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    4.0, 6.0, 9.0, 12.0m²
    PEAK3 ... adventure awaits
    Go vertical! The PEAK3 features everything a passionate freerider's heart could possibly desire  -  a highly-efficient and durable Single-Skin concept, simple set up, and flying ease. Plus it offers power on demand with superb safety. Designed for universal use, it sets the standard for a touring kite. Adventure awaits you. The PEAK3 tackles all terrain with ease,  and does not compromise on performance, agility or safety, while  remaining great usability. Experience the lightness and cranking power of a Single-Skin concept. Access the  world of kiting in just a few seconds! Since no pre-inflation or pumping is needed, you are always ready to go. Its unmatched low-end power will take you wherever you want to go, even in the slightest breeze; and thanks to its effective depower, you’ll be safe and in control, even in stronger winds. The PEAK3 ensures maximum  security, reinforced by the new Reef Line Safety. Reverse launches, backstall landings, or simply dropping the  kite at the edge of the wind window, the PEAK3 does it all, giving you multiple ways out of dangerous  situations, or for times when you just need a break. The PEAK3 is ideally suited for backcountry touring,  freeride snowkiting, street kiting, kite landboarding or buggying, and is a must-have in every kite school. Once  you try it, it will quickly become your go-to kite. Choose your preferred size from the new  PEAK3 line-up  – 12.0m, 9.0m, 6.0m or 4.0m. The ultimate toy whether on snow, sand, grass or asphalt. The adventure awaits  you...

    Touring Bag with integrated Kite Harness A small, 25-liter pack volume, comfortable foam shoulder-straps, durable construction, an integrated kite  harness, and space for your daily essentials rounds off our lightweight trekking backpack. This saves the need  to bring a standard bulky and heavy harness along with you when going out on expeditions or freeriding.  Please note that the Touring Bag is not intended to replace your kite harness for high-strain use, and we highly  recommend that you avoid jumping and flying with the FLYSURFER Kiteboarding Touring Bag.

    Total package consists of:
    1x PEAK3 Kite only 1x PEAK3 Gear Guide 1x Reef Line Safety Kit (incl. assembly instructions) 1x Sandbag 1x Repair Kit 1x PEAK3 Bag  

    PEAK3 - Features
    The technical features are generated from many years of experience of the FLYSURFER developing and  workshop team and their close collaboration. 
    Single-Skin Concept
    The PEAK3 is a foil kite which only needs one top sail to form the wing. This Single-Skin concept draws in kiters  with its unique characteristics and ratio of performance per square meter. The high efficiency remains  controllable thanks to the PEAK3's  progressive depower and stability. The kite benefits from the wing’s lack of  inertia, has far less tendency to overshoot and its reduced amplitude means it behaves well in gusty wind.  When it comes to kiting in the low-end wind range, the PEAK3 definitely sets the standard.

    Minimal Pack Size
    The PEAK3 is built for traveling, trekking and touring. Its Single-Skin concept meets the requirements for  snowkiting and landkiting better than any other kite. Take advantage of its featherlight weight and super-small  pack sizes. The PEAK3 provides highest safety in the most dangerous situations, supported by the Reef Line  Safety and an immediate loss of power at any time.
    Unmatched Low-End
    Can you fly a kite with nearly no wind? You can with the PEAK3! The kite provides incredible stability and  control in the lightest winds. With a 30% reduction of the bridle lines, the PEAK3 produces less drag, letting it  achieve its unique low-end. You can even have fun in 3 - 8 knot winds!

    High-Quality and Durable
    The PEAK3's durability remains true to the FLYSURFER Kiteboarding philosophy. We build extensively-tested  products with functional and rugged components. New reinforcements are targeted at specific high-stress  areas such as at the leading edge. We are proud to further improve our product quality.
    Universal Application
    As easy to fly as an entry-level school kite but designed for high-adrenaline adventures. Whether it’s on land or  snow, with a kite landboard or a buggy, skis or snowboards, for freeride or teaching purposes, adults or  children, beginners or advanced, for urban street kiting or as a traveling companion; the PEAK3 is your  ultimate weapon for your daily session.

    Reef Line Safety
    The unique, patented Reef Line Safety of the PEAK3 ensures maximum security and all but guarantees the easy  reactivation of the kite. The advantage of the Reef Line, compared to a single front safety system, is an  immediate contraction of the kite's wing span. This results in a controlled, powerless crash of the kite. In light  winds it may occur that some lines fold over a wingtip. The Reef Line Safety is an additional red-colored line  included in every PEAK3 package. Please follow the assembly instructions carefully. If you need help, please  contact your dealer or FLYSURFER Kiteboarding customer service: info@flysurfer.com
    12 month Free Repair Warrantee by FLYSURFER
    More details can be found here: flysurfer.com/support/free-repair
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    IKA News

    KA General Assembly adopts important changes to Equipment for Youth Olympics,
    future Olympic and Regional Games, and strengthens governance model.
    The General Assembly of the International Kiteboarding Association (IKA) had adopted class rule changes for the TwinTip:Racing Class and the Formula Kite Class at the Annual General Meeting held last Saturday in Brussel, Belgium.

    The TwinTip:Racing Class has been selected as equipment for the kiteboarding events at the Youth Olympic Games (YOG) in Buenos Aires 2018. To ensure a level playing field while maintaining the principle of “bring your own equipment”, the class rules now limit the equipment to be used at the YOG and its qualifier events to one registered series production hull and four registered series production “leading edge inflatable” kites. The full class rules will be published by the end of the month.

    For a possible inclusion in the 2020 and later Olympic Games as well as for Regional Games (like the Panamerican Games), the Formula Kite Class will select one hydrofoil model and one kite model at the end of 2017 from the list of registered equipment. This selected equipment will be the only equipment to be used in such events, while all other class events remain open for any registered equipment. This provides MNAs with planning security for the equipment, provides a level playing field for the athletes and avoids an arms race. A new set of equipment will be chosen under the same criteria (amongs others, that the equipment must be used by a top-10-competitor) every four years which ensures guaranteed equipment evolution and showcasing kiteboarding always on high performance equipment. The changes to the Formula Kite Class rules will also be published as soon as possible.

    The 2017 equipment registration scheme will be provided to any interested manufacturer in February. The registration deadline for Formula Kite equipment is May 1st 2017, the registration deadling for TwinTip:Racing equipment is September 1st 2017.

    Apart from these important class rule changes, the General Assembly also approved a re-draft of the constitution which introduces an Athletes Commission for both Racing and Expression disciplines with a seat on the General Assembly including submission making and voting rights, and a separation between elected Executive Committee and appointed Class Management.
    The full minutes will be published shortly.
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    We already wrote about it yesterday in a comment to Red Bull King of the Air text. Unfortunately, the text was devoured by a shark and you can't see it. While the best of the best of the best NASA specialists are working on retrieving the text on KotA, we are sad to inform:
    A week before the start of the event, one of the favourites, Kevin Langeree, suffered an ankle injury, which means his participation in the contest is an uncertainty. Below you'll find a few words from Kevin about the unfortunate accident.
    Kevin, we're keeping our fingers crossed!
    I broke my ankle on the landing of a kiteloop board off during a training session for the KING of the AIR. Can you believe it?! Just a couple of days before the waiting period of the KOTA will start, so this is probably the worst timing in the world...
    But things like this happen. You have to train smart which I did but even than there is a big chance of hurting yourself. Unfortunately it's part of the game.
    I'm not really sure how long it will take. I still have to see a couple specialists. But I'm going to do every thing in my ability to get back on the water asap. Don't forget to subscribe for more updates.
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    We keep getting various kinds of material from last season of Kite Park League. This time we have a fantastic 'crashy' set from Hood Jam 2016 by Jesse:
    Richman, Oswald Smith, Sam Light, Craig Cunningham, Ewan Jaspan, Colleen Carroll, John Perry, Noè Font, Rich Sabo, Brandon Scheid, Sensi Graves, Sam Medysky, Pierre Vogel, Eric Rienstra, Katie Potter, Annelous Lammerts, Karolina Winkowska, Christophe Tack, James Boulding, Alex Maes and Ramiro Gallart.
    Definitely a must-see!
    Crash segment from Hood Jam 2016 with Jesse Richman, Oswald Smith, Sam Light, Craig Cunningham, Ewan Jaspan, Colleen Carroll, John Perry, Noè Font, Rich Sabo, Brandon Scheid, Sensi Graves, Sam Medysky, Pierre Vogel, Eric Rienstra, Katie Potter, Annelous Lammerts, Karolina Winkowska, Christophe Tack, James Boulding, Alex Maes and Ramiro Gallart
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    Red Bull King of the Air - the most important of big-air events is starting this weekend in Cape Town, South Africa. Big-air feast will take place between 21st Jan. and 5th Feb. It will be the fifth time creme de la creme of kiteboardinng world will compete against each other in Big Bay.
    Among the participants we'll see 12 prominent contestants from previous 4 editions, 4 riders chosen on the basis of sent videos and 2 kiteboarders with wildcards.
    Below, you'll find the list of contestants:
    Aaron Hadlow (UK), Jesse Richman (USA), Kevin Langeree (NL), Reno Romeu (BRA), Lasse Walker (NL), Andries Fourie (RSA), Marc Jacobs (NZ), Lewis Crathern (UK), Jerrie van de Kop (NL), Tom Hebert (FRA), Williem van der Meij (NL), Gijs Wassenaar (NL), Ruben Lenten (NL), Nick Jacobsen (DK), Steven Akkersdiik (NL), Oswald Smith (RSA), Petreau Aurelien (FRA), Ryan Siegelberg (RSA).
    Preparing for the Extreme - King of the Air by Tom Court
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    Formula Kite World Champion Daniela Moroz
    named US Yachtswoman of the Year

    Portsmouth, RI (January 12, 2017) – Olympic Bronze Medalist Caleb Paine (San Diego, Calif.) and IKA Formula Kite World Champion Daniela Moroz (Lafayette, Calif.) today were selected as US Sailing’s 2016 Rolex Yachtsman and Yachtswoman of the Year.
    This selection follows the announcement in December of the eight men and six women shortlisted for the award and recognized as sailing’s top performers of the year by US Sailing. A slate of nominees, determined by the membership of US Sailing, was presented to a panel of accomplished sailing journalists, who together discussed the merits of each nominee and individually voted to determine the ultimate winners.
    Foiling prodigy Daniela Moroz has reached the pinnacle of her sport at the age of 15. On the world’s largest stage, the high school sophomore rose to the occasion on the final day of racing at the IKA Formula Kite World Championship last September in Weifang-Binhai, China.

    Moroz was on equal points with reigning world champion, Russian Elena Kalinina, 18, on the last day of racing. Despite the light air, which had typically favored Kalinina, Moroz won all four races on the final day to secure the world championship. She won eight of 12 races overall.
    Moroz posted top results throughout 2016 on the Hydrofoil Pro Tour. She placed first in the women’s fleet at the Final Round in Rockingham, Western Australia and first place at Round Three in Pointe d’Esny, Mauritius. Moroz’s consistent results propelled her to the top of the Hydrofoil Pro Tour women’s final standings.
    “It didn’t feel real at first,” said Moroz. “I couldn’t believe it actually happened. It’s always been something I dreamed of doing ever since I started kiting. I’ve been training and racing with Erika Heineken since the beginning and she is a role model and inspiration to me. To be able to do what she did means a lot.”

    “The Hydrofoil Pro Tour was awesome,” added Moroz. “It is one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Traveling around the world and being able to compete is a dream. The racing is a big part of it, but it’s not everything. I’ve made some great friends along the way.”
    Moroz learned how to kiteboard at the age of 11 while taking lessons on Sherman Island. In the summer of 2013 she had her first racing experience out of Crissy Field at one of the Thursday Night Races. Soon after, she learned how to foil and raced the entire 2014 season on a Sword.
    “Both of my parents were windsurfers, so they introduced me at an early age. “I chose kiting because this sport had really taken off. Soon after I began racing, the progression from raceboards to hydrofoil had started and I followed that progression.”

    Moroz has her sights set on another world championship and she would like to race on the Hydrofoil Pro Tour again in 2017. She also has high hopes that kiteboarding is selected as a sailing event for the 2020 Games in Tokyo. Moroz will also be preparing to compete at the Buenos Aires 2018 Summer Youth Olympic Games.
    Source: US Sailing
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    Grab a cup of tea and some biscuits, take a seat and join Slingshot rider and English gentleman Sam Light as he gives us a unique glimpse of his home waters.
    Although he travels the world as one of kiteboarding’s elite, there’s nothing quite like setting out on adventure through the quaint countryside and rugged coastline of Sam Light’s England.
    Hop in the backseat of the Volvo for an extensive road trip throughout England with Hayling Island's favorite son, Sam Light.
    Spend two weeks traversing along the entire British coastline, kiteboarding, wake boarding and taking in all this beautiful country has to offer. Rarely do you get to see this much of an often overlooked kiteboarding destination.
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    More time has passed since the last of 'Kite Park League' episodes than there is till the first event of the 2017 series. The following video, which is a summary of the 2016 season, should make the anticipating more pleasant for you, guys. Are Sam and Karolina going to keep in shape and nail it again? We're gonna find that out in the Philippines, at the beginning of February.
    2016 was the first year that wakestyle kiteboarding has had its own competitions series. In the past there has been lots of individual park style events but a few of us had the idea to start the website kiteparkleague.com to compile all of the results under one roof. With a unified judging, format and criteria we hope to push forward the disipline of park riding and push the level of the sport and media into the future.
    The 2016 season comprised of five stops, starting in the Philippines with Blue Kiteboarding's Palawan event, followed by the legendary Tripls-S in Cape Hatteras. Then heading to Hood River for the slider projects 'Hood jam'. Russia's world class kite park hosted the 'Rail Masters' and a new park in the UK was built up in Wales to make the 'Rhosneigr Park Jam' finalising the season in November.
    To keep up to date with the 2017 season, sponsorship opportunities or to enter the tour as a rider, go and visit: kiteparkleague.com
    A big thanks to all the brands and riders that made this possible. We look forward to great developments coming into our second year!
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    I think that far far away live some kiteboarding guys and girls who have no idea that the life of a professional kiteboarder is really cool. Karolina Winkowska who lives a kiteboarding dream thought of those who might not know how awesome it is and decided to tell what it's like to be a professional kiteboarder, live in Brazil and go kitesurfing every day.
    I think that there are also those who know exactly how great it is and e.g. are sitting in an office right now, in the middle of winter and when they can finally move away from their desks and go home, it's already dark... Karolina also knows this but... she doesn't give a damn, 'cause even if they threw a stapler at her, it wouldn't reach her anyway, right?
    Being a professional kiteboarder is the best thing that has happened to me. In this video I show you my world, full of beautiful scenery and some of my highest level kiteboarding. Going to Brazil for a kiteboarding trip is always very productive for me landing new tricks and making videos. This year I wanted to showcase my riding which is now more and more influenced by free riding and enjoyment, rather than the repetitive competition routine that I used to once practice.
    I hope you enjoy it!!!
    Filmed & Edited by: Alexander Lewandowski @wgwkpl,
    Location : North Brazil
    Sponsors : Slingshot Kite, Nissan Qashqai, Guajiru Surf Village
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    Today, we're continuing 'the old dudes series' on kitezone.com. It's not like I planned this but such videos fall into our hands this week, so we just go with the flow.
    In the below video, Dmitri Maramenides from Epic Kiteboarding and his old(er) pals are travelling across Brazil. In contrast to our videos from the previous days, today you won't hear a solemn voice of the narrator and no one will be taken to a hospital. Our stars are just having great fun on their trip. I also know you'll see a donkey and a black pig but that's all 'cause no one wrote anything under the video. 
    This video is about an "Ordinary" Kite Trip to Brazil with Epic Kites.