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    Martin Lark, in Gear,
    Fehmarn, Germany 19.07.2016
    Core Choice 2 & Bolt 2 Boards
    CORE releases its Next Gen Choice and Bolt twin tips.
    The kiteboarding powerhouse on the sunny island of Fehmarn releases the next generation of its freestyle bestsellers.  Fans of the CORE Bolt and Choice will appreciate the  innovative refinements to the fabulous originals. Although  both boards share CORE’s hi-tech board construction  technology, they are designed for two distinct target markets.  Whereas the Choice is a board for freestylists that enjoy both  straps and the occasional boot session, the boot only Bolt is  designed strictly for the hardcore wakestyle market.


    The second generation boards feature a new CNC milling and  production process that extends the Paulownia wood core closer  to the board edges to reduce weight and increase reflexivity.  The improved channels and Vario Rails give you the grip and  control you need with or without fins. And the Bolt 2 and  Choice 2 both continue to benefit from CORE’s proprietary 30°  biaxial carbon fiber weave that further optimizes board  torsion and dynamic longitudinal flex. “The new boards feel  alive and ready for anything.” claims CORE twintip developer,  Daniel Borchert.

    The new boards incorporate variable rail thickness for better  control and a smoother edging. The Vario Rails as they are  known feature a  9.5mm shaped rail profile near the center of  the board that progressively reduces in thickness to 3mm near  the tips. The marginally wider tips, moderated rocker, and 2  new ¾length channels produces a silky smooth turning board  with amazing lateral resistance, excellent speed in the lulls,  and never ending smiles. Like the originals, both boards carry  forward their reputation for extreme durability and slider  friendly bases.


    Whereas the Choice 2 gives you the option to use boots or  straps, the Bolt 2 is strictly a boot only wakestyler with an  innovative base. Ding the Bolt’s unique, snowboard inspired,  Pro Fix Grindbase and repair it easily with a PTEX candle. The next gen Choice 2 is available in four sizes and may be  ordered with either the Union Comfort or Union Pro Pads and  Straps. Prices start at 849 EUR. And the boot ready Bolt 2 is available in three sizes from 949 EUR at an authorized CORE  retailer near you.

    Choice 2 Sizes:
    134x41 cm | 137x41.5 cm | 139x42 cm | 142x42.5 cm
    Suggested retail pricing from: EUR 849,-
    Bolt 2 Sizes:
    136x42 cm | 139x42.5 cm | 142x42.75 cm
    Suggested retail pricing from: EUR 949,-
    Choice 2 key feature snapshot:
    •  CARTAN® CARBON: Exclusive, 30° biaxial carbon fiber.
    •  3D WOOD CORE: Precise, CNC milled, Paulownia wood core.
    •  VARIO RAILS: Multi-width rails for better handling.
    •  DIAMOND 3D-SHAPE: Optimized force distribution zones.
    •  MULTI CHANNELS: Crazy grip – even without fins.
    •  V-SHAPE KEEL: Smoothes out the bumps.
    •  PRO ROCKER:  A rocker for off-balance landings.
    •  BOOT TOUGH INSERTS: Bomb proof inserts to accept boots, if you want.
    •  42MM G10 PRO FINS - Smaller fins for hardcore freestyle.
    •  28 MM G10 WAKE FINS (optional upgrade): Extremely loose, perfect for wakestyle.
    Bolt 2 key feature snapshot:
    •  TWO LAYER CARTAN® CARBON: Cable park strong. Exclusive, 30° biaxial carbon fiber times two.
    •  3D WOOD CORE: Precise, CNC milled, Paulownia wood core.
    •  VARIO RAILS: Multi-width rails for better handling.
    •  DIAMOND 3D-SHAPE: Optimized force distribution zones.
    •  MULTI CHANNELS: Crazy grip – even without fins.
    •  V-SHAPE KEEL: Smoothes out the bumps.
    •  PRO ROCKER:  A rocker for off-balance landings.
    •  PRO FIX GRINDBASE (PTex.): A repairable, snowboard inspired, PTex base.
    •  RAIL READY BASE: Ready for any box, slider or kicker.
    •  BOOT TOUGH INSERTS: Boots only! Bombproof grip for boot bindings.
    •  28MM + 42MM G10 FINS: Prepared for anything.
    More about Choice 2 : corekites/choice-2
    More about Bolt 2 : corekites/bolt-2

    Martin Lark, in Cinematography,
    Cabrinha, just like others, could have sent us  a few senstences, some photos and, in the best case scenario, some short videos presenting next year's innovations. Fortunately, this year they decided to go all the way and we we can now feast our eyes with an amazing video containing a vast presentation of equipment produced by Cabrinha and presented by world-class riders from Cabrinha Team. Great music, underwater photos, tandem foiling and, above all else, the greatest innovation from Cabrinha: The Fireball. You'll find it all the the following video.
    Martin Lark, in Events,
    Sunday, 17 July 2016
    High Drama at Thrilling Climax of KiteFoil
    World Championships’ First Act
    Hang Loose Beach, Gizzeria — French teenager Axel Mazella snatched victory at the KiteFoil GoldCup by the finest of margins after a series misfortunes and mistakes on the contest’s final day that saw his overnight lead evaporate in the tightest races of the world championships’ opening tour stop in Italy.
    But the 18-year-old’s performances in the “gold” fleet’s six races were just enough to pip his great rival and training partner, reigning Formula kite world champion Maxime Nocher, by a single point.
    Mazella’s victory was assured only at the death. A tangle with Olly Bridge (GBR) in the “gold” fleet’s penultimate race cost both riders dearly. Bridge’s kite inverted as he pushed hard on an upwind leg and Mazella was unable to avoid it, forcing Bridge to retire while Mazella finished last after disentangling himself.

    Both were able to dispense with the poor result when discards kicked-in after five races. But for 18-year-old Bridge — who scored four bullets and a second on the day with sizzling pace on his Levitaz foil and Elf Joker kites — the slip may have cost him at least one podium spot, though ultimately he was content with his third overall.
    The Italian-Colombian rider Riccardo Leccese, who sat in second spot overnight, was also in with a shout of a podium finish at the International Kiteboarding Association (IKA) GoldCup in Italy. But he mistakenly believed the day’s final race had been reduced to two laps and put himself out of contention, slipping to fourth overall.
    If anything, the drama and mounting tension of the four-day contest’s finale off Gizzeria’s Hang Loose Beach appeared initially to leave Mazella more relieved than pleased by his triumph. “I’m delighted to win,”  he said, slightly unconvincingly. “I train together with Maxime Nocher, so I know him well and he goes very, very fast. I try to be more consistent, like him. But I made so many mistakes. In the day’s first race I had many crashes, then I tangled with Olly Bridge and had lots of poor starts.”

    Uncertainty over the final outcome until the very last moment merely added to the spectacle  for a crowded weekend beach. Perfect conditions, with the onshore breeze varying from 8kts to around 16kts, saw the 62 riders for 26 nationalities deploy their 15m and 18m kites.
    On the three laps of the windward-leeward course, with a blasting reach to the finish just off the beach, spectators were treated to the world’s fastest foilers pushing to the limit and beyond, with sometimes spectacular wipeouts.
    The conditions and the desire to win pushed the riders on, with the leaders continually trading places on the course and the leaderboard. But Mazella’s ability to post solid results under intense pressure was enough to clinch the title for him.
    Even Olly Bridge was wistful about his slice of ill-luck on an otherwise stellar day. “In the end it was all right,” he said. “I’m pretty pleased. I broke a bridle [yesterday] and my kite inverted. That was my two discards. I’d have been pretty close to top with a bit more luck.”

    Germany’s Florian Gruber, who placed fifth, was also able view the positives of his improving performances on his Flysurfer Sonic2 kite and Levitaz hydrofoil.
    “Realistically my goal was to get in the top five, so I’m pleased with the result,” said Gruber. “I’m getting closer to the top guys. I made some little mistakes for sure, but so did everyone else. Without those we’d be machines, and that’s not possible.”
    For the women competing with the men in the “silver” fleet, Formula Kitefoil European Champion Elena Kalinina showed she is a force to be reckoned with, seeing off challenges from Alexia Fancelli (FRA) and Jade O’Connor (IRL), who was thrilled with her podium finish.
    Overall standings after ten “gold” fleet series races (two discards) and eight “silver” races (one discard).
    1 Axel Mazella (FRA, F-one/Taaroa) — 22pts
    2 Maxime Nocher (MON, F-One/Taaroa) — 23pts
    3 Oliver Bridge (GBR, Elf/Levitaz) — 26pts
    4 Riccardo Leccese (ITA, Ozone/MikesLab) — 36pts
    5 Florian Gruber (GER, Flysurfer/Levitaz) — 44pts
    1 Elena Kalinina (RUS, Elf/Moses) — 103pts
    2 Alexia Fancelli (FRA, Airush/Flysurfer/Taaroa) — 125pts
    3 Jade O'Connor (IRL, Elf/Banga) — 141pts
    Full results: kitefoilgoldcup.com
    For more photos please click here: dropbox.com
    For more info about the KiteFoil Gold Cup please click here: kitefoilgoldcup.com
    Dily videos: youtube.com
    Writer: Ian MacKinnon
    Photo Credits: Alexandru Baranescu
    Martin Lark, in Events,
    MaiTai Cabarete Freestyle Invitational - Final Day
    Today was a day that went down in kiteboarding history. Not only for the insane action during our finals, but also for the successful completion of the very first World Kiteboarding League event, which was created by the riders, for the riders, and showed the world just how amazing a kiteboarding event really can be.
    The action commenced at 3pm, with the ladies final. All four women put on a tough battle for the podium, but the queen of this event was Brazilian rider and former World Champion Bruna Kajiya. Bruna rode with focus and determination, pulling off a nice back to blind that scored her 8.4 points that gave her the advantage. Following close behind her in second place was Paula Novotna, who also pulled out a nice back to blind and S-mobe, but it wasn't quite enough to catch up to the Brazilian Kajiya.
    UK rider Hannah Whiteley performed an amazing back mobe, which put her into third place overall, and Estefania Rosa, also from Brazil, rode incredibly well with a nice slim chance, but not enough to gain a higher spot on the podium.
    Congratulations to all the girls in the final for putting on such an amazing performance!

    The Men's finals consisted of a 6 man heat, which was intense from the very beginning.
    The points remained close throughout the entire heat, and it became impossible to know who would come out of it victorious. The crowd on the beach anxiously waited for each score on the big screen to see who was in the lead after each trick.

    The beach was delighted when first place was announced for Luis Alberto Cruz, a local rider from Cabarete. Luis Alberto rode incredibly hard since the beginning of the competition, showing from the very start that he had his eye on the podium. He landed an impressive Hinterberger mobe 7 that scored him 9.17 points, and gave him the first position on the podium here in Cabarete. He was followed closely by Carlos Mario, Liam Whaley in 3rd, Adeuri Corniel in 4th, Alex Pastor in 5th and Alex Neto in 6th position.

    The final was nothing less than spectacular, and the crowds lined up along the beach in Cabarete to cheer on the riders.

    The World Kiteboarding League live stream was running all day long, with viewers tuning in from all across the world. Thanks to all the audience for the positive comments and feedback!

    We would like to say a big thankyou to everyone who helped make this event a reality. Of course to Susi Mai, MaiTai Global, to Millenium Resorts for hosting us, and our event sponsors Soloshot, Breathometer, and OWC. To Acecore Technologies and Case Productions for the media and live stream, and a huge thank you from all of the riders and organization to the CEO of the World Kiteboarding League, Danny Galiart, for believing in a better future for kiteboarding and making it happen!
    We look forward to seeing everyone at the next event!
    For more information visit: worldkiteboardingleague.com

    WKL Team
    Martin Lark, in Events,
    Saturday, 16 July 2016
    French Teenager Almost Flawless KiteFoil World Championships Opener
    Hang Loose Beach, Gizzeria — The young French rider Axel Mazella showed his class and growing pace at the KiteFoil GoldCup with a string of bullets on a day when all the top racers found themselves competing in the same fleet for the first time.
    Mazella used his Taaroa Sword2 foil and F-one Diablo2 kite to clinical effect taking three wins from the “gold” fleet’s four races, with even a misstep in the day’s final race when he posted fifth, failing to prevent him topping the leaderboard.
    For the most part in the difficult gusty and shifty conditions with large waves on the track off Hang Loose Beach, Gizzeria, in southern Italy, he seemed to have the measure of his old foe Maxime Nocher (MON), the reigning International Kiteboarding Association (IKA) KiteFoil GoldCup champion.
    The Italian-Colombian kite racing veteran Riccardo Leccese also seemed to have few answers to the French teenager’s scorching pace, though the four third places he snatched from four races earned him a solid second place in the standings just ahead of Nocher.

    Racers, who were divided into three fleets for the medals series on day three of the IKA kitefoil world championships’ opening leg, were forced to wait until mid-afternoon for their first “go” signal because of a vicious shore-break organisers deemed posed a safety risk.
    But when the wind steadied to around 14kts to 16kts and racing commenced the quality of the talent on display asserted itself with a clutch of stellar performances on the three lapse of the windward-leeward track completed in about 15 minutes.
    It was not without incident. Briton’s Olly Bridge dropped his Elf Joker foil kite in the unpredictable winds ahead of the “gold” fleet’s second race of the day, could not relaunch and was brought ashore.
    Luckily his mother, multiple world champion Steph Bridge was waiting with a kite in the air that she handed off to him. He made the start in time, but promptly crashed just afterwards and could not recover sufficiently and posted a disappointing 15th place, in stark contrast to the bullet he scored in the day’s final race.
    But with the prospect of discards kicking after five races on the competition’s final day on Sunday, Bridge could yet climb the standings from his current fifth place on the leaderboard provided he suffers no further misfortunes.
    Not that he was alone in suffering ill-luck. Germany’s Florian Gruber posted a series of solid results culminating in a second place finish in the day’s final race that carried him to fourth on the leaderboard. But like others his Levitaz foil caught plastic bags washed on to the track by the stormy, which he had to clear.

    Mazella suffered the same fate but was philosophical about it. “In one race when I caught a plastic bag Maxime Nocher was just behind me,” he said. “I jumped to try to get it from my wing. But I had to stop to clear it. Then Maxime caught one on another lap, and Florian on another.”
    The lighter conditions than riders had faced on the regatta’s opening two days also suited Adrian Geislinger (AUT) who moved up the standings to 13th spot with several good performances at the start of racing.
    “My performances improved because in the lighter winds I was able to use my 15m and 13m kites,” said Geislinger. “I really like the new Flysurfer Sonic2 kites, but we had only tuned the bigger sizes last week in expectation of the lighter winds we normally get in Gizzeria.”
    Among the women, racing with the men in the “silver” fleet, the old order was partially re-established. Reigning Formula kite world champion Elena Kalinina got her nose just in front of Alexia Fancelli (FRA) on the leaderboard, with Jade O’Connor just a few points adrift of them. 
    Overall standings after four “gold” fleet series races (no discards), two “silver” and two “bronze”
    1 Axel Mazella (FRA, F-one/Taaroa) — 10pts
    2 Riccardo Leccese (ITA, Ozone/MikesLab) — 14pts
    3 Maxime Nocher (MON, F-One/Taaroa) — 18pts
    4 Florian Gruber (GER, Flysurfer/Levitaz) — 31pts
    5 Oliver Bridge (GBR, Elf/Levitaz) — 35pts
    1 Elena Kalinina (RUS, Elf/Moses) — 65pts
    2 Alexia Fancelli (FRA, Airush/Flysurfer/Taaroa) — 65pts
    3 Jade O'Connor (IRL, Elf/Banga) — 69pts
    Full results: kitefoilgoldcup.com
    For more photos please click here: dropbox.com
    For more info about the KiteFoil Gold Cup please click here: kitefoilgoldcup.com
    Dily videos: youtube.com
    Writer: Ian MacKinnon
    Photo Credits: Alexandru Baranescu
    Martin Lark, in Events,
    MaiTai Freestyle Invitational Cabarete 2016 - Day Five
    A day of high intensity action from the windy shores of Cabarete! Day Five was action - packed as we managed to blast our way all the way to round 4 for both the men and women, meaning that tomorrow is the big day, with both finals planned to start at 3pm local time.

    Stand out perfomances were given by many riders, but the ones who fought their way into tomorrow's six man final were Alex Neto, Liam Whaley, Alex Pastor, Carlos Mario, and two local riders Luis Alberto Cruz and Adeuri Corniel who performed exceptionally!

    Big congratulations also to those riders who made it into the mini final, which were Jerome Cloetens, David Tonijuan, Posito Martinez and Antoine Fermon.

    For the ladies, there was a very tough battle between each of the girls in order to gain one of the four spots available in tomorrow's final. The four girls who made it were Bruna Kajiya, Estefania Rosa, Hannah Whiteley and Paula Novotna.


    Our live stream was running all day long, with rider interviews, live commentary from our top riders, and coverage of every heat. Tomorrow we will once again be live for the finals, streaming from our facebook page, commencing at 3pm Dominican time. Make sure you tune in as it is guaranteed to be an epic day of action!
    For more information visit: worldkiteboardingleague.com

    WKL Media
    Martin Lark, in Events,
    Friday, 15 July 2016
    Former Title Holder Gruber Revels in Tricky Conditions at KiteFoil World Championships Opener
    Hang Loose Beach, Gizzeria—Germany’s Florian Gruber shrugged off the mixed bag of weather that played havoc with the racing schedule at the KiteFoil GoldCup in Italy to snatch a flawless two victories from two races.
    In a break-neck dash for the line in his day’s final race the former Formula kite world champion crashed spectacularly just as he crossed to see off rival, reigning International Kiteboarding Association (IKA) KiteFoil GoldCup title holder, Maxime Nocher (MON).
    It was the second time of the day the invariably imperious Nocher had just lost out to Gruber, who feels he is finding his a winning grove on his prototype Flysurfer Sonic foil kites and Levitaz Aspect Bionic hydrofoil in the shifty and gusty conditions that mirror his home training spot.
    Day two of the four-day competition, the first of a four-stop world tour, began with light on-shore breezes that built quickly to allow the three fleets out on the track off Gizzeria’s Hang Loose Beach on their biggest 15m and 18m kites.
    But after three races, one for each fleet, racing was suspended with the approach of squalls that swirled around the Calabrian hills overlooking the venue. Racing recommenced when the showers cleared, with the on-off wind steading to between 20kts and 25kts.
    It was not to last and the flukey winds forced organisers to call a halt to racing after just another three races. With a total of seven races for each fleet, the riders will now be seeded into “gold”, “silver” and “bronze” flights for the medals races of the concluding two days. 

    Stellar performances again were put in by Riccardo Leccese (ITA) and Axel Mazella (FRA). Each scored bullets in two races in their respective fleets, adding to their perfect tally from day one and leaving them joint top in the standings.
    Despite Nocher coming of second best to Gruber, the Monegasque rider lies in third place overall and is well positioned to find a new gear on his clearly fast F-One Diablo foil kites and Taaroa Sword2 hydrofoil.
    Gruber’s sheer pace and tactical nous around the two laps of the windward-leeward, in winds that varied during the day from 8kts to 25kts, propelled him up the leaderboard to sixth spot.
    “Up until the end of last year I was still on both the course board and the foil,” said Gruber. “Now it’s just foil and I really love it. The equipment is really important. I’m lucky that both Flysurfer and Levitaz are just a couple of hours’ drive from home, so I can easily discuss technical changes with them.”
    Gruber’s strong showing left him just adrift of Mario Calbucci (ITA) and Olly Bridge (GBR) who again both had good days in their fleets, leaving them fourth and fifth respectively overall. Like all riders they will start the medals races with a points deficit of two times their position from the qualifying series.
    Poland’s Balzej Ozog also put in a good shift on his Moses Vorace foil and Flysurfer Sonic kites after a shaky start to the day, eventually taking a second in his day’s final race that pushed him up the standings to tenth spot.
    “In the first race I made a mistake at the downwind gate,” he said. “I was trying to catch to many guys and crashed. My fault. But I like these difficult conditions. The harder it gets with wind shifts and big waves, the better I get. Then it’s more about the rider than the equipment.”
    Among the women, who are racing among the men, one of the surprises in that multiple world champion Steph Bridge (GBR) failed to make it to the “silver” fleet, where Jade O’Connor (IRL), Alexia Fancelli (FRA) and reigning Formula kite world champion Elena Kalinina (RUS) will occupy slots as they sit neck-and-neck in the standings.

    Overall standings after seven qualifying series races (one discard).
    1 Riccardo Leccese (ITA, Ozone/MikesLab) - 6 pts
    1 Axel Mazella (ESP, Elf/KFA) - 6 pts
    3 Maxime Nocher (MON, F-One/Taaroa) - 8 pts
    4 Mario Calbucci (ITA, Elf/Banga) - 13 pts
    5 Oliver Bridge (GBR, Elf/Levitaz) - 13 pts
    1 Jade O'Connor (IRL, Elf/Banga) - 76 pts
    2 Alexia Fancelli (FRA, Airush/Taaroa) - 76 pts
    3 Elena Kalinina (RUS, Elf/Moses) - 78 pts
    4 Steph Bridge (GBR, North/Levitaz/Volvo) 83pts
    Full results: kitefoilgoldcup.com
    For more photos please click here: dropbox.com
    For more info about the KiteFoil Gold Cup please click here: kitefoilgoldcup.com
    Dily videos: youtube.com
    Writer: Ian MacKinnon
    Photo Credits: Alexandru Baranescu
    Martin Lark, in Events,
    MaiTai Freestyle Invitational Cabarete 2016 - Day Four
    Day Four was full of action as the men and women fought hard and strong to gain their place higher up the competition ladder. Round One was completed for the men, and two complete heats were finished for the Women.
    The new competition format sees 6 men compete during one single heat, with only one competitor allowed to do their trick at a time, to guarantee the full focus of the judges. The riders are given 7 trick attempts, of which the 4 highest scoring tricks count. Although this means longer heats, it also means fans and spectators are able to follow the scoring clearly on our live scoreboard, and riders are able to see exactly how many points they need in order to beat their opponents. 
    Heat number one saw Spanish rider Alex Pastor and Austrian rider Stefan Spiessberger fight hard for the top two positions, putting them directly into Round Three. Set Teixera from Brasil and and local rider Greidy Martinez followed them in 3rd and 4th position, which puts them into Round Two.

    French rider Antoine Fermon was delighted to gain a position in the main event yesterday and then also storm through his heat taking second position and passing into Round Three. Joining him is another local rider, Adeuri Corniel, younger brother of Ariel Corniel. One of the biggest suprises of the day was dutch rider Youri Zoon who struggled during his heat and finally finished 5th in Round One, therefore eliminating himself from the event. Brazilian riders Alex Neto and Posito Martinez both passed into Round Two.

     Heat Three saw another local rider, Joselito, take the lead together with Spanish rider David Tonijuan. Both passed directly to Round Three, with Ariel Corniel and Paul Serin following into Round Two. 
    One of the craziest heats of the day was heat 4. Action packed and with all riders putting on incredibly solid performances, it was Carlos Mario who seemed completely unstoppable! 2015 World Champion Liam Whaley was also on fire, and followed a few points behind him, taking both of them through to Round Three. Local rider Cruz, and Jerome Cloetens, took 3rd and 4th position in their heat, putting them both through to Round Two. 
    Once Men's Round One had been completed it was time for the ladies to get a piece of the action! Picking up on heat number two, which had not been completed the previous day, it was a stand out performance from Brazilian rider Bruna Kajiya! She rode exceptionally throughout her heat, finishing first and putting her through to Round Three. Spanish rider Rita Arnaus also had a very successful heat finishing one point behind her, and also enabling her to pass directly into Round Three. Pauline Valesa and Hannah Whiteley passed into Round Two. 
    Only one full heat of Round Two was completed for the ladies, and that saw a delighted Paula Novotna take first place, followed by local rider Suami Cavallo, who was ecstatic about passing into Round Three! At only 14 years old, Suami is the youngest competitor of the event. She managed to win the Domincan Championships just before this event, and will now be continuing for a chance to climb the ladder even higher!

    Tomorrow will see the continuation of the ladies Round Two, Heat Four.
    The entire competition was successfully live streamed around the World so that all of our fans were able to follow and remain updated. Rider interviews took place between the heats to hear about how they were enjoying the new competition format.

    We will be continuing tomorrow with the first possible start at 11.30 am. Please tune into our facebook page to follow all the action live!
    Many thanks to all of our sponsors and crew for another successful day!
    For more information visit: worldkiteboardingleague.com

    WKL Media
    Martin Lark, in Events,
    The action gets underway at the Maitai Freestyle Invitational Cabarete 2016!
    Day three of the MaiTai Freestyle Invitational Cabarete 2016 was a great success in terms of riding, spectators and fan engagement! We had an amazing day of wind, blowing an average of 18 knots through out most of the heats. The Men's trials were all successfully completed as well as the first heat of the Women's main event.

    One of the most exciting elements of the day was the activation of our live stream. As it was one of the elements that has been greatly missed by our fans, we were delighted to have an amazing media team here on location to make this happen. Be sure to tune in again tomorrow via our facebook page from 11.30 am onwards to watch all the action, rider interviews and get a glimpse of the Cabarete lifestyle!

    During the morning skipper's meeting, riders were also invited to a presentation of all the MaiTai Global members, together with the WKL Crew. This is the perfect example of how the MaiTai Cabarete Freestyle Invitational is more than just another Kite event, but is union of entrepreneurs and athletes, and a perfect example of what wonderful things can be created when people work towards a common goal.

    The men's trials commenced at 1.30 pm with the wind blowing an estimated 18 knots. As Heat 1 had already been completed the day before, the day started directly with Heat 2. The wind remained consistent for most of the afternoon other than the occasional lull, as the full men's trials were successfully completed. The trials saw a fierce battle between the 16 riders who were fighting for one of the two spots available in the main event. Eventually, it was two French riders who claimed victory, Antoine Fermon and Giuliano.

    Giuliano is one of the youngest riders here at the event, with just 15 years of age, this is his first World Cup event.

    "I came here with the objective of getting into the main event, so I am super happy that I have managed to do that. Although I had a bad start to my heat, I later managed to land a good 317 that I was happy with. I'm looking forward to now competing in the main event."
    As for Antoine Fermon, who is also part of the french team and is the coach of Giuliano, he was equally delighted.

    "I'm so happy for Giuliano as I always coach him at our home, and it's amazing that he has managed to do this at his first event. It's important for me to try to finish as high in the ranking as possible, as I would ideally like to be within the top 16."

    These two riders will now go through to the main event that will be starting tomorrow morning.

    On the Women's side, the first heat of the main event was completed. The event was then called off for the day as the sun was setting. For the first heat, the girls were all on form but it was Therese Taabbel who showed amazing determination and focus, giving her the top position within her heat.  Tomorrow we will continue with both the Men's and Women's main events.

    The WKL team wishes to extend their condolences to all those affected by today's terrorist attack in France.
    For more information visit: worldkiteboardingleague.com
    WKL Team
    Martin Lark, in Events,
    Thursday, 14 July 2016
    Gusty Winds and Tough Conditions Test Racers’ Mettle at KiteFoil World Championships
    Hang Loose Beach, Gizzeria - Margins separating the world’s leading kitefoilers are extremely fine. Reigning European and KiteFoil GoldCup champion, Maxime Nocher (MON), almost had a perfect day but was literally pipped at the post.  
    Florian Trittel (ESP) just overhauled Nocher on a searing reach to the finish on their last race of the day, but in doing so the Spaniard caught a mark line with his foil and was catapulted off his board. Still, it was enough to secure a win and deprive Nocher of five bullets from five races.  
    French rider Axel Mazella and Italian Riccardo Leccese, competing in the other two of three race fleets on day one of the International Kiteboarding Association (IKA) KiteFoil GoldCup at Gizzeria, southern Italy, suffered no similar misfortunes. Each racked up five wins in their respective fleets to leave them equal top in the standings.

    By dint of Nocher's second place finish, which was dispensed with when discards kicked-in after five races, he found himself in third position but remained equal in the day’s overall points’ standings. On the track off Hang Loose Beach, in the shadow of dramatic Calabrian hills, races were similarly tight with leaders invariably finishing within seconds of one-another.  
    The 63 racers from 26 countries were divided into three fleets for the first of the two-day  qualifying series, with eight women competing with the men. On completion of the qualifiers, the riders will be seeded in three fleets for the final two days in the medals series.  
    The Italy stop of the KiteFoil GoldCup world championship is the first of four planned legs. Events are set for Turkey, followed by South Korea, with the overall winner crowned in Qatar towards year’s end. But first will come tougher and tougher racing as both riders and equipment in the “open” kitefoil class continue their headlong development, improving speeds and angles on the race track at frantic pace.
    There are few better illustrations of the speed of change than the dramatically improving performances of Mario Calbucci (ITA), 19. On his handmade Italian Banga hydrofoil, a new-comer to the kitefoil scene, he scored four second places from five in his fleet.

    In the testing conditions, with the shifty winds averaging 14kts but gusting to an uncharacteristic 20kts, Calbucci deployed a 9m Elf Joker6 foil kite to good effect on the two laps of the windward-leeward track that the leaders completed in around 11 blistering minutes despite the one-metre swells. “
    My Banga foil is working really well,” said a clearly delighted Calbucci. “We tested it out just before competition started. The carbon’s strong and stiff, so it’s ideal for the strong winds we’re getting.”
    Calbucci was only bested slightly in the standings by the young Briton Olly Bridge, competing in an alternate fleet where he notched up five second places from five. On his Levitaz Aspect Bionic hydrofoil and Elf Joker foil kites he again showed great consistency and devastating speed.Elf Joker foil kites he again showed great consistency and devastating speed.

    But perhaps one of the day’s biggest surprises was the emergence of a new face, a French rider from New Caledonia, Titouan Galea, 19. He burst onto the scene with four seconds and a third to end in seventh place overall, putting down his marker for the coming days. “I’ve been training in France with the French team for the past three months,” he said by way of explanation for his stellar performance. “But it’s the kind of conditions I’m used to in New Caledonia. I think I’m better in the strong winds with my 9m kite, than in lighter winds.”  
    Another unexpected result was Jade O’Connor (IRL) topping the women’s standings, ahead of Alexia Fancelli (FRA) and European champion, Elena Kalinina (RUS). But with even tougher conditions and higher winds forecast for day two, the likelihood of the whole pack being reshuffled seems strong.
    Overall standings after five qualifying series races (one discard).
    1 Riccardo Leccese (ITA, Ozone/MikesLab) - 4 pts
    1 Florian Trittel (ESP, Elf/KFA) - 4 pts
    3 Maxime Nocher (MON, F-One/Taaroa) - 4 pts
    4 Oliver Bridge (GBR, Elf/Levitaz) - 8 pts
    5. Mario Calbucci (ITA, Elf/Banga) - 8 pts

    1 Jade O'Connor (IRL, Elf/Banga) - 9 pts
    2 Alexia Fancelli (FRA, Airush/Flysurfer/Taaroa) - 51 pts
    3 Elena Kalinina (RUS, Elf/Moses) - 52 pts
    4 Gina Hewson (NZL, Ozone/Spotz) - 55 pts
    Full results: kitefoilgoldcup.com
    For more photos please click here: dropbox.com
    For more info about the KiteFoil Gold Cup please click here: kitefoilgoldcup.com
    Dily videos: youtube.com
    Writer: Ian MacKinnon
    Photo Credits: Alexandru Baranescu
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    • 07/27/2016 02:00 PM Until 07/31/2016 06:00 PM
      A sensational speed contest played on the verge of 40 knots, an extreme-resistance test of one's abilities and of the natural elements, a sailing challenge as much simple as technological, taking place in one of the most inspiring and tough sceneries of the
      Mediterranean Sea, and, last but not least, a great sea party engaging and appealing the competitors as well as the audience.

      The Continent-Island GPS Green Crossing race 2016 is all of this, an international long distance regatta taking place from July 27th to 31st across the Messina Strait, with departure and arrival at Reggio Calabria.

      Kiters, windsurfers and sails: all struggling against time:
      The event, created and organized by Agostino Martino, president of NewKiteZone of Punta Pellaro, a kitesurf school and an international IKO centre, is an extraordinary contest that every year puts kiters, windsurfers and sails to compete in order to tame the wind and end the 12-mile route in the shortest  me, arriving first at the finish line. This year as well, at its 9th edition, this fierce competition involves
      athletes and non-professional participants coming from all around the world: men, women, kids, all attracted by this speed and resistance contest, which requires not only physical performances, but also strategy and tactics.

      The Messina Strait like the desert: the Crossing of the Strait like the Paris-Dakar of the sea Since ancient  mes, the difficulties in crossing the Messina Straits have been faced by the sailors, difficulties that were also well described in the myths of Scilla and Cariddi by Homer in the Odissey. This portion of sea s ll frightens all kind of sailors (kiters included) and requires respect: strong winds, powerful streams, maritime traffic are just a few out of many elements which the participants to the Continent-Island GPS Green Crossing Race 2016, also known as The Crossing, have to cope with. On the other hand, these unpredictable elements are what makes this race so fascinating, engaging and epic, different year by year.

      The race starts for all the participants at one  me from the spectacular promenade of Reggio Calabria and proceed in the Strait waters  ll reaching the Sicily coast (in one leg), where, near the town of Tremestieri, the participants will have to double the buoy before coming back to Reggio Calabria. Each participant can be followed by the regatta committee and by the audience on the promenade by a gps track
      system on smartphones displaying position, speed and placement of the participants. Kiters can participate with all kind of boards (twin tip, race, small boards, hydrofoil), windsurfers with race or slalom boards, skippers with any kind of sail. The goal will be the same for everybody: end up first at the finish line and try to beat the current record  me of the race (34 minutes and 16 seconds).

      Everybody join the Ride!
      The Crossing is not exclusively an event dedicated to speed professionals. Beside the Race there's also the so-called Ride, a sort of walk along the same route on the Strait accessible to everyone. Those who want to take part to the Ride will be escorted by assistance means in order to enjoy the breathtaking scenery of this porti on of sea.

      Events, music and beach parties at the Surfvillage
      In addition to the adrenaline show on the water, there will be a full range of events on land. On the 5 days of the Crossing a Surfvillage will be set up on the magnificent promenade of Reggio Calabria and will host stands, exhibition spaces, big screens to follow the race, dining places, lounge areas, racing and freestyle camps, fitness and yoga, classes, video and photo shooting, beach par es, shows, live radio broadcasts, TV and streaming , concerts and Dj set's.

      The green space
      And since the crossing, as a sailing regatta and event dedicated to the sea, it is also an absolutely event " green", a special area will be reserved for the SurfVillage to everything is electric, solar, bio - sustainable and will give visibility to new realities, ideas and services. A space/Expo technological excellence respectful and compatible with the environment.

      The 9th edition of the Continent- Island GPS Green Crossing Race 2016 is organized by NewKiteZone Punta Pellaro with the logistical and operational support of FIV Zone VI, The squadron of dell'IYFR Strait of Rotary International, the Regional Committee CONI , Italian Paralympic Committee, the Harbor Master RC and ME, the Marine Police and the IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization).

      Info: Agostino Martino
      cell: 393.1933.234
       e-mail: info@traversata.it
    • 07/27/2016 02:00 PM Until 07/31/2016 06:00 PM
      In the same secret location as last year, on a farm, surrounded by woods and next to a lake. Directions will be sent upon purchase of ticket.
      *Kitesurfing by day, chill out come evening.*
      Free Activities on site include wake winching, SUP and kayak.

      There are hot showers and toilets, plenty of space to camp.
      - Live Music on Friday 29th from Jamie Smart and Felix
      -Live music Saturday night.
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