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  1. Touching the Sky

  2. Learning How to Kitefoil!

  3. Are You Regular or Goofy?

    Are You Regular or Goofy?
  4. Madeleine

    Love it!
  5. 2017 Cabrinha Kites Manual - English

    Nice manual...

  7. Barack the Kiteboarder

    There's recently been a huge clash of the titans in the British Virgin Islands. Representing the United States of America, former President, Barack Obama clashed against Sir Richard Branson, representing the British Crown. After a long and exhausting battle, the representative of the USA, who managed to kiteboard an impressive distance of 100 meters, claimed the victory! Defeated and disgraced Richard Branson collapsed after covering just 50m on a foilboard. Cast him into the dungeon! Here is the original story. Challenged President Barack Obama to a kitesurf vs foilboard learning contest – here’s what happened.
  8. myrtle beach kiteboarding

    South Carolina?
  9. Prepare for the 2017 Red Bull King of the Air

    Red Bull King of the Air - the most important of big-air events is starting this weekend in Cape Town, South Africa. Big-air feast will take place between 21st Jan. and 5th Feb. It will be the fifth time creme de la creme of kiteboardinng world will compete against each other in Big Bay. Among the participants we'll see 12 prominent contestants from previous 4 editions, 4 riders chosen on the basis of sent videos and 2 kiteboarders with wildcards. Below, you'll find the list of contestants: Aaron Hadlow (UK), Jesse Richman (USA), Kevin Langeree (NL), Reno Romeu (BRA), Lasse Walker (NL), Andries Fourie (RSA), Marc Jacobs (NZ), Lewis Crathern (UK), Jerrie van de Kop (NL), Tom Hebert (FRA), Williem van der Meij (NL), Gijs Wassenaar (NL), Ruben Lenten (NL), Nick Jacobsen (DK), Steven Akkersdiik (NL), Oswald Smith (RSA), Petreau Aurelien (FRA), Ryan Siegelberg (RSA). Preparing for the Extreme - King of the Air by Tom Court
  10. Board for Beginner

    "Door boards" are kind of light wind twintips. They're very good to make first steps, because they are very stable and forgive many mistakes. This is good investment because after few hours on the water you probably start riding. With short 136 boards it takes long days. 17m kite is good for third kite for you. 17m is very slow and have lot of power. Condition on the water can change every minute, so it can be even dangerous for beginers. Winds in NJ are often not so stable and better option is 10 and 14/15m kite with big board. You can also try to find Naish Fly 15m on ebay. Is also great option for you. In NJ we have a lot of great spots. My favourite is Sandy Hook. A lot of people riding right there. We have even something like community in Sandy Hook. Another great place is Kite Island, but this place is hard to reach a little. It is in the middle of the bay.