding League

      WKL Media
      Event Schedule
      Thursday to Saturday
      10am – 6pm: Side event and sportive action 7pm – 11.30pm: Open Air Party with N-Joy and Live-Acts 10pm – 4am: Indoor party Sunday – Wednesday
      10am – 6pm: Side event and sportive action 7pm – 10pm: Open Air Party with N-Joy 10pm – 4am: Indoor party  
      All information about the Pringles Kitesurf World Cup Deutschland can be found at KITESURFWORLDCUP.ORG
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      2016 Cape Hatteras Wave Classic

      Welcome to the Media Distribution List for the 2016 Cape Hatteras Wave Classic kitesurfing competition!  To help provide easy access to event coverage and media, we will distribute new content to this list as it becomes available.   
      Come join us at REAL from September 17th-23rd for the 3rd annual Cape Hatteras Wave Classic.  This is an open registration kitesurfing event that allows anyone to enter to compete for a spot on the podium, cash prizes, and bragging rights as the victor of the Cape Hatteras Wave Classic.
      For more information about the 2016 Wave Classic, as well as videos, photos, and a recap of last years event follow this link: REALwatersports.com/CHWC
    • 09/19/2016 10:00 PM Until 09/24/2016 10:00 PM
      After a long summer break and what has proven to be another tricky season, we are happy to confirm the 3rd event of the 2016 IKA Kiteboarding World Championships in Pingtan from 20 to 25 September, featuring the Wave (30000 USD) and Big Air (20000 USD) disciplines !
      As Pingtan is the only IKA wave event this year, the winner of the event will be crowned 2016 World Champion, while the big air riders have another event in Porto Pollo to come.
      Register at worldkiteleague.com/index.php/world-contest-schedule and find all event information (travel, shuttle, visa, hotel etc) at chinakitesurf.com/article.php.
      Located in the Taiwan strait, Pingtan is well known for good wave conditions as well as strong winds (25-30 knots).
      Special accomodation deals are available for riders as well as help with visa and transport to the spot.
      Join us for another awesome event before the final in Porto Pollo !
      Notice of Race
      Event Website
      Your IKA Team
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