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    Martin Lark, in Cinematography,
    'Seeking Cloud Nine' is a new film series in which we'll accompany Liam Whaley during his trip all over the world looking for kiting-fulfillment.  The series will have approximately 10-minute episodes and we're gonna see a new spot in each of them. In the first episode, Liam is taking us to Greece.
    I can't wait for the rest!
    You''ll find a few words from the author below the video.
    Greece had it all. Friendly people, culture, history, even the gods of the wind and oceans. It seemed like the right place to film the first episode of Seeking Cloud Nine.
    This movie is all about seeking undiscovered places, unexperienced moments, unexpected adventures but most importantly, making the most out of the journey.
    We are sending out a message showing the importance of living life in the moment, enjoy the good times and sort out the bad times.
    We may never find Cloud Nine but what we will experience on the way will be priceless…
    Martin Lark, in Cinematography,
    Turk and Caicos are such places on Earth where you'll see the most turquoise ocean of all, the whitest sand of all the sands and feel the wind that blows in a way that's just right - at least that's how it looks in my head Let's see it through the eyes of the kids.
    When the media teacher meets the students during their school break. We first had the idea to create a kiteboarding video but we also appreciated all the activities we could on the island. If you go to Turk's and Caicos and you are wondering what activities you should do and where? this video will show you the best activities as well as aerial videography combined with awesome kiteboarding tricks.
    -Housing with Villa Wind Chasser
    -Parasailing with Captain Marvin's Watersports
    -Lunch at Mudjin Bar & Grill at Blue Horizon Resort in Middle Caicos
    -Transfers from North to Middle with M&M Taxis in North Caicos
    -Transfers from Provo to North with TCI Ferry - Dinner at Da Conch Shack
    -ATV with Froggies Ultimate Tours
    -Flyboarding with Tours by Free
    -Hobie Sailing & SUP with WaterPlay/Kitesurf TCI
    -Horseback Riding with Caicos Corral
    Martin Lark, in Events,
    Solaire Blue Kiteboard Open 2017, which has just ended in the Philippines was the first event of 2017 Kite Park League. Sam Light became the winner among male riders and the best female rider turned out to be Annelous Lammerts. Titles of King and Queen of the Solaire Kicker were also awarded. Insignia of power were reclaimed by Christophe Tack and Colleen Carroll.
    Below you can find the full classification and a short video with the highlights.
    It was a successful first stop at the Kite Park League World Tour 2017 at the Solaire Blue Kiteboard Open 2017.
    It was an epic event from start to finish.
    Pictures by: facebook.com/BluePalawan
    Martin Lark, in Cinematography,
    Today we have a super-positive video about something that will put the most genuine smile on your faces - a video about fulfilled dreams.
    Casey and Scott decided to put all their eggs in one basket and open a kitesurfing school in Egypt.
    You have to watch it and listen to the great story of those two.
    Martin Lark, in Cinematography,
    2016 was a very special time for David Tonijuan. To stress it, the Manera and F-One rider prepared the following video for us.
    One year with a new Family, One year traveling to amazing places, One year that made me realise there's a big future forward and One year that that has happened thanks to many people that surrounds me.
    I just want to THANK YOU!
    This is a Recap video showing how was last year, starting showing places like Iceland, Brazil and Rodrigues and finishing with some footage during the last Worldkiteboardingleague stop in New Caledonia.
    Martin Lark, in News,
    14-02-17: Hamburg, Germany
    World Sailing has today signed a landmark agreement with the International Kiteboarding Association (IKA) and the Global Kitesports Association (GKA) to unite the kiteboarding community and provide clarity of kiteboarding’s governance structure.
    World Sailing, the IKA and the GKA aim to promote and expand interest worldwide in the sport of competitive kiteboarding and to regulate the management and responsibilities for kiteboarding. The parties have been in close consultation following the signing of a memorandum of understanding in November 2016 to achieve this.
    Under the new agreement, the GKA has the right to run expression events at a World Level for Wave, Strapless Freestyle, Big Air (Twin Tip), Freestyle (Twin Tip) and Slider / Obstacle and the IKA will continue to be responsible for the racing disciplines. The GKA shall be responsible for the development of pathways for expression events but shall work exclusively with the IKA and its national kiteboarding associations.
    The parties will work together exclusively on expression events below World Level and development of event officials.
    World Sailing is recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Associations of Summer Olympic International Federations (ASOIF) and Sport Accord as the world governing body of the sport of sailing in all its forms, including all forms of kiteboarding on the water, and seeks to protect the rights of all Kiteboarding stakeholders. As part of its responsibilities, World Sailing will ensure that events take place within the structure of the rules and are run to the appropriate standards for the benefit and protection of riders.
    World Sailing, the IKA and GKA will work together and fully co-operate to actively promote the united disciplines of Kiteboarding under World Sailing's umbrella, avoid calendar conflicts and further develop the various disciplines within World Sailing.
    Andy Hunt, Chief Executive Officer of World Sailing commented, “This mutually agreed governance structure brings clarity to the kiteboarding community at large. World Sailing will continue to work collaboratively with both parties to further benefit the discipline of kiteboarding and the riders.”
    Mirco Babini, IKA President said, “I have always been in favour of mutual collaboration between the most important stakeholders in the sport: class, industry and riders. The diversity and complexity of our sport needs professionals to constantly keep track with the latest developments.
    “This agreement will surely grow our disciplines and increase activity in the world, for the benefit of the whole community. The IKA has been working hard to achieve this goal, now it is time to go to work and give a clear picture of communication and cooperation. This has always been our approach.
    “The IKA will and always has shown its commitment to the development and strengthening of all kiteboarding disciplines.”
    Dr. Jörgen Vogt, Secretary General of the GKA added, “The contract will finally give peace to the sport and it is the base for a prosperous development of the sport and for the advantage of professional riders of all disciplines. We all have to do our best now to live the good spirit of our wonderful sport and work together in harmony.”
    Martin Lark, in Cinematography,
    Videos we're posting here on almost daily basis give us info on kite events, show us beautiful corners of our planet and let kiteboarding boys and gals present their skills. Those videos sometimes inform us about important facts from kiteboarding world but also from the bigger, globular one. It's amazing that in the era of getting a camera free when  buying a bunch of carrots it's so rare to see a video that should be a warning for everyone.
    Today we have such a video.
    This video shows what can happen when you cross over your kite lines with your board. A GoPro was on the middle lines, when the lines went slack, the weight of the GoPro pulled the lines under the water. The result was the lines becoming tangled around the board and relaunching the rider into the air, coming down with a huge impact and resulting in a compound fracture to the leg. Broken in 4 places and repaired with a steel rod and screws.
    Martin Lark, in News,
    Kiteboard Riders United
    The KRU (Kiteboard Riders United) would like to announce that it will no longer be a union only for Pro Freestyle Riders, but also for the Junior, and Big Air athletes. After an extremely successful 2016 season, the KRU have decided that they want to take responsibility for the Juniors and Big Air athletes also, together with the support from the GKA and with the sanction from World Sailing.  KRU is the co-founder of the World Kiteboarding League, and the Juniors are the future of the WKL. The World Kiteboarding League will be responsable for the 2017 Junior World Championships in Sant Pere Pescador, Spain. The WKL also hold the World Championship rights of the Big Air, of which there will be 4 events run throughout 2017. In order to be able to support the riders to their best capacity, we ask them to join the KRU.
    The KRU now has over 90 members, who are not only freestyle riders, and we expect to grow to 150 members during 2017. The strength of the KRU is to be united so that as kiteboarding riders, we have one unified voice.
    Kiteboarding Riders United
    Let's stay connected:
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    Media Enquiries - Media@Worldkiteboardingleague.com

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    Kevin Langaree is not only a fantastic athlete, but also a guy who's always smiling, which evokes  a lot of positive emotions in me each time I watch him. Kevin's become a vloger recently and you can see and subscribe to his vlog here, and here you'll find Jalou's vlog, also totally worth subscribing!
    Today we have a video from Kevin and his sister's, Jalou's, trip to Madagascar. What great waves they have there! You have to see it!
    Unfortunately, there are no penguins
    Endless waves in Madagascar! Wow what a place! It's kinda a mission to get there cause the flights and roads getting to Lavanono are not that great. But ones there it's one of the best waves I've ever kited. And I had to chance to ride these waves together with my sister Jalou Langeree. Endless memories that we toke home.
    Enjoy the video and don't forget to subscribe.
    Here some more facts:
    -Lavanon is in the South of Madagascar.
    - It takes 2,5 days to get there
    -filmer Leon Jamear
    Special thanks to Jalou Langeree, Gilles Calvet, Gigi (Lavanono) , Jean (info Tourisme), Nicolas (Babaomby Lodge).
    Martin Lark, in Cinematography,
    If i were a poet or at least an amateur writer, it'd be rubbing my hands thinking how big and full of sophisticated words article I'd be writing. However, I`m not a poet, not even a writer so I'll just say that you'll definitely find that certain something in today's video... that something that's deep in our souls - souls of the people who love the water, the wind, people who love life.
    I suggest all of you put away your phones, tablets and other devices that make your life easier and watch and listen to this video using the most advanced AV equipment you have.
    So yeah, this 'Vivida' thing is pretty cool and all that, but like - what's it all about? Vivida Lifestyle presents to you 'Together'. A full length feature movie showing what the Vivida Lifestyle is all about. Vivida is more than a brand. Its a movement, a project, a philosophy. Uniting a community of adventurers, dreamers, thinkers and doers with a passion for life and all it has to offer.
    This isn't one to watch on the mobiles! Get it up on the big screen with some proper speakers. Sit back, pour a cuppa tea, and get your cinema hats on because TONIGHT you've got plans.
    Shot in breathtaking locations including: Tarifa, Dominican Republic, Brazil, England, Mauritius, New Zealand, Dubai, Portugal, Greece, Australia and Zanzibar.
    Michael Gabler, in News,
    There's recently been a huge clash of the titans in the British Virgin Islands. Representing the United States of America, former President, Barack Obama clashed against Sir Richard Branson, representing the British Crown. After a long and exhausting battle, the representative of the USA, who managed to kiteboard an impressive distance of 100 meters, claimed the victory! Defeated and disgraced Richard Branson collapsed after covering just 50m on a foilboard.
    Cast him into the dungeon!
    Here is the original story.
    Challenged President Barack Obama to a kitesurf vs foilboard learning contest – here’s what happened.