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    Martin Lark, in Cinematography,
    The month full of premieres of new and renewed equipment is still ongoing in the kitesurfing world! F-one has the habit of revealing one epic video every year and today is the day when the new footage has come to light.
    The French producer has prepared the video mainly to promote new stuff for 2017 with the Bandit kite as the flagship product. However, they did a lot more - they created an over 15-minute commercial presenting the sport of kiteboarding from its very best side.
    Martin Lark, in Events,
    2016 HydroFoil Pro Tour – Mauritius (Pointe d'Esny Beach), Day 4
    Saturday, 20 August 2016

    Hydrofoil Pro Tour – Mauritius
    Preskil Beach Resort, Pointe d’Esny Beach
    August 17th – 20th
    Final Day & Event Report – Nico Parlier wins two in a row
    The third stop of the Hydrofoil Pro Tour in Mauritius was a “destination event” to be sure. The idyllic island paradise in the Indian Ocean was a must see for sailors and their loved ones who made the journey. However, this fleet wasn’t necessarily here for sight-seeing, fruity cocktails, and toes in the sand. Just about every single podium ranked kite racer was in attendance. All of the big guns. The stage was set for a showdown of epic proportion.

    The online forums and discussion groups were buzzing with speculation as to who was going to win this thing. Many of the teams having been in their respective corners, in a mid-season development period, working on their equipment tuning, manuevers, and strategies for the anticyclone wind pattern. From recent events you have Axel Mazella who sailed a convincing victory at the European Championship in July. Johnny Heineken is always a threat for the top spot with piercing hot streak abilities. Maxime Nocher the 2015 World Tour champ and perennial podium threat…. Olly Bridge the outlier, Titouan Galea the kid, Adrian Geislinger the Austrian, “De Falbaire d’Esny”, and of course Nico Parlier- all of whom could be considered a lion in a cage ready to attack if the gate is opened for them.

    There were three back to back races scheduled for the final day of racing (Day 4). The wind forecasted to drop and shift throughout the day. There were questions about choice of kite size to withstand the dying breeze. The shallow water and ripping current on the course all played a factor in the decision. Florian Gruber (Germany) said, “I’m going big today” and flew his 18m² kite to the racecourse. “It’s pulling hard” Gruber exclaimed before the start of Race 15, the first race of the final day. Turns out that the wind gods were looking out for these racers and the velocity remained steady throughout all of the finals racing. The event completed with fresh breezes in toto.

    Nico Parlier came out swinging once again. He won Race 15 securing the top spot on the podium with two races to spare. However, in an act of good sportsmanship he sailed the series all the way to the end. And he won the final two races as well, a near perfect record for the event! With a win in San Francisco and now a win in Mauritius Parlier could be the assumed favorite to win the final stop in Perth (Rockingham) Australia coming end of November. The tour championship in the balance, of course.

    Stay tuned to our media channels to get upcoming news as well as in depth interviews, full length race video edits, and highlight videos showcasing this fantastic sport of kiteboard hydrofoil racing.
    Next event is “Hydrofoil Pro Tour – Australia/Rockingham” schedule for 26th-29th November hosted by The Cruising Yacht Club of Western Australia.
    See you all there!
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    Event Results
    Robbie Dean
    Hydrofoil Pro Tour
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    skype: rvdean
    Martin Lark, in Events,
    2016 HydroFoil Pro Tour – Mauritius (Pointe d'Esny Beach), Day 3
    Friday, 19 August 2016

    Hydrofoil Pro Tour – Mauritius
    Preskil Beach Resort, Pointe d’Esny Beach
    August 17th – 20th
    The top contenders extend their lead.
    Another five races have been completed in picture perfect conditions on the island paradise of Mauritius, bringing the race-count to fourteen thus far. The competitors with true grit will find themselves at the top.

    These athletes have been going their hardest for three days or more. Those that showed up early for training at the venue have logged over two hundred miles of hydrofoil sailing in less than a week. The ability to simply endure this kind of challenge is something worthy of a medal. These Pro Tour races are four miles long as the crow flies but each sailor must go nearly double that distance to navigate themselves up and down the course through the windshifts and tidal currents.
    Full speed, full power, pushing with your legs and arms against giant kite wings and high performance hydrofoils. Nevermind the crashes at 30knots of speed. Nevermind the occaisional tangle with a fellow racer. Even if everything was to go exactly your way in the long series of races you’re still going to be absolutely thrashed, no matter how much time you’ve spent in the gym and in training. The breakfast and dinner buffet at the Preskil Beach Resort, demolished! A quick stretch and a good night’s sleep couldn’t come any sooner.

    Nico Parlier (France) had lined up a perfect series until today and he probably didn’t expect that the ending of his streak would be delivered in such a way. “I sailed over to the VIP boat (a large catamaran) to say hi to some people and get a drink of water in between races. All of the sudden I felt no tension on my lines and I looked up and… oh no.” The kite had become tangled with the top of the mast and Nico had to miss Race 13 while he got it untangled. Just goes to show that even the near-perfect sailors have their very difficult moments of strife at these events. Parlier scoffed, “a rookie move”. He still maintains a sizable lead over his rivals and looks to be on his way to another regatta victory.

    In Nico’s absence it was Olly Bridge (Great Britain) who took the win in Race 13 and scored all five races in the top three today. Bridge has extended his lead over the other Youth Division sailors and in addition moved himself up to third position in the overall ranking. Marvin Baumeister (Germany) also extended his lead in the Masters Division and now has a sizable lead over his nearest competitor, kite speed world record holder Alex Caizergues (France). Daniela Moroz (USA) gapped out front of the Ladies group and Richard Bates (New Zealand) stays just in front of Jean Pierre Valesa (France) in the Grandmasters Division.

    The forecast for tomorrow’s finale is for a bit of lighter wind. This change in the weather the could offer some mixed results as the light-wind specialists hope to climb the ranks against the others. Stay tuned to our media channels to get all of the live news as well as in depth interviews, full length race video edits, and highlight videos showcasing this fantastic sport of kiteboard hydrofoil racing.
    1. NICO PARLIER – 12pts
    2. JOHNNY HEINEKEN – 30pts
    3. OLIVER BRIDGE – 33pts
    4. MAXIME NOCHER – 41pts
    5. AXEL MAZELLA – 50pts
    1. DANIELA MOROZ – 196pts
    2. ELENA KALININA – 246pts
    3. GINA HEWSON – 298.8pts
    1. OLIVER BRIDGE – 33pt
    2. AXEL MAZELLA – 50pts
    3. TIOUAN GALEA – 77pt
    4. JEAN DE FALBAIRE – 96pts
    5. THEO LHOSTIS – 122pts
    1. MARVIN BAUMEISTER – 114.5pts
    2. ALEX CAIZERGUES – 151pts
    3. BENJAMIN PETIT – 167pts
    4. KARI EISENHUT – 232pts
    5. GINA HEWSON – 298.8pts
    Grand Master
    1. RICHARD BATES – 304pts
    2. JEAN-PIERRE VALESA – 312pts
    3. PHILLIP ROWLANDS – 348.4pts
    4. JAN PATRICK – 350pts
    5. REMI DEAHAYE – 378pts
    Event Results
    Robbie Dean
    Hydrofoil Pro Tour
    email: rvdean@gmail.com
    skype: rvdean
    Martin Lark, in Events,
    2016 HydroFoil Pro Tour – Mauritius (Pointe d'Esny Beach), Day 2
    Thursday, 18 August 2016

    Hydrofoil Pro Tour – Mauritius
    Preskil Beach Resort, Pointe d’Esny Beach
    August17th – 20th
    Parlier continues his streak of perfect scores.
    Four more races are in the books marking the halfway point at this highlight event in the Indian Ocean. Another day of strong breeze and clear waters was the perfect setting for this global hydrofoiling circuit.

    To succeed in such a long series of races it takes strength and stamina but Frenchman Nico Parlier seems to possess something even greater. “His posture looks comfortable and his maneuvers are flawless” exclaimed Pro Kite Racer Nicolas Landauer. “At this point he looks unbeatable.” With his string of first place finishes Parlier’s score line makes the famed ‘picket fence’ formation. Viewers responding on the live broadcast questioned whether or not he could continue the streak.

    Hot on the heels of Parlier however is young British sailor Oliver Bridge. Bridge was leading several races at the upwind mark in today’s sailing. With top-end speed and tactics he attributes his success to the specialized hydrofoil and kite combination he’s running. “Yeah upwind I am going really well, getting to the windward mark in first in quite a few races. I seem to be going the same angle but with more speed than the other riders.” Bridge leads the youth division by five points just ahead of 2016 European Champion Axel Mazella (France). “I have been training with my mother (decorated champion Steph Bridge) and brother (Guy Bridge). They are both very fast which helps to push me very hard during practice.” With fifteen competitors in the youth division there’s a bright look to the future of kiteboard hydrofoiling.

    Youth division participants traveled from points abound including Russia, USA, Dubai, Australia and also boasts a good sized Mauritian contingent led by Jean de Falbaire currently in 9th place overall.
    Daniela Moroz (USA), Marvin Baumeister (Australia), and Richard Bates (New Zealand) are currently leading the ladies, masters, and grandmasters divisions respectively. Racing starts at 1130hrs (GMT +4) on Friday and 1200hrs (GMT +4) on Saturday. Check out the Hydrofoil Pro Tour Facebook page to get details on the live radio broadcast of the action.

    1. NICO PARLIER – 8pts
    2. JOHNNY HEINEKEN – 20pts
    3. MAXIME NOCHER – 26pts
    4. OLIVER BRIDGE – 30pts
    5. AXEL MAZELLA – 34pts
    1. DANIELA MOROZ – 134pts
    2. ELENA KALININA – 168pts
    3. GINA HEWSON – 197.8pts
    1. OLIVER BRIDGE – 30pt
    2. AXEL MAZELLA – 34pts
    3. TIOUAN GALEA – 55pt
    4. JEAN DE FALBAIRE – 71pts
    5. THEO LHOSTIS – 79pts
    1. MARVIN BAUMEISTER – 78.5pts
    2. ALEX CAIZERGUES – 98pts
    3. BENJAMIN PETIT – 136pts
    4. KARI EISENHUT – 156pts
    5. GINA HEWSON – 197pts
    Grand Master
    1. RICHARD BATES – 200pts
    2. JEAN-PIERRE VALESA – 213pts
    3. PHILLIP ROWLANDS – 227pts
    4. JAN PATRICK – 241pts
    5. REMI DEAHAYE – 248pts
    Event Results
    Robbie Dean
    Hydrofoil Pro Tour
    email: rvdean@gmail.com
    skype: rvdean
    Martin Lark, in Cinematography,
    Colleen Carroll and Craig Cunningham travelled to Watamu, Kenya, to watch some animals from the car - maybe an elephant, a giraffe and a monkey, and maybe a couple of zebras too. They didn't expect, as most of us wouldn't, to find perfect conditions for kitesurfing there. Thank God the two North Kiteboarding riders took a camera with them and we can now admire this amazing place and its people together with them.
    Martin Lark, in Gear,
    As we mentioned yesterday regarding the topic of Join the Movement - Naish Kiteboarding 2017, the content of videos presenting Naish Kiteboarding 2017 products was revealed. Today we are presenting hot new stuff from Naish in a more detailed way. Quad-Tex - the strongest canopy material ever, Torque Control Systems and many more - everyone will find something to suit themselves.
    Join the Movement - Welcome to 2017
    Naturally driven to shake things up, innovation is in our DNA and the 2017 season does not disappoint.
    The new line-up features Quad-Tex, the strongest canopy material ever made; function-rich Torque Control Systems; uber-intuitive kites; performance-enhanced boards and bindings so comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing them.
    We’re always asking “how high, how fast, how far . . .” and we feed that insatiable curiosity by pushing the boundaries. 2017 marks the next era in kiting. Are you ready to get on board?

    A collaboration between Teijin and Naish, Quad-Tex is the strongest, most responsive kite canopy material on the market. Taking a “strength-first” approach, Quad-Tex is constructed with a matrix of 4x-reinforced ripstop, which is balanced to the optimal strength-to-weight ratio for heavy-duty rip protection. Quad-Tex consistently outperforms leading canopy materials, testing over 30% stronger with the least elongation and stretch. The result is a more rigid, responsive kite that you can count on, day in and day out.
    Learn More About Quad-Tex
    Pivot: Freeride/Wave
    Sizes:  5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14
    Predictable power development, direct bar feel, intuitive steering and plenty of “sheet-in-and-go” are just a few characteristics that make the Pivot one of the most sought-after kites on the market. Adapting to a wide variety of wind and wave conditions, this kite features a medium aspect ratio for substantial low-end power, easy jumping and great upwind performance. Dynamic and responsive, it pivots quickly and easily on a small axis of rotation—with minimal power increase through turns—for super-smooth carving through waves and enhanced control going into and out of kiteloops.
    Now constructed with Quad-Tex—the most advanced kite canopy material in existence—the Pivot is livelier and more responsive than ever. The stronger, stiffer fabric transfers energy more directly putting riders in complete control.
    Easy-handling, well-rounded and incredibly versatile, it’s clear to see how the Pivot has become the all-around choice for everyone, everywhere.
    View the Pivot
    Slash: Pure Wave/Strapless
    Sizes:  4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
    Developed with elite riders on the crest of the most legendary waves in the world—and tested to perform in even the most sloppy, onshore conditions—the Slash offers a smooth, yet responsive experience that adapts easily to a diversity of surf and trick riding.
    Born from the DNA of the renowned Pivot, the Slash features a lower aspect ratio and higher, wider wingtips for a compact overall outline which makes it easy to turn quickly and change direction. The swept wing tip delivers unmatched drifting ability, light bar pressure and quick relaunch. Perfectly balanced, the bridles and geometry are tuned to produce an incredibly stable shape and intuitive performance.
    Constructed with Quad-Tex—a revolutionary new 4x-reinforced ripstop that is 30% stronger and stiffer than any other kite canopy material on the market—the Slash is, easily, one of the strongest kites around. Intuitive, durable, dynamic. . . the Slash puts you in control to rip the most out of your session.
    View the Slash
    Torch with ESP: Pro Performance/Freestyle
    Sizes:  5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14
    From design and testing to incremental perfecting, the Torch is a product of years of collaboration with the top kiters in the world in the most demanding of conditions. Flown year after year on the world tour—consistently dominating the King of the Air—this kite has pushed the boundaries of what was ever conceived possible. Offering smooth power delivery, with depower similar to that of a bridled kite, the Torch delivers precision response for hooked and unhooked riding.
    Now available to a broader skillset, less experienced kiters can still ride like Jesse Richman, or Kevin Langeree with the Torch’s new ESP setting, which allows riders to adjust the depower for more forgiving controls with all the performance.
    Taking this sought-after C-kite to the next level, the addition of the Quad-Tex canopy makes this commanding kite practically indestructible. Already engineered for solid control and handling in strong winds, the addition of Quad-Tex’s 4x-reinforced ripstop and perfectly balanced weave matrix—testing 30% stronger and stiffer than any other around—heightens the stability and responsiveness of the Torch design. The pinnacle of freestyle performance just became stronger and more accessible; time to experience the pure precision of the Torch.
    View the Torch with ESP
    Torque Control System
    The AFNOR* certified Torque Control Systems offer a function-rich design with the all-new Torque Loop—the most advanced trim line system to date with a ball bearing swivel that keeps lines tangle-free. Extremely easy to release and reload, the patented Naish push-away quick release mechanism makes for consistently smooth operation regardless of line tension—keeping you secure while freeing you up to focus on what you love.
    View the Torque Control System

    Twin Tips
    Naish has the ideal board to fit any riding style. Fusing premium materials with cutting edge engineering, Naish twin tips feature superior shaping for performance that excels in any condition.
    View the Twin Tips

    Apex II: So comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing them.
    Designed for superior comfort, the Apex II is the market’s leading ergonomic binding for all styles of twin-tip riding. It features a full array of adjustment settings to easily adapt to feet of any size and shape, offering precise positioning and fit alongside remarkable comfort and outstanding board feel.
    Now with extra grip in the footbed, due to the industry first double molded surface texture with 2 different densities for the best combination of comfort and grip.
    View the Apex II

    Whatever the conditions call for, Naish has you covered. Lightweight, durable and engineered for responsive performance, our full range of directionals has options for anything from lightwind freeride, small wave, high performance and everything in between.
    View the Directionals

    Hover Foil & Foilboards
    Kiters can go from novice to expert in no time with Naish’s Hover Foiling line-up for 2017. Designed for quick progression, the early-planing Hover 160 is incredibly forgiving with a flat rocker line, rounded edges and generous buoyancy. For those more experienced, the Hover 130 takes it to the next level offering increased stiffness, better board feedback, reduced pearling and early-planing.
    Crafted from aircraft grade aluminum 6061, the Hover mast and fuselage are durable, lightweight and corrosion resistant. Offered with the 90 cm mast, it features a low-aspect main wing for quick planing, excellent stability and smooth take-offs. Those just getting started can use our shorter-sized masts for heightened stability and trade up as mastery improves.
    View the Hover

    Photos and texts by: naishkites.com
    Martin Lark, in Events,
    2016 HydroFoil Pro Tour – Mauritius (Pointe d'Esny Beach), Day 1
    Wednesday, 17 August 2016

    Hydrofoil Pro Tour – Mauritius
    Preskil Beach Resort, Pointe d’Esny Beach
    August 17th – 20th
    Parlier comes out swinging The first day of racing in the lagoon of Pointe d’Esny was what some might identify as ‘champagne sailing’.
    Racers were treated with fifteen to twenty knot winds, flat water, blue skies, and the beautiful backdrop of Isle Mauritius in view. For Frenchman Nico Parlier today’s performance probably has him pondering certain thoughts of champagne. After coming off a regatta victory in San Francisco and then winning all five of today’s races Parlier looks to be the top gun on the tour at the moment.

    But rivals Johnny Heineken (USA), Maxime Nocher (Monaco), Axel Mazella (France), and Oliver Bridge (Great Britain) will certainly respond in force to make sure Parlier doesn’t simply run away with another title. The top group was action packed with lead changes, big crashes, and tactical maneuvers as the racers work out this new international tour venue. With five races completed and a dozen left to go it is still anyone’s guess of who will be crowned champion.
    The ladies category saw some great battles between USA’s Daniela Moroz, Elena Kalinina (Russia), Alexia Francelli (France), and Gina Hewson (New Zealand). Currently Moroz leads the group with a seventeen-point advantage but while sailing amongst the men there are big point swings between each of the female competitors.

    Other titles on the line are the Youth (Under 21 years), Masters (35-44 years), and Grandmasters (45+) with the largest category participation in the Youth and Grandmasters divisions. The competition will continue tomorrow with four races planned at high tide.
    The venue at Ponite d’Esny has a tricky tidal cycle which plays into the racing strategy and more importantly the cautionary awareness for the racers. They will try to catch the advantaged current but more importantly they will try not touch the sea floor reefs with their one-meter long hydrofoils. One false move and crash! You’ll not only be landing hard on the water but you’ll be mixing a batch of repair resin in your hotel that evening.

    It’s all part of the game on the Pro Tour as the organizers and race management team try to manage the fine balance between beauty, competition, fun, and safety. Stay tuned to our Facebook and YouTube Channels for full length race edits, interviews with the riders, live updates, and much more.
    Robbie Dean
    Hydrofoil Pro Tour
    email: rvdean@gmail.com
    skype: rvdean
    Event Results
    Martin Lark, in Cinematography,
    Nobile encourages to buy 'ZEN Hydrofoil' describing it as 'probably the best aluminum-carbon hydrofoil on the market'. We didn't have a chance to test the equipment but rumour has it that the producer, coming from Poland by the way, created something close to ideal. Nobile Zen Hydrofoil combined with the brand's splitboard and put into a "check-in bag" meets the criteria of most airlines.  If that's not impressive, then what is?
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